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TWO Videos combined into ONE DVD

McLellan’s The LONGLINER (Mink & Muskrat Trapping)

Ken McLellan of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, has 25 years of trapline experience. Join him on his trapline in Northern Minnesota and learn the most effective and efficient methods of trapping mink and muskrat. Learn the little tricks that can make a big difference. If you enjoy the challenge of trapping, this is a MUST SEE video!
Approximately 60 minutes
Professional Methods of Trapping Wild Mink
Ken McLellan, a mink trapper from Northern Minnesota, takes you on his actual trapline and demonstrates the proper methods of trapping wild mink. This video is for the beginner as well as the advanced trapper!
Topics Include: Tools and Equipment, Bait and Lures, Set Location, Mink Sets, Actual Catches and more…
Approximately 50 minutes
McLellan - The Longliner (Mink & Muskrat Trapping) Plus Mink Trapping (dvd)

Follow Mike for over a year on actual ADC jobs, lots of animals, real results and real profits. So many animals covered! Beaver, Otter, Coyote, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Groundhogs, Grey Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Skunk, Muskrat, Opossum, and Feral Cats. Professional cage trapping methods, foothold traps, body-grip traps, and snares. Wildlife euthanasia, carcass disposal, animal welfare, and biology. Odorless skunk trapping and handling. Profitable essence removal and storage. Beaver control year round. Summertime coyote and fox trapping and snaring. Otter control, including snaring and cage trapping.

2 Disc Set. 7 hours & 53 minutes.
McMillan - A Year On The ADC Line - by Mike McMillan

Follow Mike from bat job to bat job as he shows exclusion methods and multiple bat removal techniques.

2 Disc Set. 2 hours & 22 minutes.
McMillan - Advanced Bat Control - by Mike McMillan

Birds, bats, and snakes are often the most highly profitable jobs in wildlife control. An on-the-job training course for removing animals, repairing damage and growing your business. Viewers, either beginners or experienced, can learn responsible methods to start and complete jobs. Wildlife biology and safety tips also included.

2 Disc Set. 2 hours & 37 minutes.

McMillan - Birds, Bats, and Snakes - by Mike McMillan

An on-the-job training course for removing animals, repairing damage and growing your business. Mike shows you a no-nonsense way how to build and grow your control business into a profitable income. Fundamentals of cage trapping. How to complete bat jobs. Groundhogs in cages, baits, and location. How to catch cage-shy raccoons. Skunk control and skunk handling. Opossum control and exclusion. Raccoons in attic, crawl space and ceiling joist.

2 Disc Set. 3 hours & 40 minutes.

McMillan - Intro to Professional Techniques of Wildlife Control - by Mike McMillan

Shows you how to maximize your trapping profits. An excellent fur processing DVD that is not just a skin-flesh how to video. Mike covers beaver, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, mink, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk and squirrel and provides fur handling tips that add value to your fur. In-depth information on:

  • Proper freezer use for both short and long term use
  • Meat market and alternative carcass uses
  • Animal gland removal and storage
  • Simple bait and lure making from your own animals
  • Skunk uses that, alone, are worth the cost of this DVD
  • Making money with craft and novelty part of the fur market
  • Tips on better managing your fur shed & saving money in it
  • Tips on better managing your time in the fur shed

5 hours (2 Disc Set)

McMillan - More Money from Trapping - by Mike McMillan

Follow Mike during a summer heat wave, drought conditions, rain and freezes controlling urban coyotes. Mike gives you a proven game plan and highly successful strategies that allow you to take on the urban coyote and win! Includes Urban Fox Control. 

2 Disc Set. 6 hours & 45 minutes.

McMillan - Urban Coyote Control - by Mike McMillan

The second DVD in the “Runnin’ the Line” series. A straight-forward, fast paced video for serious trappers who want to put up big numbers of coon. Learn an efficient, common sense approach to trapping that has allowed Brian Steines and Steve Griebel to catch thousands of coon in the water and on land. Watch almost 2 hours of instruction on location, construction and application of various sets. You’ll also see big numbers of coon in real world trapline footage and night vision video that will help you become a better trapper. As a bonus, this DVD contains instruction on how to skin, flesh and stretch your coon to receive the most out of you pelts. This video will, without a doubt, make you a better coon trapper!

