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Follow Professional Trappers Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling across Tennessee, North Carolina, and Louisiana trapping otter. Clint and Newt will show and explain locations on mountain streams, farmland, swamps, beaver flows, coastal waterways, impoundments, ponds, and fish farms. All methods of trapping otter will be covered – snares, body grip and foothold traps. You will see several toilets and how you can set them up for successful otter trapping. This is an instructional course on targeting otter – not just catching a few by accident.

2 hours & 44 minutes.

Locklear - Otter'ly Simple - by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling

If you want a simple easy way to catch coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otter, raccoon, fox and muskrats with a single system that is fast and not complicated, this concept is for you.

The Portable Pocket is a simple system that allows you to take one single system and catch muskrats and raccoon then move the same system up the bank and trap coyotes, fox and bobcats. The Portable Pocket is a staking system, lure holder, high eye appeal or zero eye appeal system. You can use the same trap and set-up for bobcats and beaver or coyotes and raccoon. Now how cool is that! For coyote, bobcat and fox trappers, never have another washed out dirt hole or flat set again! Now you can teach a young trapper to catch coyotes and other animals with confidence without all the techniques needed with normal trapping. This DVD covers coyote, bobcat, fox, beaver, otter, mink and muskrat trapping the easy and productive way.

2 hours.

Locklear - Portable Pocket - by Clint Locklear

Every year there is a large amount of money lost to improper fur handling. Learn how you can put up your own otter and protect them from the elements and fur singe. Also you will learn to skin, flesh and board your otter properly. There are several tricks that make your job as a fur handler easier. Otter prices are up and it’s up to you to properly handle your fur to get Top Lot prices. 

80 minutes.

Locklear - Putting Up Otter For The Top Lot - by Clint Locklear

Join Newt Sterling and Clint Locklear on their river trap and snare lines. It starts in the rivers and creeks of Tennessee and ends up in Eastern North Carolina. Learn how to take red fox, coyote, bobcats, grey fox, raccoon, and beaver from boat and canoe. Explains how to run a productive predator line on the river. Shows red fox being snared in thick cover on the river. This is an instructional tape that covers footholds, body grips, and snares. Locations are covered in detail. Newt and Clint explain how to work the water and riverbanks to become a more successful trapper.

Approximately 2 hours. 

Locklear - River'n - by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling

For Fur Trappers, Control Operators, Mail Order, and Supply Business

This is not a “how to catch” animals or a “how to make” a set DVD. This is a how to make more money from your trapping efforts DVD! Clint goes into great detail on how fur and control trappers can build several income streams from their trapping efforts. Learn why most trappers and mail order businesses are flat lining in profits and how you can keep from making the same mistakes. You will not believe some of the information that Clint turns loose. Making money is not luck or wishful dreaming; you have to out think your competition. Don’t make the mistake that to produce real money you have to be the best trapper. You need to look outside of the trapping industry and apply modern money making, advertising, client service and perception strategies. You must become the modern trapper that understands and executes profitable business strategies.

6 hours, 3 discs
Locklear - Serious Money Making Strategies - by Clint Locklear (Predator Control Group)

Learn how to skin any beaver in 4 to 5 minutes average time. Learn how you can flesh any beaver in 12 to 15 minutes start to finish. See how to give any beaver hoop a Canadian oval shape. Watch how a pro puts up beaver and how easy beaver processing can be. See many time saving tools and methods.

79 minutes.

Locklear - Speed Processing Beaver - by Clint Locklear

Keith Harkleroad and Clint Locklear guide you through the REAL world of Beaver. You will see in clear night vision footage, over 60 Beaver to watch and learn from. Not only will you see Beaver get caught, but misses, refusals and the true Beaver habits. This DVD is for the man who sets a trap and wonders what goes on in the darkness of the night. Not only will you become a better trapper; you will be humbled, entertained, and fascinated. This DVD will change the way you trap, that is if you want to be the best trapper you can be. The teachers are the animals themselves, not a trapper. 

2 hours.

Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Beaver - by Clint Locklear

Raccoon – Red Fox – Coyote – Beaver - Bobcat

A compilation of night vision footage for your entertainment and learning. You will see Coyotes, Red Fox, Beaver, Raccoon and Bobcat night and daytime footage with the animals working the sets and smells. The Bobcat footage is from the Cat Collector DVD and the rest of the night vision footage is from the Teachers of the Night series. This will allow you to see what the night vision DVDs are about with out having to invest in the full price of the Teachers of the Night DVDs. You will also learn and get a better understanding about what happens at your sets, when you are at home in bed. Do you really know how animals are working your sets?

1 hour.

Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Compilation - by Clint Locklear

A two-hour DVD on the actions and patterns of coyotes around dirt holes. Clear night vision footage that shows the trapper how a coyote will and will not work a dirt hole. See for yourself what it takes to keep a coyote at your set for several minutes to three hours. You will probably never set your trap in front of a hole again. For the first time in history, you can let the coyote teach you, not by a man’s theory.

2 hours.

Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Coyote Dirt Hole - by Clint Locklear

Predator Control Group is proud to show you how coyotes work flat sets. The more a coyote trapper knows, the more coyotes he will catch. Half of this DVD is shot in night vision footage and half is shot in digital day time footage. Now you can learn how a coyote really works a set, not just a theory on how a coyote works a set. 

1 hour & 45 minutes.
Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Coyote Flat Set - by Clint Locklear (Predator Control Group)

Raccoon are child’s play to catch, right? I guess that is true for the ones we catch, but what about the 2-8 that we as trappers don’t catch at a set. You will learn a new way we as trappers should be gang setting. The old way of stringing 2-6 sets on a stretch of creek is missing the boat. You will see why you are killing your numbers if you drown a coon at a set. Again the camera does not lie. The habits of the coon are not what trappers have read about all these years. If you want to take more coon, you have to understand what a coon does at a set. You have to understand how a coon reacts to a conibear and oh yes, they know it’s there. One thing will become clear to you is that a raccoon is not a simple animal to catch. The way a raccoon uses his nose and sense of feel is nothing short of amazing. It’s up to you, stay in the past and catch your normal amount of coon or you can start working on the other 300-800 percent that we as trappers are missing each year.

Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Raccoon - by Clint Locklear (Predator Control Group)

Predator Control Group (Clint Locklear) is proud to bring you a look into the night to help you become a better fox trapper. You will see several red fox working dirt holes, flat sets, and bait sets. Once you see for yourself how a red fox works a set, you will have the edge in your trapping to catch more fox and catch them faster. You will be amazed and entertained.  

1 hour & 45 minutes. 

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Locklear - Teachers Of The Night: Red Fox - by Clint Locklear (Predator Control Group)

If you are a professional beaver control trapper, this video will explain how to take every beaver in the colony and how to grow your ADC business to its fullest potential. Four hours of pure, intense, on line instruction from professional control trapper, Clint Locklear. Trap modification and usage. Proficient beaver snaring. Castor, food, and curiosity lures explained. How to set up low banks with footholds. Trapping high and dry with footholds. Beaver dams explained in detail. How to lower your non-target catches. Proper set location.

 4 hours.

Locklear - The Art of Professional Beaver Control - by Clint Locklear

Learn what it takes to catch 1,100 pounds of snappers in four days. Newt Sterling and Clint Locklear explain in detail about fresh water, big water, coastal water and road trapping. This action packed video teaches about different styles of traps, Newt’s hook and line system, bait, location, handling turtles, two ways to process the meat and sexing turtles. There is good money in catching turtles, but one has to know the professional’s way to take TURTLES BY THE TON.

2-1/4 hours.

Locklear - Turtles By The Ton - by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling

Have you ever wondered what a fulltime trapper’s life is like, not only on the good days, but all days? It’s not always pretty, but if you want to follow in the “life style” you can now see what you are getting into. The convention season, making lures, modifying and building gear, supply business, writing books and making videos, then the season starts. Clint traps Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas and his season is never ending. This is the real life of a fulltime money trapper. Some of the footage may be harsh and there is some language that may not be suitable for children. There has never been a DVD put together like this one. Loaded with quality hardcore info and lots of it. 

