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Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Professional Coyote Methods" DVD takes you along on his professional trap line. This is an addition to the "Coyote Methods" DVD with all new footage.  The new DVD focuses on a wide variety of different sets and where they are used. The new variations compliment the standard dirt hole. These variations will help give you an advantage in high pressure trapping situations. You will be following a true professional fur trapper on his line and seeing the additional methods he uses on his trap line.  Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. The techniques, baits and lures are proven through his consistent catches. Enjoy the information and scenery you will see in this fantastic DVD.

1 hour & 35 minutes.  Copyright 2015

Reuwsaat - Advanced Professional Coyote Methods - by Lesel Reuwsaat

Follow professional trapper Lesel Reuwsaat on his modern day coyote trapline. Lesel demonstrates his methods and techniques that help him put up huge numbers, year in and year out on his trapline. You will be following a true professional trapper on his line and seeing every detail that can make you a much more successful trapper when you go afield. Every facet of the professional approach is covered in this DVD and you are sure to learn from watching this tremendous DVD.

2 hours.  Copyright 2014

Reuwsaat - Coyote Methods - by Lesel Reuwsaat

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Professional Coyote Snaring Methods" DVD takes you along on his professional Western trap/snare line. This is all new footage never seen. Lesel will show you the methods he uses on the snare line to help you add additional fur to your shed. Whether you are using cable restraints or snares, a lot of these techniques will help you on your snare line. Many facets of the professional trapper are covered in this DVD. You are sure to gain information that will add fur to your fur shed! Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. The techniques are proven through consistent catches. Enjoy a private tour through the West while gaining a wealth of information!

1 hour & 55 minutes.  Copyright 2015

Reuwsaat - Professional Coyote Snaring Methods - by Lesel Reuwsaat

In this DVD, Lesel shows you that many different species of animals can be taken in Farmland territories. Lesel delves into more of his proven professional trapping methods and techniques that help him put up huge numbers on his extensive trapline. You are following a proven trapper on his professional line and learning every detail that he uses. You will see sets that will help make you a much more successful trapper when you go afield. This is a must see. You are sure to learn very valuable information. All new footage.

70 minutes.   Copyright 2016


Lesel Reuwsaat's "Skunk Methods" takes you along with him on his skunk line in South Dakota and Nebraska. This DVD will show skunk trapping methods along with how to handle the skunk after the capture. The information gained will help add dollars to your fur shed. The skunk is a highly valuable item in today's trapping industry. Don't miss out on this easy revenue. The detailed handling and skinning section is sure to add money to your bottom line. Lesel has figured out a highly effective method of dispatching the skunk to make sure you harvest nearly all the gland. Watch the DVD and figure out this simple dispatch method (no syringe needed). You are sure to capture additional revenue by watching this DVD!

1 hour.  Copyright 2015

Reuwsaat - Skunk Methods - by Lesel Reuwsaat

Location, Location, Location!

Cletis Richards and Brad Thomure on their western Kansas trapline.

Ride along with Brad and Cletis as they utilize over 70 years of combined experience to explain the sets, baits, lures, and equipment needed to successfully trap coyotes in farmland and agricultural areas. High-quality aerial footage provides a bird's-eye view to show the animals' travel lanes, so you can see those key locations.

With over two hours of footage, multiple camera angles, and stunning aerial views, this video gives you the tools you need to make your trapline more efficient!

123 minutes. Copyright 2019.

New Product
DVD - Trapping Coyotes in Agriculture - by Cletis Richards & Brad Thomure

Join Tom and Tera Roach on their Red Fox trapline set to the music of Chad Slagle. This father and daughter team combines over 50 years of experience taking nearly 1000 furbearers each season. Now you can join them on their line as they disclose their preferred equipment, lure, locations, and set construction to outwit red fox as well as gray fox, raccoons, and fisher. Entertaining and informative for beginners and trapline veterans alike. Action packed, this video is full of live trapline footage and catches. Over 40 catches shown! Also includes bonus Maine black bear trapping footage with an appearance by Kyle Kaatz.

1 hour.

Roach - Red Fox Frenzy - by Tom & Tera Roach

Eastern Style Canine Trapping takes you on the line with Mark Schaefer in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York. Mark Schaefer, with over twenty years of trapping experience, explains the key aspects of canine trapping in the East. Covers red and grey fox as well as the elusive eastern coyote. Key techniques and methods that will help any trapper increase his catch.

