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Harvesting a wolverine is truly the highlight to a trapping season or a lifetime. Paul Trepus of Inzana Outfitters has worked and trapped in wolverine country all of his life and takes you out in the field to learn the latest most up to date humane harvesting methods available for harvesting wolverine. Paul contacted some of the best wolverine trappers in Canada and with their support and contributions Paul covers Ryan Sealy’s crate set, the log set with his guest Carl Gitcheff, George Noth’s tree snaring, Dennis Smith’s stump set, and Paul’s favorite, the culvert set. This wolverine trapping instructional DVD is the first of its kind and takes the beginning and experienced wolverine trappers to a whole new level in harvesting and managing the wolverines on their trap lines.

1 hour.
Trepus - Wolverine Trapping - with Paul Trepus

Come along with California cage trapping expert Jeff Yancy and gray fox authority Tracy Truman as they take you on the line to learn the secrets of cage trapping these two predators. Learn their caging secrets! Video footage of cats and fox working cages. Actual captures! See the baits and lures that work!  Best cage designs and sizes. See what makes animals avoid cages, and learn how to make them commit. 

105 minutes.

Truman - Cage Trapping Bobcats & Gray Fox - by Tracy Truman and Jeff Yancy

Watch actual video footage of fox working sets – see why you have been missing fox! Stop guessing which lures and baits work best – see the results for yourself! Learn set location and construction that will eliminate misses – and watch the results! All brand new material, brand new thinking. See the best methods for skinning and fur put up. Two hours of the most intense grey fox trapping you’ll ever see!!

Truman - Modern Gray Fox Trapping - DVD by Tracy Truman

This DVD is focused on building and using beaver floats, and also on using the stakealizer on 330's, with one segment on using footholds on sliding rods. Shows castor and oil sac removal, fur prep, and skinning, plus lots of other tricks of the trade not normally shown.

Wallner - The Beaver Project - by Jim Wallner & Mark Palas
I’ve known Andy Weiser for some time now. He has paid his trapping dues as much as anyone. Out of high school, Andy left Ohio for better trapping grounds. He landed in Montana where he has built a reputation as an excellent coyote trapper. Andy traps year-round. Ranchers trust and depend on him. Twice he has taken his coyote killing skills to ranchers in central Mexico. His wealth of knowledge is broad and deep.
Andy is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is. He has many trusted friends, both in and out of the trapping industry. Somehow he has fostered friendships with the best of the best trappers ever. Many have passed on, and some are unknown in the larger circles. No doubt these friendships have been fulfilling and made him so knowledgeable.
At the minimum, you will enjoy this video. I guarantee it. I can’t imagine you won’t learn from it. I spent a week with Andy filming it. I brought home way more than raw footage.
- Mark Steck
3 hours & 12 minutes.
Copyright 2016 by Dakotaline Snares Inc.
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Success is a few simple things practiced everyday; and what do we call these few things? Fundamentals. Come along with Scott on his Ohio canine line as he takes time to drill down into the "nuts and bolts" fundamentals of successful trapping. Ride along with Scott and you'll learn plenty of techniques to help you reach your trapline goals, and you'll have a good time as well!

1 hour & 50 minutes.

Welch - Trapline Techniques: Canine Fundamentals - with Scott Welch

Join Scott on his northern Mississippi predator line as he battles snow, mud and single digit temperatures while pursuing coyotes, fox, bobcat and dryland coon. Come along as Scott delves into set construction and variation, trap size and placement, lure and bait usage, handling remakes, dealing with wet and freezing ground conditions, and lots of other topics along the way. No matter where you trap, no matter if you are targeting coyotes, fox, ‘cats, dryland coon or any combination of these predators, Scott shares trapline knowledge that will help you reach your goals this season. Ride along with Scott as he strives to make you a more skilled trapper…and have a good time as well!

2 hours & 15 minutes.


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Welch - Trapline Techniques: Mud, Snow & Predators - with Scott Welch
Catching Coon in DPs and Snares.

Come along with Scott Welch on his north-central Ohio raccoon line as he shows tactics you can use to catch more coon. Catching coon is not that difficult, but to put up numbers you need an efficient and effective system. Scott shows you exactly that in this DVD. Scott covers methods to effectively neck snare raccoon, making dog-proof traps really work for you, the importance of gang setting, and gives tips for catching good numbers of coon in a small time frame. Not a video showing off how many dead coon he can throw in the back of a truck, or a running advertisement for baits and lures; just plenty of common sense, coon-catching techniques that you can use to reach your goals this season.

