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Trepus - Wolf Trapping - with Paul Trepus

Paul Trepus is one of the foremost canine trappers in Western Canada. His success season after season qualifies him as the man to go to for the very latest in predator trapping techniques. In this video, Paul reviews a number of wolf traps, lures, and gear. He also takes you out into the field and shows some of his successful wolf trapping techniques. Paul covers the basics and the finer points concerning trap placement, dirt hole sets, flat sets, lures and baits. He has the pride and satisfaction of helping out cattlemen, sheep ranchers, as well as government wildlife managers with problem animals. This excellent video will undoubtedly help the beginner as well as the experienced trapper become a better wolf trapper.


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Trepus - Wolf Trapping - with Paul Trepus
Paul Trepus