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Over the years, more than 1000 processed pelts have been credited to Brian's fur shed. Snaring has been a huge part of that success. This DVD goes through all aspects of snaring and explains techniques used in the field to bring your fur numbers up at the end of a trapping season. Topics Include: Locations, Snare parts, Snare making, Snare set-up, Hints & Tips.

126 minutes.

Fischer - Deep Snow Coyote Snaring - by Brian Fischer

International trapper and hunter Bryan Flowers takes you on his northern Pennsylvania trapline in search of ringtails with the use of DP traps. In this video, he explores all the methods and techniques for successful raccoon trapping using the innovative DP Coon Trap. Features special guest John W. Crawford who also serves as Producer for the video.

  • The DP Coon Trap
  • Locations for Raccoon
  • Proper use of Tools and Equipment
  • Baits and Lures
  • Big River Trapping
  • Gang Setting

90 minutes.  Copyright 2015

Flowers - The Art of DP Coon Trapping - by Bryan Flowers

Seasoned trapper Bryan Flowers takes you deep into the mountains of PA, as well as the rolling hills of Southeastern PA, in search of the illusive fox. This 100 minute DVD covers all aspects of fox trapping, with techniques that also cover coyotes. Filmed on an actual working trapline, this DVD is the next generation of instruction that steps outside the box with the newest and best techniques for trapping fox. The truck is loaded and ready to roll... hop in and prepare to learn the art of trapping foxes.

All elements of fox and canine trapping are covered including:

  • Locations
  • Multiple Sets Covered
  • Freeze and Weather Proofing
  • Baits and Lures
  • Proper Trap and Anchoring
  • Numerous Catches of Fox and Coyotes Shown

100 minutes.  Copyright 2015


Ride along with professional trapper and lure maker Stan Forsyth, as he shares over 40 years of canine trapping experience on the farmlands of Alberta, Canada. This is the real deal, nothing staged, and jam-packed with his actual field knowledge. Stan cuts through all the mysteries and teaches simple and effective sets that will help you understand the elusive coyote.

135 minutes.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Forsyth DVD - From the Trapline - Coyote Trapping

Steve and Lori Gappa have opted for a simple life. They trap 10 months of each year. They trap for fur and they trap for hire. Their passion is fur trapping for coyotes. Steve, a teacher by trade, provides excellent on-the-line instruction. Lots of action and lots of catches. Filmed in beautiful Southeastern Minnesota.

2 hours & 25 minutes.

Gappa - Coyotes R Us ... The Video - with Steve and Lori Gappa

Snare Masters Jim and Jay Gough take you on a wild ride as they run their snare line in central Iowa. 40-plus coon, some canines, and a bobcat to boot highlight excellent on the line instruction.

I had the pleasure of filming this video. I consider myself an accomplished snareman but I can tell you that I learned a ton from Jim and Jay. You will get your money’s worth when you see their system” – Mark Steck
2 hours & 47 minutes.
Gough - Snare Masters - with Jim & Jay Gough

Follow Mike Gurski of Ram Connection on a Canadian trapping adventure. He’ll show you a variety of set techniques and tricks of the trade, which he has accumulated over the years. He takes the viewer on two incredible traplines. Mike even utilizes his snowmobile in one segment to gather unique set footage. He shows you techniques for catching almost all of Canada’s furbearers. Whether you are a marten, fisher, lynx or wolf trapper, this video is a must see. Mike shows many ways to catch these creatures with precise regularity. You’ll see various set constructions and set locations. Sure to make you a better trapper whether young or old. You will enjoy an amazing look at the life of a Canadian trapper. 

1 hour & 50 minutes.
Gurski - Canadian Trapline Adventure - by Mike Gurski

Learn to identify, hunt, harvest and propagate nature’s best-kept secret, WILD GINSENG. Hauser has literally walked thousands of woodland miles over the years in pursuit of wild shang.

2 hours & 37 minutes.

Hauser - Full Time Shang'n - by Ron Hauser

Learn to handle water fluctuations, steep banks, flat open banks, 220’s and footholds on land, the deadly artificial den set, baited, lured, and blind sets. See how easy trapping beaver really is.

