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No other man in modern times has amassed such amazing fur season coyote kills as Marty Senneker of Alberta (Canada) with a personal best now topping 950 coyotes taken in a short fur season! This video captures Senneker in action on several of his snare lines and features many beautiful Southern Alberta pale coyotes taken in snares equipped with Senneker's Stinger Kill Springs TM. Highlights of this video include:

Effective use of the Stinger Kill Spring
Senneker's Two Piece Snare
Setting snares in a variety of conditions
Senneker's style of setting and blending, loop size, and such.
Fence snares
The Senneker Snare Support
Breakaway Devices that actually work!
Senneker Style Multiple catches
3/64" cable use on coyotes
Stinger Info for the Wolf trapper
Clean and humane, Instant Bloodless .22 Dispatch
and of course much, much more.
The majority of the footage was shot day to day, and is depicted in an "On-the Line Style" experience.
2 hours &13 minutes.
Senneker - Mass Production Coyote Snaring - by Marty Senneker

Actual on the line footage of sets, including winter sets, catches and locations. Based on 50 years of experience.  

2 hours & 20 minutes.

Simmerman - Advanced Fox and Coyote - by Trapper Art Simmerman
Randy shows how to rack up coon numbers in the dead of winter. Snow, ice and single digit temperature can be beat and the prime big boar coons you will be catching are the money makers. Been told that coon hibernate in the dead of winter, not so. Watch as Randy catches 496 big, prime coon in 20 checks in the middle of a severe PA winter, during Jan and Feb. When competition has put away their coon traps for the year, you will be rack’n up coon in the ice and snow.
2-1/2 hours.
Smith - Boars Gone Wild - by Randy Smith

Learn how Randy makes double after double coyote catches as he takes 180 coyotes in two weeks in the mid-west. You will even see a true quad (four) coyote catch. Location is shown in detail along with wolfer sets, remakes, lures and bait. Fast paced and entertaining. 

2 hours.

Smith - Combines & Coyotes - Wolfin' The Cornbelt - by Randy Smith

Basic Two Sets for High Numbers Trapping ...

This TWO DVD set is about piling up high numbers of animals in a short period of time using two basic, simple sets in all weather conditions. The animals covered are:  Mink, Coon, Coyote, Beaver and Bobcat. Includes information about what equipment to use and how to use it.

Marty Smith is a life-long trapper from Southwest Iowa, living near Council Bluffs. He has taken instructions from Craig O'Gorman, Ron Hansen, Bud Hall, and others. Marty shows you how to make quick effective sets for both land and water animals. He is the real deal, no filler or fluff, just sound trapline methods for maximizing your catch. This video will make you a better trapper!

2 hours & 43 minutes.

TWO DVD SET ... Copyright 2015

Smith - Keg Creek Production Trapping - by Marty Smith

Volume I takes you on a close-up tour of a farmland mink line. Covers all kinds of sets but with emphasis on leghold.

Volume II – Also filmed on Spencer’s farmland line, with a little more emphasis on body grip traps.

150 minutes.

2 Disc Set - Volume I and 2 for one price!  First Time on DVD.

By Jim Spencer

Spencer - The Mink Movie - Volume 1 and 2 - by Jim Spencer

Volume III – This one takes place in the rocky streams of Western Arkansas. Shows how to anchor and stabilize under these difficult conditions.

Volume IV teaches you how to catch mink in those difficult to trap large stream and lake shore situations. Highly productive big water techniques shown and explained. Also includes a section on skinning, scraping, and putting up mink to maximize your profit.

150 minutes.

2 Disc Set - Volume 3 and 4 for one price!  First Time on DVD.

By Jim Spencer

Spencer - The Mink Movie - Volume 3 and 4 - by Jim Spencer

In 1983 I moved to South Dakota because of high canine densities. I’ve never looked back. Since starting Dakotaline Snares I have worked with many people learning to snare coyotes. I understand the pitfalls and misconceptions that are out there. I have worked on this video for 3 years. I wanted it done right. My desire is to set a standard for snaring coyotes and for you to be the best snareman you can be. Most of this video is filmed on a “working” snareline encompassing several hundred snares. I have trapped and snared coyotes for almost 40 years. I’ve eaten dirt, dust, and skunk essence. I’ve worn out tires, guns and trucks. I’ve been stuck in places I shouldn’t have been.  My passion and desire for trapping and snaring canines has never waned. I will chase them until my body says “no more”. - Mark Steck

  • Coyote behavior.
  • Coyote travel ways.
  • Keying in on the best locations.
  • Coyote behavior when approaching snares.
  • Snaring on bare ground vs. snow. The huge difference.
  • Pushing the envelope on exposed snares.
  • Snaring in farmland and rangeland.
  • Lethal sets.
  • Locks, cable and making them work to your conditions.
  • Why you should lose some snaring myths right now.

