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Longspring Trap Setters

Will depress both springs at the same time. This setter makes it much easier to remove a beaver from the trap. Very simple to use.

Bridger #5 Trap Setter (Step Down Setter)

This tool will help you set double longspring traps from #3’s all the way to the Bridger #5’s.

Bridger Longspring Trap Setter

Lightweight, No Rust, 14” aluminum trap setter weighing only 10 oz. This setter was designed for the junior trapper and adults with hand problems. Will set #110, #120, #160 body gripper traps, plus #11 through #2 longsprings. Includes “U” clip to use when setting longspring traps.

Made by Sleepy Creek Mfg.

Sleepy Creek Trap Setter - Model 3

Lightweight, No Rust. 24" aluminum trap setter. Can be used to set body grippers up thru the #330 size, and longsprings up thru the #5 size. Model 4 has two U-Clips. Weighs 24 oz.

Made by Sleepy Creek Mfg.

Sleepy Creek Trap Setter - Model 4