Almost 2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line:  Coon Trappin'

A no nonsense look at how to catch a lot of beaver. Ride along with Brian and Steve on the line to learn simple and highly effective trapping techniques that will fill your fur shed. Watch almost two hours of instruction and application of various sets, that will help beginning and veteran trappers alike. You’ll also see dozens of clips of beaver in night vision and trapline footage! As a bonus, you’ll receive professional instruction on how to prepare your pelts for auction.

Almost 2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Beaver Trapping (dvd)

Growing up in a tight knit family along the Mississippi River, Brian Steines and Steve Griebel became as much brothers as cousins as they pursued everything with fur, fins, or feathers. Join them in watching the first video in the Runnin’ the Line series to learn the basics of dirt and water sets. Watch along as you see dozens of ‘yotes and ‘coon work a variety of sets. You’ll also get some practical advice on set location, trap placement, and the use of bait and lure. See how Brian and Steve quickly lay out a line, catch fur, and move on to the next line. Watch the night vision footage of animals working their sets.

Approximately 1 hour.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Dirt & Water Trapping Basics (dvd)

Predator Trapping with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel.

The third DVD in the “Runnin’ the Line” series is exactly what predator trappers have been looking for. A straight-forward no nonsense video for serious trappers who want to catch a lot of fur! Learn a common sense approach to trapping that has allowed Brian and Steve to catch thousands of predators. Two hours of instruction on set locations, tips for efficiency, construction of various sets, equipment choices, night vision video of wild animals working sets, and footage from a real world trapline will help you become a better trapper. You’ll also learn how to properly finish pelts for the fur market. This video will make anyone a better predator trapper!

2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Makin' Crop Circles (dvd)

A-Z instruction on catching coyotes in any conditions or habitat. Come along with legendary fur trapper Ray Milligan as he shares his trapping knowledge. “The Art of the 2” Circle” is the skill of getting wild coyotes to step on YOUR trap pans. Through years of commercial longlining, Ray Milligan has piled up some catches that border on the unbelievable to the average trapper.

2 hours & 45 minutes.


Ray Milligan's "Fox Trapping Across America" DVD starts in ideal November conditions and continues into January's frozen ground and deep snow. Contains valuable information on how to, when to and where to make your sets and also covers preparing and selecting equipment, proper use of lures, baits and urines, maintaining a trapline, plus much more. This 2-1/2 hour DVD provides the know-how to simplify catching lots of red and grey fox.

2-1/2 hours. The Art of the 2" Circle.


Current Specials:
DVD $39.95 Sale $24.95
Milligan - Fox Trapping Across America - DVD by Ray Milligan

Ray Milligan's "On the Prowl for Bobcats" DVD takes you step by step from the equipment shed to the field in a matter of fact, no nonsense style. Details the how to, when to and where to of making your sets, and deals with the elements, from frozen to wet to snow covered ground, teaching you how to catch bobcats in all conditions. Covers correctly maintaining a trapline, preparing and selecting equipment, and proper use of lures, baits, urine and other attractors. The methods demonstrated in this DVD are the methods used by Ray to catch several hundred bobcats and over 10,000 predators in his trapping lifetime.

2-1/2 hours. The Art of the 2" Circle.


Current Specials:
DVD $39.95 Sale $24.95
Milligan - On the Prowl for Bobcats - DVD by Ray Milligan

A trap and set that takes both Marten and Fisher, and the right way to handle their fur for the most value.

Marten and Fisher often share the same habitat and are attracted to the same baits and lures, but because of their very different body size, finding a trap for both has been a problem. The #120, suitable for marten, can be too small for fisher, and the #160 and #220, suitable for fisher, can be too large for marten. Now there is a trap size that will consistently catch both: the new 5x5 and #155 double spring bodygrippers, with full 5-inch inside jawspreads.
In the first hour of this DVD, Bob Noonan demonstrates an effective combination marten/fisher set with the 5x5 on a northern Maine wilderness trapline. In the second hour, well-known Maine trapper and fur buyer Jerry Braley, who has handled 3,000-plus fisher and 4,000-plus marten, gives in depth, detailed, step-by-step fur handling instructions for both these valuable furbearers.
2 hours.