Copyright 2015

3-1/2 hours


Mark Steck caught his first canine in 1973. Since that time, Steck has commercially trapped fox and coyotes in several states in all kinds of conditions. A trapping free spirit, Mark brings to this video simplistic methods that bust many trapping myths. He gives an in depth analysis of empty sprung traps, a subject most pros sweep under the rug. In dirt, rain and snow Mark adjusts to changing conditions as he takes you on a working trapline.

2 hours and 40 minutes.

Steck - Canine Trapping In Dirt And Snow - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Huge coon are consistently caught on dry land, and veteran trapper Mark Steck knows how to get them. Join Mark on a working coon line, as he shows you how using modern methods. Pile up big coon, in large numbers – fast. Learn the secrets of a proven system that will put you far ahead of your competition. Learn proven methods from a master trapper in just 2 hours!

Steck - Dryland Coon Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

The farmlands of North America are where the huge catches of furbearers are made. Tilled and sectioned, these fertile lands are abundant with snaring opportunities. Filmed in eastern South Dakota, veteran snareman Mark Steck takes you on his snareline. He shares secrets of the craft he’s honed over years of snaring Farmland country for literally 1000’s of critters. Embark on a journey into the rural farmlands and learn fast, effective techniques for snaring raccoon, beaver, mink, and canines from an expert trapper.

2 hours.

Steck - Farmland Snaring - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Join Mark Steck in South Dakota, the Muskrat Mecca of the world. On a working trapline, you will see firsthand the techniques that allowed Mark to take 4900 rats in 2011-2012. Using footholds, body grips, and colony traps Mark shows and articulates an array of simple and fast sets. You will see both open water and under the ice trapping that will work anywhere. Mark has spent his life on the prairies and marshes of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. He is a professional trapper who has run ultra long lines. When it comes to trapping, he is driven and competitive right down to the bone.

Approximately 3 hours.

Steck - Hardcore Muskrat Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

"Dakota Style". How are those huge catches of 500-plus mink, 600 fox and over 1000 coons possible? Two words – Road Trapping. It’s simply the most productive method of harvesting huge amounts of critters. Road trapping allows you to roll through the best areas of your state, harvest the cream and move on – no permission needed! Come along on a Dakota line outing as premier trapper Mark Steck takes you on his road trapline. Discover a deadly new concept called “pipe trapping.” Cover huge areas working right off the roads close to your truck. Learn a line management technique that leads to large catches. Learn the lost art of blind setting for mink. 

Approximately 2 hours.
Steck - Longline Road Trapping - DVD by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Come along as Dakota Line Veteran Trapper, Mark Steck, runs a water line using PVC pipes. Watch as Steck nails coon after coon and mink after mink in sets that are simple, fast and go where you want them. Pipe trapping will change the way you trap. These methods are versatile and deadly.

2 hours.

Steck - Pipe Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Follow Pro Trapper Mark Steck on his South Dakota coon line as he nails 61 raccoons in one check using the Lil’ Grizz Get’rz. A swift moving fast paced video that exposes the viewer to a futuristic raccoon trapping system second to none. Quick and easy without many of the physical demands of old school methods. Lots of action including night vision footage of raccoons working sets.

160 minutes.

Steck - Running Hard With The Grizz - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

"Snare Building for Profit" takes you into the finer details of building snares. You will learn how to build quick closing snares that will maximize your catch. Mark Steck, owner of Dakotaline Snares, walks you through each step using methods that require minimal tools. You will learn the art of “loading” snares and will see firsthand how Dakotaline dyes their snares.

72 minutes.
Steck - Snare Building For Profit - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

"South Dakota Dream’n" is a story about an Old Veteran Trapper and some young trappers chasing spring muskrats. Not so much an instructional video, rather a video with a storyline. A story about friendship, hardship, and some extreme muskrat trapping. Join the fun with Mark Steck, Mayday, T-Bone, Cley, and Tanner, as they pile up 1000’s of muskrats on a dreamlike trapline. In a bonus section, Mayday Wiebe shares the art of catching muskrats with his (unscarred) bare hands.

2 hours & 18 minutes.

Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.95
Steck - South Dakota Dream'n - A Muskrat Trapping Adventure - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Open Water Techniques. Follow Newt Sterling to the swamps and flooded timber of North Carolina, snaring beaver with his unique methods and equipment. Learn how to avoid otters when they are out of season, and still take beaver. Learn sets that you might not typically associate with snares, and see how they are made. Loaded with catch scenes, beavers and more beavers all in snares.

