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Gopher Trap

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The Original Blackhole - for Gophers / Rats / Moles.

Easy to Set

No Poison

Safe, Fast, Effective

Place in a tunnel or runway where rodents are traveling. They will go right in the “”Blackhole”.

Since 1985.


Made in USA. Over 100 years experience.

Tested and approved by the US Forest Service.

Easy to set … open tunnel, slide the Cinch in, leave the hole open.

Cinch Sure Catch Gopher Trap (Set Position)

Most popular pocket gopher trap available. Gophers are caught in the hole that comes to the surface, where the gopher makes a mound.

Death Klutch Gopher Trap

Place trap inside of tunnel. Leave tunnel hole open at all times. Use a stake to securely fasten the trap. To set trap, hold downward and just squeeze the handles and the trap trigger automatically sets itself. While holding handles, set trigger plate so trap snaps easily.

TWO TRAPS per Pack.

Revenge Quick Set Gopher Trap