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Tools For Modifying

Used to install #10 pan bolts.

Drill Bit
Use to close and open J-hooks on swivels and traps.
Size approximately 1” wide and 8-1/2” long.
To Close J-hook: Position J-hook rivet in the notch. Close handle until edges of J-hook touch.
To Open J-hook: Place the tips of the tool into the eye of the closed J-hook and close the tool expanding the hook.
Also cuts annealed wire!
J-Hook 3 Tool

Easily and accurately measures the pan tension on foothold traps.

Graduated from one to four pounds in one-pound increments.

Sullivan Trap Tester

by Fox Hollow

Fits all coilspring and longspring traps. The easiest way to raise or lower trap pans. Just slip the adjuster over the trap’s crossframe (where the dog is attached). To raise the pan, pull away from the trap on the adjuster’s handle. To lower the pan, push the adjuster’s handle toward the trap. That’s all there is to it. Once you use this tool, you will never be without one again. Precision cast from tool steel and zinc plated to retard rust.
Trap Pan Adjuster

Slips over spring end to easily install coilspring.

Trap Spring Replacement Tool

Every trapper should have one of these for trap repair and modification. 

Opens S-hooks and Rivets.

S-Hook Tool

Used to open and close S-Hooks. This tool is bigger than the regular and gives you more leverage to open the S-Hooks. Red grip handles for even better grip.

14" long.
S-Hook Tool - Heavy Duty (Red Grip)