  • Sets for Fox and Coyote
  • Locations for Canines
  • Traps and Trap Preparation
  • Staking Devices and Equipment
  • Lures and Baits
  • Freeze-proofing of Sets
  • And much, much more.

90 minutes.

Schaefer - Eastern Style Canine Trapping - by Mark Schaefer

"Trapping: Tricks of the Trade" takes you from the shop to the truck to the field and back to the furshed. Separated in several different trapping related categories, this video covers a wide variety of techniques, tips and tricks to make trapping more efficient, profitable and enjoyable for the trapper. This video covers tricks of the trade for water and land trapping, as well as fur handling.

With over 20 years of trapping experience, Mark Schaefer is the proud owner of Rid a Critter Inc. His passion and dedication to trapping and fur handling has helped numerous trappers and organizations across the USA.
90 minutes.
Schaefer - Trapping Tricks Of The Trade - by Mark Schaefer

Watch and learn the methods that Schmitt used to trap 764 mink in 7 weeks during the 1998 season and over 2000 mink within a five-year period. Detailed segments on set construction and trap placement of both blind and baited sets, with extensive coverage given to the pocket set. If you are unsure of how to make quick effective mink sets, this video will show you how. Coverage of sets, equipment, lures and baits, staking methods, and answers to some commonly asked questions. Dozens of mink catches are shown to demonstrate how effective these methods are. If you are a beginner, or wish to learn more about mink trapping, this video will take the mystery out of mink trapping. If you are already a good mink trapper, this video will make you better.

Hardcore mink trapping information and knowledge, from a man who has the numbers and experience behind him. See the methods that the real numbers men use. (Don’t expect your competition to tell you). Now you can see these methods clearly explained and demonstrated on your own TV screen.

1 hour & 55 minutes.

by Gerald Schmitt

Schmitt - Mega Mink Methods - DVD by Gerald Schmitt

Ed Schneider's "Coyote Trapping - Fall & Winter Trapping Methods" DVD contains proven methods that work. This 2 disk, 3 hour DVD set explains sets like the step-down dirt hole set, the T-bone set, the staked hide wool set, the trail set and the duff set. Ed also spends a lot of time discussing blending and understanding coyote movement and dispersal. This DVD set is almost as good as running Ed's Kansas trapline with him and contains benefits for the novice and experienced trapper alike.

2 disk set, 3 hours.  Copyright 2015


The who, what, when, where and why when it comes to weasel trapping. It is all packed into this DVD. Gary covers baits, box building, locating, setting, catching, skinning and stretching weasels. Gary puts his 31 years of trapping experience into this 57 minute long DVD to show you how to catch weasels. Weasel trapping is just down right fun and is an excellent way to introduce children to trapping. It is relatively simple once you understand what to do and how to do it. Once you watch this DVD you will put extra fur in the fur shed, a smile on your face, and extra dollars in your pocket.

57 minutes.

Schumann - 40 Cents And A Weasel - DVD by Gary Schumann

Gary shares his 30 years of beaver trapping knowledge and experience. This DVD shows his early winter through late spring techniques. Gary teaches you how to catch beavers on public waters where the fur has already been hit hard throughout the fall. He shows his methods of finding sets, under ice sets, bank den sets, dam patrol sets, bottom edge sets, crossover sets, blind sets, under log sets, and more. He also shows how to skin, flesh, and remove oil glands and castor to get top dollar out of your beaver. You will learn everything you need to know about beaver trapping in this video.

2 Disc Set … 5 hours.     Copyright 2013

by Gary Schumann

Schumann - Beaver in the Bank - by Gary Schumann

Gary demonstrates his techniques for catching raccoon. Gary covers his methods from early fall through late winter. He demonstrates his methods of finding sets, hot set location, water sets, dryland sets, blind sets, and more! He shows how to skin and flesh raccoon. He shows you how to get top dollar out of your furs. He covers a wide variety of body grip, live traps and exclusive Freedom Brand Dog Proof tactics throughout the video. Gary shows you how to catch fur on public properties where the fur has already been hit hard. 

2 hours & 30 minutes.

