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RAM Power Snare System

“RAM” kills quickly! This allows the use of lighter “Breakaway Snares”. Holds your coyote, but breaks for big game!

  • Made with the finest spring steel available – many grades better than your best body grip spring.
  • No Fur Damage.
  • Easily dyed using liquid trap dye, such as “Speed Dip”.
  • Simply designed – weatherproof trigger.
  • No lock needed – the arms of the “RAM” are the best lock available.
  • Comes equipped with a safety catch and one snare and full setting instructions.
  • Replacement snares are available.

For Mink, Marten, Rabbit, Squirrel.

Weighs less than a pound. Snare loop is 7x7 3/64" cable. Loop adjusts from 1" to 5" in diameter.


For Coyote, Beaver, Fox, Lynx, Wolverine, Raccoon.

Weighs 1-3/4 pounds. 2 feet long when set. 4 feet long in open position. 12" loop.


For Fox, Lynx, Raccoon.

Set Snare Loop is adjustable from 6" to 8".


For Wolf, Cougar, Wild Boar, Problem Bear.

Weighs only 2-1/3 pounds. 28-1/2" long when set. Longer arm allows you to make a 16" to 18" loop.


7 X 7 - 3/64"


1 X 19 - 1/16"


1 X 7 - 3/64"


1 X 19 - 5/64"