2 hours & 10 minutes.
Welch - Trapline Techniques: Raccoons & Cornfields - with Scott Welch

FOUR HOUR DVD covering the following: Denning, trapping, equipment, poling and descenting skunks, coyotes, birds of prey, location, both micro and macro location including pitch points, Western and Eastern footage, live trapping, medications, caging, ADC, bare handed badger release, prairie dog shooting, getting started in the West, Eastern mud and peat moss sets, box trapping, footholds, CALLING AND SHOOTING with legendary calling expert Steve Craig. This is a fox DVD from beginning to end. Years of film condensed into 4 hours of non-stop action.

Wendt - Fox Trapping & More - by Bob Wendt

Follow Bob on his bobcat line in Kansas as he shows the art of cat trapping at its finest. Bob takes the viewer on a journey that includes an in-depth view of trapping cats. His extensive look at skunk poling and essence removal without losing a drop of extract is a must see. Bob has made his living trapping for over 30 years, and has 1000s upon 1000s of fox, coyotes, and bobcats to his credit. This footage includes many of his sets using various techniques. You’re sure to learn something whether you’re a beginning trapper or a hard-core veteran. Other videos don’t compare to Bob’s approach, you get the real deal, nothing staged. Even night footage that has never been seen before. On the Cat Line certainly gives you a different look on trapping. 

1 hour & 47 minutes.

Wendt - On The Cat Line - by Bob Wendt

Follow Bob on his coyote line in Kansas as he shows the art of coyote trapping at its finest. Bob takes the viewer on a journey that includes an in-depth view of the live market. Bob is an expert in live market trapping and reveals secrets that he would not otherwise reveal, except for the fact that he is approaching semi-retirement. His extensive look at skunk poling and essence removal without losing a drop of extract is a must see. Bob has made his living trapping for over 30 years, and has 1000s upon 1000s of fox, coyotes, and bobcats to his credit. This footage includes many of his sets using various techniques. You’re sure to learn something whether you’re a beginning trapper or a hard-core veteran. Other videos don’t compare to Bob’s approach, you get the real deal, nothing staged. Even night footage that has never been seen before. On the Dog Line certainly gives you a different look on trapping. 

1 hour & 42 minutes.

Wendt - On The Dog Line - by Bob Wendt

Targeting otter doesn’t have to be difficult!  This “on the line” video will show you otter trapping, from sign to stretching. Come along and see how the right equipment and the right set, placed in key locations can fill your stretchers with less hassle. 1 hour & 24 minutes.

“A good solid video that everyone can learn from.” – Paul Dobbins

“One of the best basic videos on otter trapping I ever watched.” – George Wacha
Wilkinson - Otter Trapping Made Simple - by John Wilkinson
Professional Bobcat and Otter Trapping

Join professional trapper Len Williams (with fellow trapper Kevin Wells) as he reveals his methods and techniques for harvesting bobcats and otters. Due to the current demand for these prized furbearers, the trapper who knows how to get the most from each location he sets can increase his fur check by hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In this video, Len has demonstrated his most productive sets for each of these furbearers, along with tips on the types of locations to use them at. Tips for the beginner as well as a few for the old-timers.

2 hours.

Williams - Black Spots & Silver Bellies - by Len Williams

Double your fur check by putting up your own coon. Leon Windschitl has more than doubled his coon money when he stopped selling carcass coon in the early 1990’s. He earns more in the fur shed than on the trapline. Leon knows and understands exactly what the auction houses and foreign buyers want. Modern day techniques that consistently push your coon into higher grades are the premise of this video. Learn from the very best.

Leon’s Bio:
  • Eleven straight years of top lot coon awards with five of those years the top lot coon sold for over $90.00.
  • Minnesota Trappers Association Fur Handler of the year – 2007, 2008.
  • North American Fur Auction Fur Grading Competition 1st Place – 2010.
  • Does demonstrations at State and National trapping conventions.
  • Does demos for the largest fur auction house in the world.

1 hour & 37 minutes.

