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Trapping Lures from various well-known Lure Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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A penetrating and long range call lure made of various food, musk and call agents set in a heavy base that will not freeze or wash out. Thick and syrupy. Ideal for dog proof traps.

Medicine Hat Lure - Coon Pie (1oz)

This lure is not the usual mix of honey and anise; rather, it is a complex, fruit-based blend of bonafide coon calling ingredients that works equally well on land, in the water, and in urban nuisance settings.

Medicine Hat Lure - Dead Coon Walking (1 oz)

The ancient Mayans called the grey fox “Cat of the Mountains.” Likewise, this lure takes advantage of the grey fox’s cat-like characteristics. It is a combination of food and musk ingredients rounded out with a curiosity kicker that really calls in the greys. Also attractive to bobcats.

Medicine Hat Lure - Gato De Monte - Grey Fox Lure (1 oz)

A pungent call lure that withstands rain, snow, cold, wind, and arid conditions. A top-notch cat lure that produces in any area of the country. Contains authentic oil of catnip.

Medicine Hat Lure - Laughing Raven Cat Call (1 oz)

A seductive blend of food, musk, and curiosity ingredients formulated to not only call cats from longer distances but to hold their interest long enough to find your trap. Excellent on walk-through and rub sets.

Medicine Hat Lure - Lynx Cat Blues (1 oz)

The formula for this castor-based beaver lure came from an accomplished Wyoming beaver trapper. A lure that stands up well to cold, wind, and rain. Try it just once and you will never go to the beaver ponds without it. Also excellent for cat rub sets.

Medicine Hat Lure - Medicine Lodge Creek (1 oz)

A fragrant balance of real muskrat calling ingredients with many thousands of rats to its credit.

Medicine Hat Lure - MH Muskrat Paste (1 oz)

This is a top-shelf gland lure made the old fashioned way – with plenty of glands, an appropriate measure of urine, and a dab of skunk essence to fix and enhance it. Equally effective on both red and grey fox. It is also an excellent early season coyote attractant.

Medicine Hat Lure - Red Dog (1 oz)

The ultimate in a fox and coyote long distance and/or cold weather call lure. Packed with glands and food ingredients, then spiked with pure skunk essence. This lure calls them in and keeps them working the set. Also attractive to fox and cats.

Medicine Hat Lure - Renegade Winter Call (1 oz)

A superior mink lure that makes mink trapping seem easy. Thick, zesty, and penetrating, this lure evokes an intense reaction in both male and female mink. Your mink boards will stay full using this mink dope.

Medicine Hat Lure - Tres Ritos (1 oz)

The formula for this exceptional coyote lure comes courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s bait box. Although intended for an M-44 application, Wolf Dog Moon is deadly at dirt-hole and flat sets.

Medicine Hat Lure - Wolf Dog Moon (1 oz)

Concentrated shellfish oil blended with five rare and exotic oils from both plants and animals. Calls and catches everything - coyote, fox, raccoon, and bobcat! May prove to be the greatest lure ever offered to the North American trapper!

Milligan Lure - 200% Shellfish Plus

Aromatic lure with the zingy odor of cheese. Proven for all season long. Great all-around fur taker, especially effective on raccoon and bobcats. Appeals to a predator's sense of curiosity and hunger. Freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Big Cheese

A sweet blend of castors and musks that will take finicky fox and coyotes when others fail. A super bobcat taker. First class lure with lasting qualities. Freeze-proof and good all season.

Milligan Lure - Big Time

This high-powered lure is made of a select cutting of coyote glands not used by any other lure manufacturer. A thick, long lasting lure that smells like a coyote. No "passion" ingredients added. Best suited for the urine post, but this "scent of coyote" really improves your dirt holes and flat sets too. Freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Blue River - Coyote Gland Lure

Terrific calling lure for bobcat, coyote, red fox and grey fox. Blended perfectly to not overpower a predator at the set. A high dollar blend of ingredients for the regular price.

Milligan Lure - Cat Man Do

Not as loud as CAT-MAN-DO. Excellent all-around lure. This heavy musk is joined with a curiosity smell that is not only deadly on bobcat, but also on reds, greys, and coyotes.

Milligan Lure - Cat Man II

The sweet fragrance of this superior lure will catch the attention of every passing coon. A food base combined with two rare oil extracts creates this masterpiece for the coon trapper. Freeze-proof and long lasting in cold or wet weather.

Milligan Lure - Coon Creek

Special cutting of bobcat glands, blended and aged to create a supreme lure for the bobcat trapper. This lure is also highly attractive to the wild canines.

Milligan Lure - Gila - Bobcat Gland Lure

Attractive food smell. Will catch attention and bring in the rats and raccoon. Good all season and freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Glades - Muskrat Food Call

Early season lure for taking those finicky fall fox and coyote. A lure that attracts all predators, especially during the transition period from summer diet to a winter one. Use just a few drops, no bait needed.

Milligan Lure - Hen's Revenge

Long range animal calling power. A special formulation of pure skunk essence and a "fish grease" base which also contains an additional carrying agent and two secret musk smells. Packed in a wide mouth jar, because this call lure is in a paste form when under 70 degrees. Proven effective for fox, coyote, bobcats, marten, fisher, mink, and raccoon.

Milligan Lure - L.D.C. Long Distance Call

Especially good for the muskrat trapper who wants to pick up those mink running his line. Also will take raccoon. Thick and long lasting. Equally effective in the fall or spring season. Freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Mink And Muskrat Special

A combination of raccoon glands and food, with a special curiosity ingredient, make this lure a must for the serious raccoon trapper. Use a capful. Freeze-proof and good all season.

Milligan Lure - Mojo

A special cutting of grey fox glands along with "in-heat" urine make up this powerful gland lure. A 100 percent natural blend, thick and long lasting, with no passion ingredients. Proven performer and freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Pecos - Gray Fox Gland Lure

The powerful "scent of mink" is easy to detect in this mink gland lure. Not only will this long lasting lure stop every passing mink, but it is also deadly for your canine lines.

Milligan Lure - Red River - Mink Gland Lure

This powerful "scent of fox" is crucial for the serious fox taker. No mixture of passion ingredients here, just a lot of glands and "in-heat" female fox urine blended and aged to perfection. Compels the fox to investigate your sets. A thick, long lasting lure that will improve your catch. Freeze-proof and good all season.

Milligan Lure - Slippery Rock - Red Fox Gland Lure

High-powered food base call lure that brings in fox, coyote, bobcats, and raccoon to your land sets. Great all-around fur taker. Freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Steppenwolfe I

This loud musk is considered the finest fox lure on the market by many longliners across the country. Unique three-part food base and a blend of exotic musks. Freeze-proof and good all season.

Milligan Lure - Steppenwolfe II

Here's a mixture loaded with castorium and two special ingredients that will "pull in" beaver from across the pond. Very thick, loud and long lasting, and freeze-proof.

Milligan Lure - Taos - Beaver Lure