4 hours.
Locklear - Year Long Blitzkreig - by Clint Locklear

Learn how James Lord catches Bobcats in the South East. He shows tips and tricks including construction of numerous sets including walk throughs, rubbing post sets, T-bone, and of course dirt hole type sets. The information in this DVD will help you catch more Bobcats regardless of what part of the country you live in.

1 hour & 28 minutes.
Lord - Bobcat Trapping - with James Lord

Learn how James Lord traps canines in the Southeast. He shows tips and tricks, including various set types like Flat Sets, T-Bone, Stall Out, Punch Hole, and of course variations of Dirt Holes. Remakes are shown in all weather types, freezing temps, rain, and freeze-thaw conditions.

2 Disc Set.  2-1/2 hours.
Lord - Canine Trapping - with James Lord

Ride along with James Lord on his mixed Tennessee Line. Run with J Lord as he shows his methods of dirt hole, flat, and variations of walk-through sets, as well as set locations and construction for coyotes, fox, bobcat and beaver. This two disk DVD will help you on your line with weather conditions, soil types, and equipment set-up. Footage of before and after sets of coyotes, bobcats, fox and beaver.  

3 hours.

Lord - Runnin' With J Lord - by James Lord

Run with James Lord as he catches Beaver and Otter in this part II of Runnin’ with J Lord DVD. James shows how he catches large numbers of beaver and otter by setting crossovers, runs, pinch points, castor mounds and toilets. This DVD covers what equipment he uses and will give you pointers on how to catch more otter and beaver on your trap line.

1 hour & 50 minutes.
Lord - Runnin' With J Lord - Part II (Beaver & Otter) - by James Lord

Making Sense of it All! This DVD is great for both the beginner and the more experienced trapper. What sets this DVD apart from all of the others is its straight-forward, “no fluff,” makes-sense format. It not only offers good basic understanding for the beginner, it also reinforces the fundamentals and helps to sort out the “information overload.”

Equipment – Trap Prep – Lure, Bait and Urine Usage – Sets – Locations – Putting It All Together 

Approximately 2 hours.
Masheck - Coyote Trapping - with Charlie Masheck, Jake Masheck & Justin Jett

Join Charlie, Jake, and Justin on their Arkansas Trapline. This is a daily account of the ups and downs of the trapline. Successful days and the not so successful days are shown on this adventure. An actual unedited daily diary of the results. Many DVD's only show the good "catch" days or an accumulation of catch days. This DVD shows the actual results of each day on the line.

Six Day Trapline Diary.

Over 3 hours long!

Masheck - On the Trapline - with Charlie Masheck, Jake Masheck & Justin Jett

Join Charlie Masheck as he demonstrates the proper way to handle fur. Charlie started buying fur at the age of 18 and bought fur for 14 seasons (1976–1991). He has been a trapper for 41 years. Needless to say, he has been around the fur industry a long time! Every year thousands of dollars are lost to improperly handled skins. Don’t let your fur be a part of that statistic! Improve your methods, techniques, and efficiency to produce a professionally “put up” skin. Skinning, fleshing, stretching, drying, final pelt handling, and tips on selling fur are covered in this 2 disc DVD set.

By Charlie Masheck

Masheck - Show Me The Money!  Pro Fur Handling - by Charlie Masheck

Trapping in the country, suburbs and the city! Follow Trent Masterson as he takes you along his working man's trapline. Hard-core to novice trappers will love this video shot in an entertaining style and still loaded with all of the pelt stretching information that will pay for this video your first time out!