Windschitl - Top Lot Coon Handling - with Leon Windschitl (Top Lot Stretcher Co)

Leon Windschitl is well known for his fur handling skills and attention to detail. He has received over 40 Top Lot awards on his fur put up. He has also been awarded the Master Fur Handler multiple times in Minnesota and has received fur grading awards. He does several demos throughout the year for state and national trapping organizations. He is the fur handling instructor at LKL Trapping Experience school and the owner of Top Lot Stretcher Company.

This DVD shows the process of putting up a coyote from beginning to end - from the opening cut to final comb up, including ear cartilage removal. Leon talks about the different ways to complete the task and what tools are needed. He takes you through the process of pinning and boarding and offers tips and tricks to give your coyote pelts the best look and achieve their fullest potential. This DVD will help you double your money by putting up your coyote verses selling on the carcass.

1 hour & 39 minutes.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Windschitl - Top Lot Coyote Handling - by Leon Windschitl (dvd)

Leon Windschitl has shared his fur handling techniques with 1000’s of students throughout North America. He has done countless fur handling seminars representing the world’s largest fur auction house. He understands what foreign fur buyers want. He makes money in the fur shed.

A carpenter by trade, Leon takes you through the finer details of handling your wild mink and muskrats. Leon’s skills have brought him 37 Top Lot fur awards over the years. His deliberate teaching style makes this an excellent tool for anyone serious about optimizing their catch in the fur shed.

Learn from the very Best!

Approximately 2 hours.

by Leon Windschitl - Top Lot Stretcher Co.

Windschitl - Top Lot Mink and Muskrat Handling - by Leon Windschitl

From Start to Finish. Two hours of action packed information on raccoon trapping. Keith and Tom show and explain trap preparation, sets and catches on their raccoon line. They also demonstrate professional raccoon skinning, scraping, and stretching. A segment on snaring is presented. Tips, tricks and techniques are presented featuring the following well-known professionals:

  • Gary Armstrong – Famous PVC Pipe Set
  • Carroll “Blackie” Black – River Trapping
  • Gary Bonnot and Tim Reed – Trapping with Lil’ Grizz Trap
  • Russ Carman and Bill Kasten – Questions, answers, and instructions
  • Rick Hemsath – Trapping with Body Traps
  • Mike Marsyada – Guidelines, Information, and Strategy
  • Tom Parr – Trap Types and Live Traps
  • Doug Wilson – Snares and Snaring
  • Special Feature with Night Footage of Raccoon Working the Lil’ Grizz Trap
 2 hours.
Winkler - Raccoon Trapping & Handling - by Keith Winkler and Tom "Humphrey" Miller

Nevada bobcat trapper Steve Wood covers trapping, snaring, and fur handling. A very intense instruction course detailing locations, trap and snare sets, extensive pelt preparation, and much more! 

2 hours.

Wood - Bobcatching - Vol 1 - by Steve Wood

More trap sets. More locations. More snaring. More cats. White traps. Coloring traps to target the cat’s foot. An improved coilspring trap cover for snowy and windy areas. Snaring cats with tiny 1/32 cable. Mountain lions. The rebirth of the longspring trap. Turning the longspring into a one-piece cat catching tool. A couple of new snare supports.

Nearly 2 hours.

Wood - Bobcatching - Vol 2 - by Steve Wood

Covers cat line management, passing on information from five consecutive years of 50-plus cats. Steve focuses on prioritizing what is important to maximize your catch and keeping your line producing even when dealing with low cat numbers. He shows the small things that add up to extra cats every season.

  • How many traps to run?
  • How many miles to cover?
  • How long to stay?
  • Decreasing misses at your sets.
  • Special public land trapping problems.
  • The real “secrets” of large catches.
  • Lure recommendations and some very simple, excellent lure formulas.
Wood - Bobcatching - Vol 3 - by Steve Wood

54 years in the lure business, Nick Wyshinski is a scholar, pioneer, inventor and teacher. His lure and bait making foot print is shared among the best of the best. Nick learned the craft with Daily, Butcher, Nelson, and Bierman to name just a few. Some very popular lures and baits sold today came from Nick’s shop. Gland lures, call lures, food lures, baits, formulas, closely guarded secrets and much more are packed into this DVD.

2 hours & 27 minutes.

Wyshinski - Formulating Trapping Lures And Baits - with Nick Wyshinski