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Thorpe - 12 DVD Collector Set - by Johnny Thorpe

Johnny Thorpe's complete trapping course.  This is a 12 DVD set covering most all of North America's furbearers and the methods and techniques used to catch them in large numbers.  Follow this trapping legend as he shows you how to trap from East to West for Bobcat, Coyote, Fisher, Otter, Mink, Fox and more.  You will also learn how to extract the glands from these furbearers which will help you to make your own lures and baits.  This is the most comprehensive trapping instruction course on the market and you are sure to be a better trapper after watching this NTA Hall of Famer in action.

1035 minutes!

Thorpe - 12 DVD Collector Set - by Johnny Thorpe
Johnny Thorpe & Coyote.
Johnny Thorpe
Johnny Thorpe - Western Bobcat & Fox Trapping
Johnny Thorpe - Western Coyote Trapping
Johnny Thorpe
DVD Set - Back Cover