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Coilspring Traps - TS-85 Beaver Trap

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Designed and manufactured by Minnesota trapper Tim Sawatzky. Tim has 40 years of trapping experience and thirty-plus years experience in the manufacturing business. The TS–85 Beaver Trap is revolutionary in it’s simplicity.

  • Features an 8-1/2 inch jaw spread
  • Heavy .185” thick custom made music wire springs
  • Fully adjustable pan both for tension and travel
  • Heavy 3/8” welded baseplate
  • Riveted jaws
  • Offers superior holding power by the special curvature built into the jaws, which allow the levers to lock in as the trap closes.
  • Comes complete with 8” of HD TS–85 Chain and two Crunchproof swivels.
  • With the dogless design you’ll never again have to worry about bent dogs or trigger rods.
TS-85 Beaver Trap

These setters are custom made for the TS-85 Beaver Trap.

Heavy duty and made in the USA. 

Painted orange for easy visibility.

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TS-85 Trap Setter (Pair)