TWO DVD SET ... 4-1/2 hours.
Hauser - Fulltime Beaver Trapping - by Ron Hauser (dvd)

Join Ron Hauser, veteran trapper of over 30 years, on his Minnesota trapline as he shows you the many tricks that have proven successful and have helped him catch more than 70 raccoons in a day and 30-plus mink on other days, plus additional muskrats and beavers in good numbers. Pocket sets, blind sets, effectively capturing and holding raccoon, mink, and muskrat without time-consuming slide wires, cables, or extra gear.

TWO DVD SET ... 3 hours & 45 minutes.
Hauser - Fulltime Trapping - by Ron Hauser

Longline coon trapper Ron Hauser takes raccoon trapping one step farther than most. Proper trail trapping is the fastest, deadliest method to harvest and target mostly adult raccoons. See doubles and triples all day, resulting in 70-plus raccoons for the day’s catch.  

TWO DVD SET ... 3 hours.

Hauser - Longlining, Raccoons & Conibears - by Ron Hauser

Join Ron Hauser as he efficiently traps the ever-abundant Muskrat using his arsenal of traps including footholds, colony, and body grip type traps. Learn how to trap prime ice rats the easy way, using simple sets that keep working in the extreme Minnesota cold.

2 hours.

Hauser - Marshland Muskrats - by Ron Hauser

The RAT RU$H I$ ON! Join the MU$KRAT FRENZY with long time trapper Ron Hauser in a historic time in trapping history. Hauser puts the pedal to the metal as he cold rolls through South Dakota, trapping over 5,000 MUSKRATS IN 3-½ WEEKS. Hauser gives you the RECIPE FOR SUCCESS as he quickly discards time honored Hocus Pocus and STREAMLINES METHODS THAT WORK. Hauser shows you how to git-er-done in a land crawling with MILLION$ OF MU$KRAT$.

Approximately 3 hours.
Hauser - Mu$krat Frenzy - with Ron Hauser

Hauser’s first trapped raccoon was caught in a BLIND SET 40 years ago. Hauser has adapted his trapping skills from observing raccoons, other trappers and many seasons on the line in nine states. Raccoons are predictable. BLIND SETS are SIMPLE and they catch coon in NUMBERS – FAST, catching the coon other trappers pass by. The concept is not new, but used by very few trappers. If you’re a trapper, add BLIND SETS to your bag of tricks.

80 minutes.

Hauser - Raccoons, Coil Springs 'n' Blind Sets - with Ron Hauser

Mink and Raccoon Trapping with Ron Hauser... Learn to POCKET SET any type bank with no wasted movements and harvest mink and raccoon fast. Observe and learn firsthand the hows and whys of varying trap placement and how, why, when, and where to place guide sticks for TARGET FOOT PLACEMENT, while drowning a large percentage of the animals. Watch footage of a Minnesota mink on the loose hunting a ditch bank, as Hauser lip squeaks it into spittin’ range. Learn simplified trapline map reading and accurate set location logging. Ride along with Hauser as he returns to an old FUR POCKET after 25 years, capturing many DOUBLES and TRIPLES throughout the trapline. Hauser teaches you more new tricks of the trade as he takes you on the line using the pocket set, utilizing humane equipment, methods and dispatches. As always, Hauser gives you more than your money’s worth. You may change the way you think and do things. You’ll be the DOMINANT PREDATOR after watching this video.

Approximately 3 hours of serious trapping.
Hauser - The Pocket Set - by Ron Hauser

Follow Veteran Trapper Ron Hauser and Big Scott on their Minnesota winter coon lines. Learn what Hauser has learned pokin’ round the last 50 years. Hauser takes you to the critter’s front door and whacks ‘em dead. Hauser defines how to locate winter denning areas, winter trails and how to trap them. Learn methods that have gotten Hauser 20 to 40 critters on check days. When you know where an animal lives and sleeps, there’s no where left to hide. 

