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Trapping Lure

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Trapping Lures from various well-known Lure Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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Old formula of a famous marten trapper. Plenty of musks.

O'Gorman Lure - Mountain Marten  (2 Oz )

King of the mink calls. A lure that a mink trapper can depend on. 19 years of mink experience behind it. Attracts coon and otter too.

O'Gorman Lure - Old Bucks Death  (2 Oz )

This is the call lure that really puts the hurt on old wiley. O”Gorman’s best selling call lure. Good on all predators.

O'Gorman Lure - Plenty Coyote  (2 Oz )

A number one cat lure. Has an intense reaction on cats. Some men have taken 50-plus cats with this lure. Contains genuine catnip.

O'Gorman Lure - Powder River Cat Call  (2 Oz )

Fourteen ingredients combined to create an intense, excited, digging reaction. Exceptional on red and grey fox and coyote.

O'Gorman Lure - Revenge  (2 Oz )

Top dude of the coon calls. If you want a coon call that appeals to all four calls (gland, food, curiosity, sex) this is it. A thick, pasty, lingering, intriguing, fragrance odor. Also effective on grey fox.

O'Gorman Lure - Rory  (2 Oz )

One of the top coon lures on the market.

O'Gorman Lure - White Ring  (2 Oz )

Elicits the response that will put the paw on the pan for you. Superior coyote and cat lure. A rare and exotic blend.

O'Gorman Lure - Wiley E  (2 Oz )

Made by Jim Ward.

Long distance call lure. Pulls fisher and canines to your sets, especially in colder weather. Very loud lure. Paste type that stays where you put it. Made with pure skunk essence. Great cover scent for Deer Hunters and Predator Callers.

Oneida Fur - Fisher Lure / Canine Call  (1 Oz )

Top notch food call. This lure is thick and won’t wash away on you. Not the usual weak food odor, it is loud and permeating, the beaver won’t have to search for it.

Predator Control Group - Beaver Buffet  (2 Oz )

Bobcat Gland Lure. Contains only the best and hottest cat glands on the market. Glands are aged to perfection and spiked to assault and grab the cat’s attention. If you are tired of watered down weak gland lures, see what a superior natural cat scent can do on your bobcat line.

Predator Control Group - Booty Call Bobcat  (2 Oz )

Coyote Gland Lure. Loaded with top quality aged coyote glands. Don’t hit the coyote line without it.

Predator Control Group - Booty Call Coyote  (2 Oz )

Boss Dog is killer on adult coyotes due to the musky call ingredients that keep kicking strong and loud regardless of warm or cold temps. It holds and thrives in the rain due to it's base. Loud and extremely long lasting. Also a great red fox lure. You can find a ton of coyote lures that will catch pup coyotes, but why limit your coyote catch to the pups only. It is a lure that really calls to the boss dog you are after. Boss Dog was designed for adult coyotes and it gets a strong reaction from both pups and the old dogs. Based on some of the factors that Bill Nelson used in his lures.

Predator Control Group - Boss Dog - 4 oz

Locklear's Cat Collector Lure is the lure that Predator Control Group used to catch 84 bobcats on a single ranch. This lure is thick, can be smeared, handles the sun and sheds water. It is a three part bobcat lure. There is an exotic food base, two powerful musks and a strange odor that stops cats. This is a lure that cats have to get close to. If you want to catch a lot of cats, you can not go wrong with Cat Collector. This lure also takes coyote after coyote.

Predator Control Group - Cat Collector Lure ( 2 Oz)

A thick gland based call scent that really entices bobcats to spend that extra needed time at your sets. This is a unique lure that is fixed and amplified with aged spiked cat glands and a combination of aromatic blends of musks that gets Mr. Bob ramped up and excited.

Predator Control Group - Cat Fancy  (2 Oz )

A top producer across the country. The formula came from an old school USDA beaver man that piled up the beaver in the Delta Country. Very powerful! A must have on any real beaver expedition.

Predator Control Group - Delta Red Beaver Lure (2 oz)

Loaded with high-test castor and two unusual calling ingredients. Named “Enrager” because it just plain makes Mr. Beaver mad. This reaction goes way beyond just castor. When you apply this lure to your scent mounds, you’ll get an extreme reaction. Sometimes the beaver will tear up a 5-10 foot area on the bank.

Predator Control Group - Enrager Beaver Lure  (2 Oz )

Curiosity-hunger lure that plays on all four of the coyote’s basic urges. Fur Check is a powerfully alluring scent that is just plain lethal on the coyote line. A top quality blend that entices the old dogs.

Predator Control Group - Fur Check  (2 Oz )

Persimmon is the over tone of this reliable scent. Has a superior odor dispersion that causes grey fox and coon to dig and spend a lot of time over your traps. A thick potent odor that was developed as a tantalizing combination for areas that have both grey fox and coon.

Predator Control Group - Grey Getter  (2 Oz )

Loaded with five different animal glands and six essential oils that when combined demand a reaction from bobcats, coyotes, and fox. The glands are aged to perfection and they cause a serious territorial-curiosity-hunger response.

Predator Control Group - Musky  (2 Oz )

Made with only the best ingredients. Loaded with mink and otter glands and two secret musks. If you’re coon trapping in an area that has otter, you should use “Otter Call” above your normal set (as explained in Locklear’s Otter’ly Simple video). “Otter Call” shines at otter toilets and crossovers.

Predator Control Group - Otter Call Lure  (2 Oz )

Excels on both flat and dirt hole sets. A thick lure that capitalizes on the territorial urges of the coyote. This dependable lure works in both warm and cold weather, but more importantly it puts paws on the pan.

Predator Control Group - Paw Placer  (2 Oz )

A powerful food call lure that pulls in the raccoon. A deadly blend of sweet and sour undertones. River Raider will entice coons in or through your traps or snares. It’s spiked with curiosity ingredients that will get a coon into ice cold water, when super sweet lure can’t get the job done.

Predator Control Group - River Raider  (2 Oz )

Calls all predators to your sets. A unique blend of oils, musks and glands that draws all predators in to work your sets. Produces great results all year round.


Food based lure infused with badger glands. Works great on badgers and is also very attractive to all predators.


Reuwsaat's Bandit Buster Lure is a fish based lure that has proven itself deadly. Bandit Buster should be in every serious coon trapper's arsenal. The special blend of ingredients flat out brings raccoons to your sets.


Reuwsaat's Bandit Candy Lure is sweet, sweet, SWEET!  This lure satisfies the sweet tooth of every raccoon in the country.


Reuwsaat's Deep Creek Cat Collector Lure is the go to cat lure Lee has used for years as a full time trapper to put up big numbers of cats. This lure works alone or with an eye attractant and, together with lots of hard work, will put impressive numbers in your fur shed.


Reuwsaat's Deep Creek Coyote Gland Lure contains the best glands available. This lure has a very strong odor that will go the distance in all seasons. Gland lures work especially well during mating season, but this one shines year round. When used with a dirt hole set this lure is deadly.


Reuwsaat’s Fatal Breath Long Call Lure is very loud! It contains a ton of skunk essence. A pourable lure that has qualities that will help it last at the set. This lure has an interesting twist to it. You have to smell it to understand it. It has the calling power you are looking for when the weather gets frigid.

Fatal Breath flat out pulls predators to your sets in all weather conditions.  If you're looking for loud, this one's for you!