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Join Kyle Kaatz on the trapline in Illinois, Minnesota, and Alabama. This DVD focuses on the basics of trapline success. Covers muskrat, raccoon, mink, coyote, and beaver trapping. The key to trapline success is keeping things simple. Master the basics and work hard and you’ll enjoy success no matter what your target animal! Back To The Basics will show you muskrat trapping with footholds and body-grips, pocket sets and grass wad sets for coon and mink, the trash mound/buried bait set for coyotes, castor mounds, channel sets, and snaring trails for beaver. Lots of catches! Kellen Kaatz explains coon boxes and coyote trapping. Jackie Malone joins Kyle for a river beaver line 'Down Yonder' in Alabama. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this DVD is sure to improve your catch!

The second in the "Trapline Anecdotes" series.

1 hour 54 minutes.

Kaatz - Back To The Basics - by Kyle Kaatz

In-Depth Lure and Bait Formulation with Kellen Kaatz.

This DVD gets into the nuts-and-bolts of choosing Lure and Bait Ingredients by answering the question: "What else should I add?" Get the final word on preservatives, gland preparation, and much more. Kellen provides an insider's perspective on developing your own attractants by understanding the ingredients, preservatives, and handling glands and castor properly. An in-depth, comprehensive look into troubleshooting and the tricks-of-the-trade from an insider's perspective.

This DVD will Crack the Code for the struggling Lure and Bait maker.

117 minutes.


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DVD - Kaatz - Cracking the Code

Join Kyle Kaatz to learn the basics of collecting, storing, and marketing animal glands. Regardless of fur markets, animal glands are always in demand, and offer additional income opportunities to every trapper and predator hunter. Kyle demonstrates removing glands from muskrats, beaver, coyotes, fox, mink, and otter. Whether you’re a full time year-round trapper or a weekend predator hunter, you can take advantage of these valuable commodities!

40 minutes
Kaatz - Glands: A Trapper's Commodity - by Kyle Kaatz

A Complete Video Guide to Fur Handling

Join Kyle Kaatz and Brian Steines to learn their methods of handling muskrats, mink, raccoon, otter, beaver, opossums, coyotes, and fox. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fur handler you’ll gain valuable insights! Properly handled fur is always in demand. Take advantage of additional markets and higher prices by learning to skin, flesh, and stretch your catch.

TWO DVD SET ... 3-1/2 hours
Kaatz - In The Fur Shed  - with Kyle Kaatz & Brian Steines

Kellen Kaatz shares 17 years of experience in the animal attractant business. This video guide walks you through the basics of preservatives, additives, equipment, and tincturing. Once the basics are established, Kellen shares formulas and the processes of making over 15 different attractants. These insights will give you a foundation for making effective lures and baits for every animal, whether you are a beginner or experienced trapper.

2 hours & 13 minutes.

Kaatz - In The Lure Room: A Complete Video Guide To Lure And Bait Making

Join Kyle Kaatz on his Illinois muskrat line. Kyle is known for his quick and simple trapping methods. This DVD focuses on the basics of using #110s at sets that are productive wherever muskrats are found. Sets that will function under freezing conditions and water fluctuations are key to keeping your muskrat catch consistent. Master the basics Kyle uses, adapt them to your trapline, and you'll see muskrats like money in the bank.

50 minutes


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DVD - Kaatz - Muskrats: Like Money in the Bank - with Kyle Kaatz

Join Kyle Kaatz for two seasons of New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping. This is not your regular instructional DVD. Filmed on a working trapline, under regular conditions.

The first in the "Trapline Anecdotes" series.

