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Trapping Lure

Raccoon in Tree

Trapping Lures from various well-known Lure Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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A thick, strong, musky lure for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Fisher, Marten and Raccoon. Use at either dirt hole or flat sets. A properly balanced blend of weasel, muskrat, mink, and red fox glands plus beaver castor and a touch of skunk. After aging for a full year it is fixed and stabilized.

Predator Gland / Call Lure

Caven - Violator 7

Very thick, long-lasting natural gland lure that will really stir up those "howlers". Made from glands aged to perfection. Not only the answer to post sets but really dresses up your dirt hole and flat sets.

Coyote Gland Lure

Caven - Yodel Dog

A Canine Curiosity/Call Lure that has a thick consistency and blend of highly attractive musks, beaver castor and secretions combined in a pure muskrat gland base. Not overpowering! Not mild either. The mink musk smell is evident when you first open the cap. The other underlying musk smells are very appealing and hold the animal's attention. Use all season at dirt hole, flat and walk through sets. Give this lure a try as a change up on some of your best sets.

Made by John Almquist (Watertown, SD)

New Product
Dakota Prairie - Prairie Ranger Coyote Lure

A long, long distance call lure with absolutely nothing subtle about it. From coyotes to fisher, it reaches out and grabs them by the nose.

Use to attract Coyote, Badger, Fox, Raccoon, Bobcat

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Bold Choice Predator Lure

A "spiked-up" urine that draws out the territorial instincts in canines. A penetrating aroma with calling attributes. Effective in both fall and winter.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Canine Kicker (pint)

Pure cut and aged coyote glands made into a thick paste. Designed to bring out territorial instincts in the local coyote population. Good any time of the year.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Dirt Roads Coyote Gland Lure

A coyote, fox, and cat lure maed from the finest glands and musks money can buy.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Drifter's Fate Predator Lure

Skunk and more will fill your hollows and draws with a powerful and lasting fragrance no reasonable mammal can pass up. Good on Canines, Cat, and of course Fisher and Martin. Let it roll through your best trapping grounds.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Freight Train LDC Lure

Made from quality aged glands and additives to create a “foxy” smell. Good any time of the year.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Harding County Fox Gland Lure

A Sticky Smear type lure. Formulated to stay put even through rain. Stake well, as raccoon love this stuff too.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - High Water Muskrat Lure

Designed for Lil’ Grizz trapping but excellent for all coon trapping methods. A unique blend of oils that penetrate the night. Good for 14-21 days when applied to sheep wool. “Kicker” was used in the video “Running Hard with the Grizz”. Sixty-one raccoons were caught the day the video was filmed. KICKER WORKS!

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Kicker Coon Lure (pint)

Guess what’s in this. You won’t. Lethal dose is an artistic blend of many meats, glands and oils. It was tested by five trappers in the fall of 2016. The success was excellent. Data and trail cams confirmed we had what we wanted.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Lethal Dose Predator Lure

Skunk essence? YES, but so much more. Long range musky and close range intense. Excellent on coyote, fox, badger, raccoon, bobcat, marten, and fisher.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Retch'n Gretchen Long Distance Predator Lure

A castor based beaver lure made of the finest northern castors. Foreign castor consistently creates a territorial response from beaver. With the right lure, they are very easy to bring to your set and trap.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Sweet Marie Beaver Lure

A blend of high grade musks and oils with outstanding call attributes. Formulated for coyotes, fox, and bobcats.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Two Riders Predator Lure

Combines three significant ingredients that all predators pursue. There is simply no other lure out there to compare Watch Tower with. Strong, enticing, natural, and made to rock on your trapline.

Use for Coyote, Badger, Fox, Raccoon, Bobcat.

Dakotaline (Mark Steck) - Watch Tower Predator Lure

The name speaks for itself. Has all the ingredients muskrats crave. Has proven itself all over the U.S.

Dobbins - #1 Muskrat Lure

Heavy on castor. Works best at castor mound sets or as a call lure. Best bet for winter and early spring trapping.

Dobbins - Back Breaker Beaver Lure

An alternate lure when a different smell is desired. Works 365 days a year.

Dobbins - Beaver Plus Beaver Lure

For fox, coyote, and bobcats. This curiosity paste canine lure drives them nuts.

Dobbins - Canine Select

This very sweet lure is too attractive for raccoons to pass up. A great ADC lure for summertime.

Dobbins - Coon Candy

A top notch Coyote Gland lure that is also attractive to fox.

Dobbins - Coyote #1 Lure

A Red Fox Gland lure that has added ingredients to make it attractive all year long. It is attractive to Fox, Coyote, Bobcats, and Raccoons.

Dobbins - GL-40 Lure

A canine food lure that is loud and enticing. It is designed for use at dirt hole sets. It is made to stimulate the appetite of the most finicky canines. During tests, it was found also to be attractive to Bobcats, Raccoons, and Otter.

Dobbins - Mississippi Special Lure

A Bobcat Gland lure formulated to take advantage of the cat's curiosity, hunger and passion.

Dobbins - Purrrfect Lure

A canine/cat liquid curiosity lure. It uses brain material for the base and is very weather resistant. It works well in dirt hole and flat sets.

Dobbins - Tri-Nitro Lure

Food lure that works all year at all sets. It surpasses all other lures during the warmer months of the year. Excellent for Animal Damage Control work.

Dobbins - Woodchipper Beaver Lure

A castor based lure that has caught 1,000's of beavers. Works all year north, south, east and west.

Dunlap - Beaver Lure

A very strong, creamy, gland lure that big toms find irresistible. Works great in cages as well as flat and dirt hole sets.

Dunlap - Bobcat Gland Lure

A unique lure that really brings in bobcats. Gets and holds their attention.

Dunlap - Bobcat Lure