Schumann - Raccoon Riot - by Gary Schumann

Teaches you everything you need to know about catching and putting up truck loads of muskrats. This DVD takes you through an entire season of rat trapping from opening day through late season under ice trapping. Filmed during the 2010/2011 season. During the filming of this DVD, Gary caught and put up over 2,400 rats under highly competitive conditions from other trappers and with a harsh, early winter.

Gary Schumann is well known in Michigan for his immense abilities to trap muskrats in all conditions for over 31 years. Over the past 20 years he has put more than 60,000 muskrat pelts onto the fur market. After giving several demonstrations on muskrat trapping over the years, Gary decided it was time to show everyone how he catches thousands of muskrats every year. In this video, Gary's best kept secrets are shown. He has put his 31 years of experience into 2 hours and 30 minutes of film in an effort to give the average trapper the knowledge he or she needs to put up large numbers of rats.

This DVD shows preparation, scouting, the best traps and equipment to use, opening day setting, mid-season setting, late season setting, handling, open water trapping, under ice trapping and the marketing of muskrat pelts. With the prices of rats these days, this DVD is a tremendous opportunity for you to increase your rat catch.

2 hours & 30 minutes.

Schumann - Rat Race - DVD by Gary Schumann

Actual on the line footage of sets, including winter sets, catches and locations. Based on 50 years of experience.  

2 hours & 20 minutes.

Simmerman - Advanced Fox and Coyote - by Trapper Art Simmerman
Randy shows how to rack up coon numbers in the dead of winter. Snow, ice and single digit temperature can be beat and the prime big boar coons you will be catching are the money makers. Been told that coon hibernate in the dead of winter, not so. Watch as Randy catches 496 big, prime coon in 20 checks in the middle of a severe PA winter, during Jan and Feb. When competition has put away their coon traps for the year, you will be rack’n up coon in the ice and snow.
2-1/2 hours.
Smith - Boars Gone Wild - by Randy Smith

Learn how Randy makes double after double coyote catches as he takes 180 coyotes in two weeks in the mid-west. You will even see a true quad (four) coyote catch. Location is shown in detail along with wolfer sets, remakes, lures and bait. Fast paced and entertaining. 

2 hours.

Smith - Combines & Coyotes - Wolfin' The Cornbelt - by Randy Smith

Basic Two Sets for High Numbers Trapping ...

This TWO DVD set is about piling up high numbers of animals in a short period of time using two basic, simple sets in all weather conditions. The animals covered are:  Mink, Coon, Coyote, Beaver and Bobcat. Includes information about what equipment to use and how to use it.

Marty Smith is a life-long trapper from Southwest Iowa, living near Council Bluffs. He has taken instructions from Craig O'Gorman, Ron Hansen, Bud Hall, and others. Marty shows you how to make quick effective sets for both land and water animals. He is the real deal, no filler or fluff, just sound trapline methods for maximizing your catch. This video will make you a better trapper!

2 hours & 43 minutes.

TWO DVD SET ... Copyright 2015

Smith - Keg Creek Production Trapping - by Marty Smith

Volume I takes you on a close-up tour of a farmland mink line. Covers all kinds of sets but with emphasis on leghold.

Volume II – Also filmed on Spencer’s farmland line, with a little more emphasis on body grip traps.

150 minutes.

2 Disc Set - Volume I and 2 for one price!  First Time on DVD.

By Jim Spencer

Spencer - The Mink Movie - Volume 1 and 2 - by Jim Spencer

Volume III – This one takes place in the rocky streams of Western Arkansas. Shows how to anchor and stabilize under these difficult conditions.

Volume IV teaches you how to catch mink in those difficult to trap large stream and lake shore situations. Highly productive big water techniques shown and explained. Also includes a section on skinning, scraping, and putting up mink to maximize your profit.

150 minutes.

