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Trapping Lure

Raccoon in Tree

Trapping Lures from various well-known Lure Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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100-percent pure raccoon gland lure. Good in the fall at gang sets. Best for mating season work.

Blackie - Boar's Delight  (1 Oz )

Mink call lure. Smooth, mellow lure rich in mink calling ingredients. Water-resistant.

Blackie - Brown Buck  (1 Oz )

Grey fox gland lure. Pure emulsified, aged grey fox glands. A small amount of good, clean urine with a special added ingredient makes this the real ticket for greys.

Blackie - Brush Master  (1 Oz )

This food lure contains the best of both worlds. Pulverized and emulsified cat and mouse shot with tracers and lacers to further enhance and entice all predators.

Blackie - Cat N Mouse  (1 Oz )

Early season lure. Superbly blended. Fox, cats, coyotes, raccoon, and mink.

Blackie - Deathwind  (1 Oz )

Coyote glands properly aged. Stout and lasting for the coyote man who wants a thick, dependable gland lure.

Blackie - Gray Dog  (1 Oz )

Exceeds all thresholds and requirements of a predator lure to convey social, territorial, and food signals vital to fox and coyote. Medium in odor nature, the sweet/sour odor characteristics excel from warm falls to cold mid-season work. Thick, Tacky, Emulsified.

Blackie - High Voltage  (1 Oz )

Works for bobcat, coyote, fox, and dryland coon. Loaded with ‘cat glands, topped with a unique call. Works early or late in the season.

Blackie - Lightfoot  (1 Oz )

Truly a big gun of long distance cold weather calls. Harsh and loud. Use of pure skunk quill along with other loud goodies really call the fox, coyote, cats and fisher.

Blackie - Magnum Call  (1 Oz )

Muskrat lure. Made with 17 high-powered ingredients blended into a waterproof base. All Season Lure. Also great on raccoon, mink, beaver, nutria.

Blackie - Moneymaker  (1 Oz )

A powerful food call lure for raccoons. Will not "freeze-out" or "dry out". The colder the weather, the stronger the lure.

Blackie - Night Bandit  (1 Oz )

While nothing is totally "coon proof", Night Mist is about as close as it gets. Designed especially for split seasons and coon avoidance, this is not your typical sweet 'rat lure. Super strong penetrating odor that spreads & hovers down on the water's surface. Thick & heavy base to easily stand foul weather with the focus totally on 'rats. All season food lure.

Blackie - Night Mist (1 Oz)

Groundhog food lure. Targets groundhogs (woodchucks) only. Absolutely no raccoon, cats, possum, etc. 100-percent natural plant base.

Blackie - Num Chuck  (1 Oz )

Ever had a set where a proper lure holder was non-existent? You know, a bridge abutment, inside the lip of a steel or concrete culvert, or maybe a no-bark water slicked log jam or any number of places your liquid lure makes a fast exit on you... we all have everyday. Power Putty is tailor made for vertical structures and difficult overhead situations. Put up in our exclusive weatherproof base (same as Magnum Call & Tail Slapper). Just give it a smear. Bare, hard banks, under-cut root systems, "PP" is your ticket to speed and efficiency. Deep heavy crustacean- type odor.

Available only in 4 ounce widemouth jar.

(bridge abutments, buckets, culverts, root systems, etc.)

Blackie - Power Putty (4 Oz)

Aged and mellow red fox gland lure for the serious fox man.

Blackie - Red Ranger  (1 Oz )

Strong, penetrating and lasting odor will completely captivate raccoons. Very oily. Excellent for mink and grey fox. Good all season.

Blackie - Shellfish Oil  (1 Oz )

The hard push of a massive sweet front, the bite & burn of a sour backside bark, all in a thick sticky water resistant base. Will cling & hang in there on cold rainy nights with very strong lingering effects. Our first new coon lure since 1982. Get a bigger Hammer... Sledge Hammer. Early thru mid-season food call.

Blackie - Sledge Hammer (1 Oz)

This is a true bobcat gland lure. Loaded with bobcat glands and a small amount of bobcat urine, which is blended into a special base. Excellent for fox and raccoon too!

Blackie - Spotted Fury  (1 Oz )

Our sweetest and most fragrant lure. Developed for the muskrat trapper. Also food lure for beaver and raccoon. Contains white willow bark powder as a holder and side odor. Thick, sticky, loud.

Blackie - Sugar Babe  (1 Oz )

A fine beaver lure made of castor and musks in a waterproof base.

Blackie - Tail Slapper  (1 Oz )

Food Gland Call. Capitalizes on the four great weaknesses a predator has: food, territorial, sexual, and curiosity. Many lures will catch pups allowing adults to run free, not so with TKO.

Blackie - TKO  (1 Oz )

Has a natural beaver odor that they go far out of their way to investigate.

Carman - Beaver Lure

Like the rest of the gland lures, this is thick, powerful and aged to the point where it is a deadly fur taker.

Carman - Bobcat Gland Lure

Coyote, fox, bobcat, fisher, marten. Good for any type of set. Very valuable in colder weather.

Carman - Canine Call

A real professional lure for the serious coon trapper.

Carman - Coon Lure 1

Made for use at water sets but good anywhere.

Carman - Coon Lure 2

For use at any type set. Use good heavy smear per set.

Carman - Coyote Gland Lure

Equally good for dryland or water sets.

Carman - Deep Creek Mink Lure

Red fox, grey fox. A lingering, long lasting odor that will stop every passing fox dead in his tracks.

Carman - Final Touch

Valuable at post sets, flat sets, baited dirt holes, etc. Good in any season or area.

Carman - Grey Fox Gland Lure