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Trapping Lure

Raccoon in Tree

Trapping Lures from various well-known Lure Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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If a coon walks by "Hard-Core" - the wind was blowing the wrong way. Extremely Intense, Burning-Sweet, Very Complex, and Totally Unique. Absolutely every drop is 100% pure uncut calling ingredient. It contains absolutely no thickening agents (which weaken the concentration) or inert filler material. "Hard-Core" is oily and will not mix with water - it really lasts and holds up under wet conditions. It is the most intense, Burning-Sweet coon lure available. 

By Wildlife Research Center, Inc.
Hard Core Raccoon Lure #1 (4 oz )

Contains castors and oils from food, trees, and plants, all carefully blended. Ideal for open water trapping.

Hawbaker - Beaver Lure  (1 Oz )

For MINK, MUSKRATS, and RACCOON. Formerly Tryplex Lure. Developed for use in water trapping of mink, muskrats, and raccoon. Contains imported musks and alluring oils.

Hawbaker - Big 3 Lure  (1 Oz )

No better coyote lure regardless of price or claims. Very little urine, and just enough good, heavy base to make it lasting.

Hawbaker - Coyote & Wolf Gland Lure 100  (1 Oz )

Perfect lure to use with the most recent Humane Fur Getter Guns. A real decoy for the guns, and hard to beat at regular trap sets.

Hawbaker - Coyote Food Lure 10  (1 Oz )

A coyote will risk his hide to get to this food lure. Not a foul, rotten odor but real coyote food aged just right.

Hawbaker - Coyote Food Lure 400  (1 Oz )

One of the best sellers. All season. Preferred by Professional Wolfers. A bottle will convince you.

Hawbaker - Coyote Lure 500  (1 Oz )

Contains passion ingredients and arouses curiosity in coyotes. Good all season. Will reach out a long way and call plenty of coyotes.

Hawbaker - Coyote Special Lure 200  (1 Oz )

Very attractive and made for cold climates.

Hawbaker - Fisher Lure  (1 Oz )

Developed after many years of actual field tests. This lure appeals to all the wild canine family. It is especially recommended for red fox and coyote.

Hawbaker - Fox & Coyote Lure 4  (1 Oz )

A real grey fox food lure. Made from juices and extracts of the grey fox's food, blended with other ingredients sure to attract.

Hawbaker - Grey Fox Food Lure  (1 Oz )

A good, heavy matrix lure that will last until washed away by rain. Grey fox come easily to your set when this one is used.

Hawbaker - Grey Fox Lure 100  (1 Oz )

Ideal for fox and coyote. A powerful lure that will pay you extra dollars in more furs called to your traps.

Hawbaker - Long Distance Call 600  (1 Oz )

Powerful and attractive. Contains marten musk, fish oil, beaver castor and several other ingredients.

Hawbaker - Marten Lure  (1 Oz )

The greatest mink calling lure made. Old trap-shy, three-legged mink cannot resist its odor. The greatest discovery in the lure making industry. No lure made will call mink to your sets like this lure will. Long lasting.

Hawbaker - Mink Lure 1  (1 Oz )

If you're running a long trapline, this is a very good second lure to use at sets. Catches those toe-pinched mink.

Hawbaker - Mink Lure 2  (1 Oz )

Contains genuine oil of catnip. The best muskrat lure ever offered. Just place a few drops at sets.

Hawbaker - Muskrat Lure 1  (1 Oz )

Contains ingredients that really call in the rats. If you want two muskrat lures, you can't do better than order this one as your second.

Hawbaker - Muskrat Lure 2  (1 Oz )

You need the very best if you hope to succeed with otter. This is it! Crammed full of mink musk. Just the ticket for otter as well as any mink that come along.

Hawbaker - Otter Lure  (1 Oz )

A powerful sweet scent that is very alluring to the raccoon. Very good for fall and winter trapping.

Hawbaker - Raccoon Lure  (1 Oz )

A combination lure that will attract both red and grey fox to your set. Causes fox to investigate whether hungry or not.

Hawbaker - Red & Grey Fox Lure 200  (1 Oz )

Contains juices, etc. from foods in the fox's everyday diet. Takes both red and grey fox.

Hawbaker - Red Fox Food Lure 400  (1 Oz )

A real matrix lure. Made from good clean glands. Many taken during mating season. Urine in this lure is all taken while the female is in heat. A thick, heavy gland lure.

Hawbaker - Red Fox Gland Lure 100  (1 Oz )

Not a powerful calling lure, but one that is very attractive to fox. An early season lure used successfully by fox trappers in the fall.

Hawbaker - Red Reynard Lure 700  (1 Oz )

A real call lure to fool "old sly foot" and all his wary family. Has a tallow base that will not wash away or evaporate. Needs no shaking or stirring.

Hawbaker - Sure Catch Fox & Coyote Lure  (1 Oz )

Made from natural weasel calling ingredients.

Hawbaker - Weasel Lure  (1 Oz )

Fine for red and grey fox as well as raccoon.

Hawbaker - Widow Maker 800  (1 Oz )

A real lure for all members of the cat family. Made from aged cat glands and natural food odors. No catnip oil.

Hawbaker - Wildcat Lure 1  (1 Oz )

Contains genuine catnip oil.

Hawbaker - Wildcat Lure 2  (1 Oz )

One of the best sellers, especially fine for October, November, December, and January trapping. A real caller for either red or grey.

Hawbaker - Wiley Red Lure 500  (1 Oz )