Inventory Reduction Sale - Special Price

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DVD $29.95 Sale $19.95
Kaatz - New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping - by Kyle Kaatz

Trapline Anecdotes: Roadlining ... Join Kyle Kaatz on the Roadline in Iowa. This 3 hour 2 DVD Set was filmed over 4 days with Kyle on his 2009 Mink, Muskrat, and Raccoon trapline. Kyle explains his simple approach to running an efficient roadline with a career high in 2001 of 416 coon and 30 mink in 12 days. Kyle has the experience to increase your knowledge and make you a better trapper. This DVD covers all aspects of running a long vehicle trapline for the “Big 3”. Pocket sets, bridge walls, black label sticks, and platforms are all explained, plus some #220 trail sets. This is an action-packed video filmed on the trapline with lots of Mink, Muskrat, and Raccoon catches!

The third in the "Trapline Anecdotes" series.

Kaatz - Roadlining: Mink, Muskrat, and Raccoon Trapping - by Kyle Kaatz

Skunks: The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make. Covers all aspects of handling skunks. Skinning, fleshing, stretching, essence collection, handling, and storage. Skunks are the best investment you’ll make! 

43 minutes.

Kaatz - Skunks:  Best Investment - by Kyle Kaatz

Kellen Kaatz examines the critical elements of the art and science of Flat Setting. Get an inside look at multiple locations on Kaatz's working predator trapline as the fur season progresses. You'll gain valuable insights on weatherproofing sets, remakes, an understanding of lure and bait choices from opening day all the way into breeding season, and set variations to add to your catch next season.

"In the Gear: From the Ground Up" bonus chapter, you'll get an in-depth breakdown from disposable staking options, chain setup, trap choices, and adjustment. By implementing these equipment upgrades, snapped traps, pattern misses, and pull-outs become a thing of the past.

1 hour.

Copyright 2018

DVD - The Flat Set Fix - by Kellen Kaatz

When the days are short and the prairies are snow covered, somewhere in some state, you will find Rich Kaspar trapping muskrats. He has the frozen sloughs and marshes to himself, as the “open water boys” are long gone. Rich lives on his own terms and his own schedule. He traps for a living. “I’m not trapping to make a video. I’m trapping to put beans on the table.”

The first half of the video shows how Rich uses colony traps and bodygrippers in runs that he finds by “reading” bubble trails. During the second half, Rich opens huts and traps with footholds. Finally, a bonus section on building colony traps.
2 hours & 51 minutes.
Kaspar - Deep Freeze Muskrat Trapping - with Rich Kaspar

1000 Muskrats in 10 days. Rich Kasper is on a muskrat marathon chasing high dollar rats. Rich uses a system that includes floats, bank sets, colony traps and body-grip type traps. On a working trapline, Rich gives instruction as he piles up muskrats in huge numbers. Filmed in Nebraska and South Dakota.  

3 hours.

Kaspar - Trapping Muskrats By The 1000s - with Rich Kaspar

Big-buck Bobcats is a new Tom Krause dvd loaded with innovative and creative methods to take bobcats in traps and snares. Learn about colors, catching multiple cats in the same sets, new set construction discoveries, set attractors that will blow you and the cats away, cat magnets and set locations you have passed on by, and tricks to turn those average sized pelts into high dollar extra-large sizes. Loaded with information to add to your fun and profit. Filmed at actual high production sets in the American West.

2 hours & 20 minutes.

Krause - Big Buck Bobcats - by Tom Krause

Known as a creative and innovative trapper, Krause shares many years of experience trapping martens with uncommon strategies and methods that leave the competition far behind. There are reasons for Tom’s remarkable and consistent marten catches that were earned with hard work, trapping smart and more miles than most would believe. An incredible shortcut to success. 

Approximately 2 hours & 20 minutes.

Krause - Marten Trapping - DVD by Tom Krause

Whether you use cable restraints or killing snares, you too can take suspicious predators quickly and humanely with the experience of many years snaring in the woods, farmlands, deserts, prairies, and wherever you live. The difference in trappers' abilities is mostly in details, and you will find many details scattered in this DVD from beginning to end. Viewing this is like a ride-a-long with the old pro pointing out time and again the how's and why's of taking predators others miss with snares, and you will get it all the easy way. Full of uncommon knowledge and tricks for amazing catches of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats!