Ken Smythe’s groundbreaking underwater bottom edge blind set revolutionized mink trapping because traps keep functioning despite fluctuating water levels, ice, and snow. These typical harsh weather conditions drive mink into the water in search of frogs and other aquatic prey, and this set catches them consistently there. It needs only a #110 Conibear and a length of wire, can be made in seconds, and needs little or no maintenance, allowing lines of hundreds of traps that produce for the entire season. Location is the heart of this set, and this 2-hour DVD shows and explains in detail how to find and set up productive locations.

Noonan - Bottom Edge Mink Trapping - by Bob Noonan

To a beginner or less experienced trapper, coyote trapping can seem overwhelmingly complicated and difficult, with endless supposedly essential details to be mastered. Add to this the coyote's mystique of allegedly being "intelligent" and very difficult to "outsmart", and many beginners give up after their first efforts fail. Some are too intimidated to even try.

In reality, many coyotes can be fairly easy to catch - once the simple basics are understood. This video explains and shows those basics in extremely close, clear detail. It covers traps, equipment, and set making, as well as location. You'll see a number of coyote catches from Bob Noonan's trapline along with 11 detailed pen-and-ink diagrams of these productive locations, with explanations of why they worked.

Professional trappers with thousands of coyotes to their credit use uncomplicated methods and equipment. Once you understand these straightforward basics, you will catch coyotes.

Noonan - Coyote Trapping 101 - DVD

Bob Noonan has trapped fisher for over 40 years, and has interviewed a number of professional longline fisher trappers. This video contains knowledge from many combined years of successful experience. Fisher sets should be simple, fast to make, and weatherproof. This video contains an in-depth demonstration of modern equipment, including a new re-useable anchoring system, and proper bait and lure usage. Several traditional sets, and two effective, never-before-seen innovative sets developed by Bob, are shown in detail. There’s plenty of instructional footage on the trapline itself, showing locations, fisher catches, and the beautiful forest surroundings of a central Maine winter. Also, professional wilderness trapper and wildlife biologist Bill Mackowski discusses the latest research on fisher behavior, and shows his fast, simple version of a pole set. This video is literally packed with information. It’s also a visual treat, an actual trip on a winter fisher trapline.

2 hours & 15 minutes.

Noonan - Fisher Trapping - by Bob Noonan (dvd)

Bob Noonan has trapped marten in Maine and Alaska, and has interviewed American and Canadian professional longline marten trappers from across the continent. This video is packed with detailed information from many sources, and many combined years of successful experience. A marten trapline calls for a large number of fast, easy to make sets, that will stay operational during freezing rain, heavy winds, and snowstorms. This video shows how to do it. It contains in-depth demonstrations of modern equipment, including a fast, re-useable anchoring system, and a number of different sets. It also introduces a set variation using extremely light, portable, inexpensive equipment. Professional Maine marten and fisher trapper Jerry Braley shows his version of an effective marten set, as well as his innovative variation of a #220 pole set designed to take both marten and fisher. You’ll spend time on a November marten line in Maine’s Great North Woods. You’ll see locations, numerous marten catches, incidental white weasels and fisher, and some real wilderness scenery and weather as winter slams into the northern Maine boreal forest.

2 hours & 15 minutes.

Noonan - Marten Trapping - by Bob Noonan (dvd)

A truckload of raccoon used to be adream. Now it’s a reality! Mike “Red” O’Hearn, one of the best “coon men” in the country, describes and shows the methods that he has used to trap over 1000 coon a season, for seven years running, with over 12,000 raccoons trapped in the last 11 years. His best season was 1650 raccoons. Using the simple methods demonstrated, novice through professional trappers can benefit. Equipment, staking, set construction, location, gang setting and use of bait and lure are all covered. The use of footholds, body grip traps, and snares are shown in detail. Learn fast, effective techniques to maximize your raccoon catch. “Red” hails from Iowa, which has a lot of top-notch raccoon trappers, but “Red” is in a class of his own.

2 hours.

O'Hearn - Coon Trapping - The Untold Story - DVD by Mike "Red" O'Hearn

Follow Kendall on his Iowa line as he teaches the “No Pocket Set System” to catch coon after coon. Kendall shows, in detail, set locations and what the usage of good baits do on your line. Includes both line set footage and many great catches. You are sure to learn from this video whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

2 hours.

Obermier - No BS Coon Trapping - No Pocket Set System - with Kendall Obermier (dvd)

Join Iowa longline trapper Kendall Obermier in this video as he shows time-tested techniques and new gear used to nail down coon after coon. Kendall shows all the tools and baits it takes to catch a large volume of coon. Learn how to make trapping easier, take care of large catches and other tips and tricks. Packed with 2 hours of non-stop coon trapping footage, you are sure to learn how to make your trapping season a huge success!

