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Smythe - Bottom Edge Otter And Beaver - Book by Ken Smythe

by Ken Smythe as told to Bob Noonan.  (Includes George Wacha chapter) 

After Ken Smythe’s first book, Bottom Edge Mink Set, revolutionized mink trapping, Ken and other trappers tried the same basic set on otter and beaver, with immediate results. After 10 years of experimentation and refinement by a number of trappers, and thousands of beaver and otter caught, the bottom edge set for these furbearers has been perfected. With this book, Ken Smythe has made another valuable contribution to the trapping community. Although similar to the bottom edge mink set, the otter and beaver version differs in important ways. Bottom Edge Otter and Beaver explains these differences, and includes chapters on trap selection and positioning, general location, specific otter and beaver location, weather, and a chapter by well-known otter expert George Wacha. The 63-page book includes 15 clear line drawings by Bob Noonan, and 34 photos, most of locations.
Smythe - Bottom Edge Otter And Beaver - Book by Ken Smythe