1 hour & 28 minutes.
Copyright 2020
New Product
DVD - Krause - Snare Guy - by Tom Krause

Best Open Water Beaver Trapping System for eliminating smart beaver. Excellent fur trapping method to be used anywhere. This is NOT RE-HASH, this is a completely NEW trapping system. This technique is the best open-water system for fur trapping on the market and will catch even the smartest of trap-shy beaver! Many trappers have a hard time catching educated beaver, resulting in time wasted on checking in-effective trap sets, and therefore creating an overall loss in profits. On the other hand, David’smethod allows you to clean out beaver colonies of six to eight beaver within two to three days, using only four sets!

1 hour & 50 minutes.

Lafforthun - The Annihilation Of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver - by David Lafforthun

Topics Covered: Everything! This production covers every aspect of cage trapping bobcats in full detail with emphasis on what it takes to get cats into cages and avoiding refusals. It will have the beginning cage trapper catching bobcats in no time and the experienced ‘cager catching more. Guaranteed! Includes 20 minutes of trail camera video footage with twelve captures that will likely change your view of the bobcat and the way you trap them.

108 minutes.

by Mercer Lawing (Barstow, CA)

Lawing - Caging Bobcats Guaranteed Success Vol 1 - by Mercer Lawing

Contains footage from two seasons worth of cage trapping bobcats including Mercer Lawing's personal best ever 127 cat season and 8 cats in a single day record! The trail camera footage in this video is extensive and educational and sure to change the way you think bobcats behave around cage traps.

We will "catch a few" in Colorado, Arizona, and California and get some tips from successful resident trappers along the way. This video will leave you with many new ideas and techniques which will help you catch more bobcats this upcoming season.

115 minutes

Lawing - Guaranteed Success Vol 2 - by Mercer Lawing

Increase your fur check by as much as 35% with this How-To-Video. A complete guide to bobcat fur handling featuring the Nevada stretch and other money-making techniques.

Topics covered:
  • Managing your harvest.
  • Interview with a top western cat buyer.
  • Stretching your cat for maximum profits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Skinning and gland removal.
  • Fleshing.
  • Dry washing.
  • Sewing holes and dealing with damage.
  • Freezing your skins.
  • Dealing with fleas on your animals.

Over 70 minutes of money making instruction.

by Mercer Lawing (Barstow, CA)

Lawing - Top Dollar Cat$$ - by Mercer Lawing

Excellent instructional video on how to snare beaver under the ice. Shows equipment, sets and several catches. Snare Making, Snare Sets, on the pond checking.

1 hour & 15 minutes.

Lee & Linskey - Under Ice Beaver Snaring - by John Lee & Harold Linskey

Learn trapping today from a famous master of the past! This video has been transferred from original 8-mm movie film produced from 1937 to 1940 by Herb Lenon. The film was made for training trappers during Herb's employment as a Michigan State Trapper Instructor and used to help other trappers for many years thereafter. The most intense instructions ever filmed, now available to you! See Herb personally demonstrate secret sets and locations that made him the outstanding trapper of his time! Each excellent clarity black and white instruction scene of this rare vintage silent film has been carefully edited and captured by Herb to ensure it is thoroughly understandable. Many of the best trappers of the past century learned from this film... now you can too!

55 minutes. Black & White. Silent Film.

Herbert Lenon (1902 - 1979)


Join the experienced hunters Ulf Lindroth, outdoor writer and P-A Ahlen, wildlife biologist calling red fox in Sweden. This DVD shows exciting scenes from authentic hunts, where neither the fox nor the hunter will let you down! It is also an instructional DVD on how to successfully call red fox under Nordic conditions. You will learn more about this very efficient and thrilling way of hunting. 

60 minutes.

Language: Swedish. 
Subtitled in US English.