  • Equipment
  • Sets
  • Locations
  • Scouting
  • Early Season
  • Mid Season
  • The Rut
  • After the Catch
  • Working for our Future
Masterson - Cutting Edge Raccoon Trapping - with Trent Masterson

TWO Videos combined into ONE DVD

McLellan’s The LONGLINER (Mink & Muskrat Trapping)

Ken McLellan of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, has 25 years of trapline experience. Join him on his trapline in Northern Minnesota and learn the most effective and efficient methods of trapping mink and muskrat. Learn the little tricks that can make a big difference. If you enjoy the challenge of trapping, this is a MUST SEE video!
Approximately 60 minutes
Professional Methods of Trapping Wild Mink
Ken McLellan, a mink trapper from Northern Minnesota, takes you on his actual trapline and demonstrates the proper methods of trapping wild mink. This video is for the beginner as well as the advanced trapper!
Topics Include: Tools and Equipment, Bait and Lures, Set Location, Mink Sets, Actual Catches and more…
Approximately 50 minutes
McLellan - The Longliner (Mink & Muskrat Trapping) Plus Mink Trapping (dvd)

The second DVD in the “Runnin’ the Line” series. A straight-forward, fast paced video for serious trappers who want to put up big numbers of coon. Learn an efficient, common sense approach to trapping that has allowed Brian Steines and Steve Griebel to catch thousands of coon in the water and on land. Watch almost 2 hours of instruction on location, construction and application of various sets. You’ll also see big numbers of coon in real world trapline footage and night vision video that will help you become a better trapper. As a bonus, this DVD contains instruction on how to skin, flesh and stretch your coon to receive the most out of you pelts. This video will, without a doubt, make you a better coon trapper!

Almost 2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line:  Coon Trappin'

A no nonsense look at how to catch a lot of beaver. Ride along with Brian and Steve on the line to learn simple and highly effective trapping techniques that will fill your fur shed. Watch almost two hours of instruction and application of various sets, that will help beginning and veteran trappers alike. You’ll also see dozens of clips of beaver in night vision and trapline footage! As a bonus, you’ll receive professional instruction on how to prepare your pelts for auction.

Almost 2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Beaver Trapping (dvd)

Growing up in a tight knit family along the Mississippi River, Brian Steines and Steve Griebel became as much brothers as cousins as they pursued everything with fur, fins, or feathers. Join them in watching the first video in the Runnin’ the Line series to learn the basics of dirt and water sets. Watch along as you see dozens of ‘yotes and ‘coon work a variety of sets. You’ll also get some practical advice on set location, trap placement, and the use of bait and lure. See how Brian and Steve quickly lay out a line, catch fur, and move on to the next line. Watch the night vision footage of animals working their sets.

Approximately 1 hour.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures


Current Specials:
DVD $24.95 Sale $14.95
Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Dirt & Water Trapping Basics (dvd)

Predator Trapping with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel.

The third DVD in the “Runnin’ the Line” series is exactly what predator trappers have been looking for. A straight-forward no nonsense video for serious trappers who want to catch a lot of fur! Learn a common sense approach to trapping that has allowed Brian and Steve to catch thousands of predators. Two hours of instruction on set locations, tips for efficiency, construction of various sets, equipment choices, night vision video of wild animals working sets, and footage from a real world trapline will help you become a better trapper. You’ll also learn how to properly finish pelts for the fur market. This video will make anyone a better predator trapper!

2 hours.

With Brian Steines & Steve Griebel  - by Mill Creek Lures

Mill Creek - Runnin' The Line: Makin' Crop Circles (dvd)

A-Z instruction on catching coyotes in any conditions or habitat. Come along with legendary fur trapper Ray Milligan as he shares his trapping knowledge. “The Art of the 2” Circle” is the skill of getting wild coyotes to step on YOUR trap pans. Through years of commercial longlining, Ray Milligan has piled up some catches that border on the unbelievable to the average trapper.

2 hours & 45 minutes.


Ray Milligan's "Fox Trapping Across America" DVD starts in ideal November conditions and continues into January's frozen ground and deep snow. Contains valuable information on how to, when to and where to make your sets and also covers preparing and selecting equipment, proper use of lures, baits and urines, maintaining a trapline, plus much more. This 2-1/2 hour DVD provides the know-how to simplify catching lots of red and grey fox.

2-1/2 hours. The Art of the 2" Circle.


Current Specials:
DVD $39.95 Sale $24.95
Milligan - Fox Trapping Across America - DVD by Ray Milligan