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Covers cat line management, passing on information from five consecutive years of 50-plus cats. Steve focuses on prioritizing what is important to maximize your catch and keeping your line producing even when dealing with low cat numbers. He shows the small things that add up to extra cats every season.

  • How many traps to run?
  • How many miles to cover?
  • How long to stay?
  • Decreasing misses at your sets.
  • Special public land trapping problems.
  • The real “secrets” of large catches.
  • Lure recommendations and some very simple, excellent lure formulas.
Wood - Bobcatching - Vol 3 - by Steve Wood

54 years in the lure business, Nick Wyshinski is a scholar, pioneer, inventor and teacher. His lure and bait making foot print is shared among the best of the best. Nick learned the craft with Daily, Butcher, Nelson, and Bierman to name just a few. Some very popular lures and baits sold today came from Nick’s shop. Gland lures, call lures, food lures, baits, formulas, closely guarded secrets and much more are packed into this DVD.

2 hours & 27 minutes.

Wyshinski - Formulating Trapping Lures And Baits - with Nick Wyshinski