Current Specials:
DVD $24.95 Sale $13.00
Lockjakt Fox Calling In Sweden (dvd)

Follow along with Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group as he explains in detail his system for taking numbers of bobcats anywhere in the country. For four hours, Clint drills down on commercial cat trapping, not hobby or sport trapping methods. Clint’s system allows you to attack a cat population, get them caught and get to the next group of cats. You will understand how a cat works a set and why general predator set are not a high percentage bobcat set. Besides the instruction side of the Cat Collector DVD, you will see several cat working sets, getting caught and fighting the trap in Night Vision Footage! If you are wanting to learn a serious cat system, you will not be disappointed.

4 hours.

Locklear - Cat Collector - by Clint Locklear

Follow with Predator Control Group as Clint Locklear goes into great detail on the art of picking coyote locations and their travel ways. For an hour, Clint covers several different eastern coyote locations and why they are or are not important to the efficient coyote trapper. Without effective locations, all else is a waste of time.

Locklear - Coyote Locations That Produce - by Clint Locklear

Clint Locklear goes into deep detail on the Alcatraz Dog-Proof Raccoon Trap. All of the tips will work with any Dog-Proof Traps on the market. Clint will drill down on how to use DP Traps to their full potential. To take coon in numbers, you need to be versatile and have a plan. If you want to be a better DP Trapper, you will not be disappointed.

Locklear - Crushing Coon With The Alcatraz - by Clint Locklear

Follow with Predator Control Group as Clint Locklear goes into great detail on dirt hole methods that out produce the “standard dirt hole methods”. This DVD is geared toward the coyote trapper that wants to be above average on his trap line. One hour of intensive advanced dirt hole techniques that equal more fur in your fur shed.

Locklear - Dirt Holes Beyond The Basics - by Clint Locklear

Follow with Predator Control Group as Clint Locklear goes into great detail on EASTERN FLAT SET methods that out produce the “standard after thought” flat set. This DVD is geared toward the coyote trapper that wants to be above average on his predator line. The flat set is the most underrated coyote killing set in the trapper’s arsenal. One hour of intensive advanced flat sets and no hole techniques that equal more fur in your fur shed.

Locklear - Eastern Flat Sets That Produce - by Clint Locklear

Snares are fast, efficient, and a proven fur taker. Follow Clint Locklear on his land and water trap lines. Clint explains snaring for the beginner and experienced snare man. He covers his Ambush kill area system that he uses to snare up to 700 animals a year. Location is important with traps, but twice as important with snares. Clint explains where he snares and why. Come along and learn how you can be a High Performance numbers snare man.

  • Location
  • Ambush / Kill Area Snare System
  • Coyotes, Cats, Coon , Fox, Beaver, Mink, and Otter
  • Several Snare Systems to Speed Up Your Operation
  • How to Run Your Line to Cover Lots of Ground and Several Hundred Snares a Day
  • Covers Both Water and Land Snaring

3 hours.

Locklear - High Performance Snaring - Vol 1 - by Clint Locklear

Clint goes into greater depth and deeper detail in the art of high performance snaring. Follow along as we get into the head of a professional snare man. Learn what Clint thinks as he plans what strategy he uses to snare several hundred animals a year. You will understand what you need to be thinking in a split second and how to see a snare location and apply all the important snare rules that keep your snares full of fur. Location is important with traps but twice as important with snares. Clint explains where he snares and why. Covers both water and land snares. Come along and learn how you can be a High Performance numbers snare man.

Locklear - High Performance Snaring - Vol 2 - by Clint Locklear

Tips, Tricks and Methods

Lure and Bait Making is a fascinating undertaking. It is a thrill to catch an animal from your own scent. Clint Locklear is sharing some of the tips and tricks, so you can make your own lure and bait. There is no way that a 3 hour video can teach you everything about lure and bait making. That would take hundreds of hours to cover every aspect of lure making. This video is to head you in the right direction and how not to make common mistakes, that cause a beginning lure maker to give up. Clint turns loose some information that would take years and thousands of dollars to figure out on your own.


3 hours.


Locklear - Lure & Bait Making - with Clint Locklear