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Trapping Bait


Trapping Baits from various well-known Lure & Bait Makers to suit all your Trapping Supply needs.

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A coon bait designed to produce especially in dog-proof traps, although it produces coon and mink in any set you can imagine! A special blend of fresh fish, crayfish, and a subtle anise undertone really makes this bait a go-to on the coon and mink line.

"Our best selling Raccoon Bait!" - Mike Volkers


The strong smell of smoked fish that coon just can’t get enough of. This stuff is the DP Trap bait you have been waiting for.

Wack'Em Stack'Em - Raccoon Bait #1 (Smoked Fish) (pint)

The intense berry smell that coon want to eat all the time. Also works great in DP Traps and in Cage Traps.


Raccoon go crazy for these morsels and want to eat and eat them. Use in all DP-type Traps and Cage-type Traps. Easy clean out in the DP Traps. You will be amazed by the strong calling power.


Pretty much what it says. Two meats blended or ground together and put up in a paste form, glands and oils added and aged, then preserved. Coyotes, fox, and badger will work a dirt hole until caught. A great switch-up later in the season for canines.