Sterling - Master Beaver Snaring - by Newt Sterling

Welcome to the world of Mink and Muskrat Snaring.

Many trappers wonder WHY snare these furbearers?

The answer is: At certain locations the snare will out-perform any other method of capture that Trappers and Snaremen have available.

Sterling - Master Mink & Muskrat Snaring - by Newt Sterling

Wild Hogs become very wary of pen-type traps after a few initial catches, and quickly avoid bait sites after being shot at. Snares are an effective, fast, mobile, inexpensive method of controlling hog populations, and are deadly on wary hogs. After considerable experimentation, master snaresman Newt Sterling has developed and designed equipment and methods in a system guaranteed to catch and hold hogs ranging in size from piglets to the largest boar.

  • Neck Snare
  • Snare Treatment
  • Shocksprings and Swivels
  • Belisle Foot Snare
  • Aldridge Foot Snare
  • Ucker Foot Snare
  • Freemont Foot Snare
  • RAM Snare
2 hours & 49 minutes on 3 DVDs.

Current Specials:
DVD $39.95 Sale $32.95
Sterling - Master Wild Hog Snaring - with Newt Sterling

The latest techniques for open water beaver trapping. Learn effective use of all types of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps, and snares. Shows how to construct sets and where to place the sets to produce maximum results. 

119 minutes.


Beaver populations have expanded dramatically, creating a demand for trappers who can control populations of problem beaver. Presents advanced methods with a focus on removing beaver quickly and efficiently.  

92 minutes.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $22.95
Sullivan - Beaver Control Trapping - DVD by Hal Sullivan

All aspects of canine (fox and coyote) trapping are covered. Shows the fundamentals of trap adjustment and modification, and set construction including trap placement, trap bedding and covering, along with techniques for blending sets. In-depth look at the hole set and the flat set. 

117 minutes.

Sullivan - Canines 2000 - DVD by Hal Sullivan

Shows the step-by-step process for putting up beaver using the clean skinning method and plywood stretchers. Clean skinning eliminates the need for fleshing.

91 minutes.

Sullivan - Clean Skinning & Stretching Beaver - DVD by Hal Sullivan

Your video guide to modern fur handling.  Covers skinning, fleshing, stretching, and drying the pelt.

2 hours.

Sullivan - Fur Handling 2000 - DVD by Hal Sullivan

Basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Designed primarily for the beginning snareman. Covers all aspects of using snares including: parts and components of the snare, making snares, fastening snares, stabilizing snares, nonlethal capture techniques, placement of snares, and more. 

68 minutes.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $22.95
Sullivan - Sixty Minute Snaring - DVD by Hal Sullivan

The mystery is gone. Anyone can snare beaver in the coldest of winters. Royce Teague shows you his simple techniques that have allowed him to take 100’s of beaver in a northern Minnesota deep freeze. Royce is an expert snareman with endless energy. You will see his Northern trapline, techniques, and catches.

2 hours & 20 minutes.

with Royce Teague

Teague - Under the Ice Beaver Snaring Simplified
Wild Hog Snaring - from the Cable to the Table

From the cable to the table, Wildman Royce Teague takes you to Deep East Texas hog snaring. Expert snareman Teague shows you in detail the craft of snaring and "holding" wild hogs, an untapped food source. Using inexpensive snares, Teague takes the viewer through the process of catching, butchering, and eating the wild pork. Lots of catches and lots of fun.

2 hours & 12 minutes.

Copyright 2015

Teague - Wild Hog Snaring - DVD

Johnny Thorpe's complete trapping course.  This is a 12 DVD set covering most all of North America's furbearers and the methods and techniques used to catch them in large numbers.  Follow this trapping legend as he shows you how to trap from East to West for Bobcat, Coyote, Fisher, Otter, Mink, Fox and more.  You will also learn how to extract the glands from these furbearers which will help you to make your own lures and baits.  This is the most comprehensive trapping instruction course on the market and you are sure to be a better trapper after watching this NTA Hall of Famer in action.

1035 minutes!

Thorpe - 12 DVD Collector Set - by Johnny Thorpe

Join Johnny Thorpe on his northern Adirondack beaver line in the dead of winter. Learn the techniques that have caught thousands of beaver under the ice. You will see the bait set, pole set and the baited body gripper set as well as many key points that will help you in the field. This is the most comprehensive under ice beaver video available on the market and you are sure to learn a few tricks of the trade from a master trapper. 

75 minutes.

Thorpe - Beaver Under The Ice - by Johnny Thorpe