2 hours & 15 minutes.
Hauser - Winter Coon Trapping - with Ron Hauser

Ride along with Allen “Coon Whisperer” Hetrick as he fills his boat with prime fur. This action-packed DVD shows in-depth footage on how you can take coon in big numbers – consistently! Allen demonstrates how you can stay two steps ahead of your competition. His novel tips and techniques, based on thirty-five years of trapping experience, are specifically designed to help you increase your catches of both coon and muskrat. That’s right, you get both coon and muskrat covered for one great price! You’ll also learn how to modify body-grip traps to maximize ‘rat catches. Learn how to utilize Allen’s time-tested methods for skinning and putting up ‘rats … less time in the fur shed – more time on the line.

3 hours.

by Allen Hetrick

Hetrick - Coon Whisperer - by Allen Hetrick

No more guesswork. No more trap-shy beaver. Dusty Hough shows you exactly how a professional racks up big numbers in open water. On a working beaver line, Dusty reveals it all as he takes 25 beaver in a 7 hour check. Dusty also takes you to the fur shed to show how he harvests the valuable castor and oil glands.

2 hours & 41 minutes.

Hough - Ultimate Beaver Trapping - by Dusty Hough

Speaking the language of the coyote is an art that professional caller Vern Howey has been practicing for over 35 years. During this time, he has come to develop an understanding of coyote behavior and vocalization. Very informative on locations and stands, techniques and area.  

1 hour & 20 minutes.

Howey - Calling The Elusive Coyote - by Vern Howey

Enjoy two hours of intense Coyote and Bobcat Snaring with Professional Trapper Gary Jepson. You’ll see basic snaring, set construction, locations, catches and remakes. Gary will show snares and snaring methods for maximum humane treatment of the target animal as well as harvesting the highest quality of fur. These methods are designed for maximum take of bobcats or coyotes with minimum cost and effort by the trapper.

2 hours.
Jepson - Snaring The Elusive Coyote & Bobcat - by Gary Jepson

Gary shares over 55 years of trapping knowledge in this DVD. Enjoy 2 hours of intense bobcat trapping with Professional Trapper Gary Jepson. Explains in detail the bobcat family structure along with the how, when and where of successful bobcat trapping. You’ll see Gary describe and then put into action the concepts of location, construction and attraction in trapping bobcats. You’ll view a host of different locations and learn why these areas will “guarantee” exposure to a bobcat. Gary also explains in meticulous detail the construction of proven sets along with the terrain and areas in which they are to be located. Finally, you’ll witness the outcome of following his proven methods, as you see bobcats trapped up close.

1 hour & 50 minutes.

Jepson - Trapping The Elusive Bobcat - by Gary Jepson

Very intense instructional video. Shows set locations and different types of sets. Coyotes in each type of set. Talks about coyote family structure. Shows Gary trapping the wilderness area by horseback and packhorse. 

2 hours.

Jepson - Trapping The Elusive Coyote - by Gary Jepson

Pro Fur Handling for the Fur Trapper and Hunter. The ultimate fur-handling video! If you’re new to trapping or a crusty old veteran, this video is sure to put money in your pocket. Covers land and water animals. Proper skinning, fleshing, and stretching as well as drying and fur storage is included in the video. Basic trap sets for canines and cats as well as mink and otter are also shown to get the new trappers started off on the right foot. Everything you need to know in order to handle coyote, bobcat, red and grey fox, raccoon, skunk, river otter, mink, muskrat, and beaver. This is a fun plus educational video that anyone will enjoy. Shows the small things that make a big difference. 

4 hours.

Jones - After The Catch - by Matt Jones

Follow Clint Locklear and Matt Jones as they fight through 7 inches of rain, deep mud, competition and freeze-thaw conditions on their coyote line. See for yourself how these two veteran trappers keep their traps and snares working in the harsh conditions that face every coyote trapper in the east. Better yet, learn how to keep your coyote line in operation, when your competition is stuck spinning their wheels in the mud.

2 hours.