2 hours.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $24.95
Obermier - No BS Coon Trapping - Vol 2 - The Numbers Game - with Kendall Obermier

Scott Painter takes you on his Virginia canine line. Ride along as Scott traps across the state of Virginia in many types of terrain including: Big Timber, River Bottoms and Open Fields. This video covers all the fundamentals of canine trapping and is loaded with catches and breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Valley and the Southern Virginia Pine Forests.

Topics Covered:
  • Red Fox Sets
  • Grey Fox Sets
  • Coyote Sets
  • Identifying Canine Locations
  • Setting up a Productive Canine Trap Line
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Lure and Bait Usage
100 minutes.
from Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies
Painter - Canine Trapping - by Scott Painter

- North, South, East, West - Slim has trapped the tall timber, the mountains, the desert, and the high plains of the west, the big woods of the northeast, and the farmland, timberland and swamps of the southeast. Equipment, visual sets, attractors, the location of bobcat glands for making your own lure, rain and snow, trap location and travel ways are all covered.

1 hour & 15 minutes.

Pedersen - Complete Bobcat Trapping - DVD by Slim Pedersen

Larry (Slim) Pedersen has been trapping since he was 8 years old. He’s trapped full time since the age of 34, doing predator control in southeastern Montana for the past 25 years. He also does live market trapping during the winter months. He’s done six trapping and snaring instructional videos, written seven trapping and snaring instructional books, plus two “story” type books about the life of coyotes. Slim has trapped in many states, and has trapped coyotes, bobcats, red and grey fox, kit fox, badgers, skunks (both spotted and striped), weasels, fisher, raccoons, muskrats, mink, beaver, otter, and mountain lions. Slim is an active member of the NTA and several state organizations, and has done many demos for the trapping conventions on a regular basis. 

72 minutes.

Pedersen - New Millennium Trapping - by Slim Pedersen (dvd)

Slim Pedersen caught his first coyote in Montana over 45 years ago. Since then, he’s trapped from Idaho to Maine, California to Georgia, and many places in between. For the last 33 years, he’s trapped full time as a county trapper, as a federal ADC agent, and for the last 25 years has been a full time predator control specialist, fur trapper, and live market animal trapper. In this DVD, Slim, one of the most respected predator trappers and quoted authors in print, shares his knowledge with you. Solutions to predator trappers’ problems that work in the east, west, north and south. Traps and their modifications, easy anchoring methods, proper trap placement to catch all predators, various attractors and their use, correct lure, urine and bait usage, how to deal with rain and snow conditions, new and effective variations of hole and flat sets. There is so much reliable information crammed in this DVD that you’ll have to watch it over and over to absorb it all! Action packed footage of dozens of coyotes, bobcats, red fox, badgers, and more caught using these methods. Shot on the trapline in Georgia and Montana.

Over 2 hours on 2 DVDs.

Pedersen - Predator Trapping Problems & Solutions - DVD by Slim Pedersen (dvd)

Demonstrates productive ways to use snares. Scenes of fox, coyotes, bobcats, beaver and badgers in their normal daily routines help to clarify the most "productive techniques" to use when setting snares under various conditions. 

1 hour.

Pedersen - Productive Snaring Techniques - by Slim Pedersen

Shows simple to make, but very high producing, under ice sets with body gripper type traps and snares. Also includes some very productive open water sets. You are taken through the skinning and stretching process in simple, easy to understand steps. The complete beaver video! 

65 minutes.

DVD - Beaver Harvest - by Brian Poncelet

This video shows you how to make multiple catch funnel traps that enable one man to catch 1000 muskrats in one week. Methods of setting the traps, retrieving the catch, and skinning and fleshing are all shown and explained. Everything you need to know to operate this new system. 

60 minutes.

with Brian Poncelet and Rahn Martin

DVD - Muskrat Trapping At Its Best - by Brian Poncelet

Details snare making, set locations, skinning and fleshing. You go along on set checks with many catches shown. All snaring in this video is done in tough winter conditions. 

60 minutes.

with Brian Poncelet and Rahn Martin

DVD - Snares, A Coyote's Worst Nightmare - by Brian Poncelet