2 Disc Set - Volume 3 and 4 for one price!  First Time on DVD.

By Jim Spencer

Spencer - The Mink Movie - Volume 3 and 4 - by Jim Spencer

In 1983 I moved to South Dakota because of high canine densities. I’ve never looked back. Since starting Dakotaline Snares I have worked with many people learning to snare coyotes. I understand the pitfalls and misconceptions that are out there. I have worked on this video for 3 years. I wanted it done right. My desire is to set a standard for snaring coyotes and for you to be the best snareman you can be. Most of this video is filmed on a “working” snareline encompassing several hundred snares. I have trapped and snared coyotes for almost 40 years. I’ve eaten dirt, dust, and skunk essence. I’ve worn out tires, guns and trucks. I’ve been stuck in places I shouldn’t have been.  My passion and desire for trapping and snaring canines has never waned. I will chase them until my body says “no more”. - Mark Steck

  • Coyote behavior.
  • Coyote travel ways.
  • Keying in on the best locations.
  • Coyote behavior when approaching snares.
  • Snaring on bare ground vs. snow. The huge difference.
  • Pushing the envelope on exposed snares.
  • Snaring in farmland and rangeland.
  • Lethal sets.
  • Locks, cable and making them work to your conditions.
  • Why you should lose some snaring myths right now.

Copyright 2015

3-1/2 hours


Mark Steck caught his first canine in 1973. Since that time, Steck has commercially trapped fox and coyotes in several states in all kinds of conditions. A trapping free spirit, Mark brings to this video simplistic methods that bust many trapping myths. He gives an in depth analysis of empty sprung traps, a subject most pros sweep under the rug. In dirt, rain and snow Mark adjusts to changing conditions as he takes you on a working trapline.

2 hours and 40 minutes.

Steck - Canine Trapping In Dirt And Snow - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Huge coon are consistently caught on dry land, and veteran trapper Mark Steck knows how to get them. Join Mark on a working coon line, as he shows you how using modern methods. Pile up big coon, in large numbers – fast. Learn the secrets of a proven system that will put you far ahead of your competition. Learn proven methods from a master trapper in just 2 hours!

Steck - Dryland Coon Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

The farmlands of North America are where the huge catches of furbearers are made. Tilled and sectioned, these fertile lands are abundant with snaring opportunities. Filmed in eastern South Dakota, veteran snareman Mark Steck takes you on his snareline. He shares secrets of the craft he’s honed over years of snaring Farmland country for literally 1000’s of critters. Embark on a journey into the rural farmlands and learn fast, effective techniques for snaring raccoon, beaver, mink, and canines from an expert trapper.

2 hours.

Steck - Farmland Snaring - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Join Mark Steck in South Dakota, the Muskrat Mecca of the world. On a working trapline, you will see firsthand the techniques that allowed Mark to take 4900 rats in 2011-2012. Using footholds, body grips, and colony traps Mark shows and articulates an array of simple and fast sets. You will see both open water and under the ice trapping that will work anywhere. Mark has spent his life on the prairies and marshes of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. He is a professional trapper who has run ultra long lines. When it comes to trapping, he is driven and competitive right down to the bone.

Approximately 3 hours.

Steck - Hardcore Muskrat Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

"Dakota Style". How are those huge catches of 500-plus mink, 600 fox and over 1000 coons possible? Two words – Road Trapping. It’s simply the most productive method of harvesting huge amounts of critters. Road trapping allows you to roll through the best areas of your state, harvest the cream and move on – no permission needed! Come along on a Dakota line outing as premier trapper Mark Steck takes you on his road trapline. Discover a deadly new concept called “pipe trapping.” Cover huge areas working right off the roads close to your truck. Learn a line management technique that leads to large catches. Learn the lost art of blind setting for mink. 

Approximately 2 hours.
Steck - Longline Road Trapping - DVD by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Come along as Dakota Line Veteran Trapper, Mark Steck, runs a water line using PVC pipes. Watch as Steck nails coon after coon and mink after mink in sets that are simple, fast and go where you want them. Pipe trapping will change the way you trap. These methods are versatile and deadly.

2 hours.

Steck - Pipe Trapping - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Follow Pro Trapper Mark Steck on his South Dakota coon line as he nails 61 raccoons in one check using the Lil’ Grizz Get’rz. A swift moving fast paced video that exposes the viewer to a futuristic raccoon trapping system second to none. Quick and easy without many of the physical demands of old school methods. Lots of action including night vision footage of raccoons working sets.

160 minutes.

Steck - Running Hard With The Grizz - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

"Snare Building for Profit" takes you into the finer details of building snares. You will learn how to build quick closing snares that will maximize your catch. Mark Steck, owner of Dakotaline Snares, walks you through each step using methods that require minimal tools. You will learn the art of “loading” snares and will see firsthand how Dakotaline dyes their snares.

72 minutes.
Steck - Snare Building For Profit - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)