By Matt Jones & Clint Locklear

Jones - Coyote Chaos - with Matt Jones & Clint Locklear

Follow professional trapper, Matt Jones, through the forests, upland fields, and river bottoms of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Eastern trappers trap in some of the worst weather conditions in the United States, dealing with rain, snow, and wet conditions on a daily basis. The methods in this video will show you how to keep your coyote sets working in even the worst weather. This video covers traps, equipment, and techniques. These methods will catch you a truckload of coyotes, so sharpen your skinning knife.

Matt started canine trapping in l977 and has thousands of predators to his credit. Watch how he hammers coyote after coyote (plus red fox, grey fox, and bobcat) in traps and snares. Follow along as Matt harvests 82 coyotes in eight 24-hour checks. Will make understanding location easier than it ever was before. If you have an interest in coyote trapping, in the ever-changing weather conditions, this is a MUST SEE video.

90 minutes.
Jones - Coyote Trapping - East Of The Big River - by Matt Jones

Follow professional trappers Matt Jones and Len Williams throughout the bluff and river country of Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee as they show the proven methods and techniques that have helped them harvest thousands of raccoons over the years. Eastern raccoon trappers are forced to deal with numerous obstacles such as fluctuating water levels, rough terrain, abundant weather changes, and other trappers. Matt and Len show how they have learned to compensate for these problems and catch hundreds of raccoons each season. Coverage of #220s in coon boxes and trails, plus water sets using foot traps. Includes segments on bait making and skinning. So sharpen your skinning knife and get ready to see “Eastern Raccoon Trapping – Roads, Creeks, and Rivers”. “This is not just another pocket-set video.”

1 hour & 50 minutes.
Jones - Eastern Raccoon Trapping - Roads, Creeks, & Rivers - by Matt Jones & Len Williams

An instructional video filled with surefire tips and techniques on trotline fishing for all species of catfish. Follow professional fisherman Matt Jones along the rivers and lakes of the Midwest as he reveals his secrets for catching blues, channels, and flathead catfish. He will show you which types of bait, what kind of tackle and when, where, and how to use them. Shows you how to catch bait and the time saving techniques the pros use to clean catfish. Matt is a commercial fisherman from Kentucky who takes tens of thousands of pounds of catfish every year on trotlines. If you have any interest in catfishing, this video is sure to have some helpful information in it.

1 hour and 45 minutes.

Jones - Get The Net ! - Hardcore Trotline Fishing - with Matt Jones

Veteran longline trappers, Matt Jones and Len Williams, team up to reveal the “Secrets of the Eastern Longline.” Learn the methods these trappers use to take truckloads of bobcats, coyotes, and red and grey fox. These methods will show how Matt and Len are able to harvest the maximum amount of predators from an area in a very short period. This is an advanced-type video focusing on fast effective sets with great emphasis on location and location set-up. They not only show locations but show them with the predator standing there. North, South, East, or West - This video is sure to help the full time longliner, as well as the trapper with limited time, to increase their catch.

2 hours.
Jones - Hardcore Cat & Coyote Trapping 2004 - by Matt Jones & Len Williams

Advanced Eastern Coyote Trapping. A video for the thinking coyote trapper who takes coyote trapping very serious. If you fully intend to catch a canine with every single trap you set, this wet weather methods coyote trapping video is for you. This video will keep you catching coyotes even if it rains two inches every single day.

2 hours.

Jones - Rain Dogs - Advanced Eastern Coyote Trapping - with Matt Jones

The most informative up to date Beaver and Otter trapping method ever before shown on video.  Ride with commercial fur trapper Matt Jones across the rivers, creeks, and backwater sloughs of his home country trapline. See first hand the fastest most effective methods for harvesting Beaver and Otter fur with the use of foothold and body gripper type traps. Learn foothold slide wire methods and body gripper trap support Techniques never before shown on video. Methods that work anywhere anytime, rock or mud, deep or shallow. Matt also explains fur marketing techniques for the (New) Beaver and Otter market. The days of waiting late season to trap Beaver and Otter are dead and gone. Matt takes you on the trapline and not only talks the talk but walks the walk. The trapping methods in this video are custom made for the part time trapper, with limited time to trap, that needs to make his Beaver trapping pay.

2 hours.

Jones - Successful Beaver & Otter Trapping - with Matt Jones