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Finally, after years of filming and months of production work, the Alaska Trappers Association presents the definitive visual guide to trapping and snaring the largest, and most powerful, and smartest of the North American furbearers. Our experts bring you information that it would otherwise take literally a lifetime to learn. Shows you how to construct, select and modify the gear, prepare and clean traps and snares, and make the sets that consistently take wolves in open areas and in deep snow conditions.

Wolves are now common in several states. Be ready when your state regains management authority and sets a trapping season. 
34 minutes.
DVD - Alaskan Guide to Successful Wolf Trapping

“Bobcat” Mike Bailey has been trapping up to 80 bobcats per year for over three decades. Mike, a soft spoken, hard driving, Broken Bow Oklahoma native has spent his life in the woods. Bobcats have been his obsession for almost 40 years. Well known locally for his large bobcat catches, Mike shares the skills and knowledge that have made him one of the best. Filmed on a working and productive trapline in the wooded hills of Oklahoma.

2 hours & 53 minutes.  Copyright 2012

Bailey - Cat Trapping

Bernie Barringer and Rick Hines each have more than 40 years of experience snaring furbearers and now they share their techniques and strategies in the educational and entertaining video Snaring in the Snow. This video covers in-depth strategies on red and grey fox, bobcats, and coyotes. They go into details on types of snares, building snares, set locations, finding good habitat, setting techniques, avoiding refusals, troubleshooting, bait stations, even using Google Earth to find good trapping locations. Shows catches of nearly two dozen bobcats, fox and coyotes and explains each set. Don't let deep snow send you home, you can learn to use it to your advantage and catch more furbearers when other trappers have hung up their steel for the year.

100 minutes

Copyright 2015

Bobcat - Fox - Coyote

Barringer - Snaring - DVD

Trapper John Chagnon takes you through the wilds of upstate Michigan trapping illusive wild canines. Covering red fox, grey fox, and coyotes, this video explains every facet of trapping these wild canines in a down to earth manner, while taking you along on an actual working trapline. This will be a fun and educational ride!

Covers: Trapping Reds, Greys, and Coyotes. Trap Preparation. Sets. Locations. Lures and Baits. Trap Selection. Freeze Proofing Sets and Much More.

John Chagnon grew up in the wilds of the UP of Michigan and has been trapping for over 40 years. In this 100 minute video, he invites you to tag along on his canine trapline and experience a real working trapline for wild canines.

100 minutes.


An extensive 2 hour DVD on the topic of Skinning and Fur Handling. John Chagnon is your host as we take you from the trapline to the sale of fur, covering all aspects of fur handling. Filmed in crystal clear digital video. Explains the proper techniques and methods for handling fur. This DVD will increase your knowledge on the subject and also your fur check!

Covers: Fox, Coyote, Otter, Beaver, Mink, Badger, Muskrat, Raccoon.

2 hours.



Deep in the heart of Michigan, John Chagnon takes you on a water trapping adventure. While trapping inland waters and the mighty Au Sable river, John explores the proper techniques and methods for harvesting aquatic furbearers.

Covers All Aspects of Water Trapping: Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Mink, Coon. Traps, Equipment, and Staking. Various Sets for Bodygrip and Foothold Traps. Locations. Baits and Lures. Boat Trapping.

John Chagnon has been trapping for over 40 years. He is a native of the UP of Michigan and an avid hunter, trapper, and fisherman. In this video, he invites you along on his water line for a variety of aquatic furbearers.

100 minutes of pure water trapping!


John Cipala started trapping at the age of 10, and has covered a lot of miles over the past 50 years in Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, and Alberta, Canada. He has crossed paths with great friends like Mike Marsyada, Johnny Thorpe and Stan Forsyth who have influenced him over the years. Within this video he demonstrates his formula for success.

64 minutes.  Copyright 2017


Detailed, advanced predator trapping video. Shows good set locations, proper tools, and has a segment on trapping in snow and ice conditions. Includes a section devoted entirely to the eastern coyote. 

90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Fox & Coyote Trapping - Vol 2

Locating Fox and Coyote - Predators East to West

Filmed on location in Idaho, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania. Dozens of locations for Canines East/West. Detailed construction of sets for Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat. Special segment on change-up scents/lures. Important information on Fox studies disclosed. Dozens of actual trapline catches. Segments on set presentation, double setting and trapping with a low population. Pure predator trapping methodology explained in a simple and down to earth fashion. Exclusive night vision segment on Fox.

Approximately 90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Fox & Coyote Trapping - Vol 3

Shows dozens of set locations on land and in the water. Actual trapline footage of raccoons, and shows detailed construction of sets. Includes a raccoon biology segment. 

90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Raccoon Trapping

Ride along with J.W. Crawford on his PA fox line in this video instructional diary. As a trapper for over 25 years and a student of some of the finest canine trappers today, he gives the viewer a personal look into an actual working fox longline leaving no stone unturned. Will benefit the beginner or expert canine trapper. Locations, sets and techniques for all aspects of canine trapping. Baits and Lures, Freeze-Proofing Sets, Staking Devices, Tools and Equipment, and much more. 

2 hours.

Crawford - Fox Trapping - Part Timing Or Longlining

Who traps on the water during the storm of the century? Trapper, writer and producer, J.W. Crawford does!

John W. Crawford is a trapper and videographer from Pennsylvania. He has been trapping for over 30 years and has trapped in seven states for a variety of furbearers. Watch as Crawford shows you techniques and methods for trapping raccoon with the dog-proof trap. This DVD covers lures and baits, mechanics of the DP trap, locations for raccoon on land and water, longlining, using maps, weather, skinning and fur handling of the raccoon. Filmed in Southeast Pennsylvania during the historic and epic Hurricane Sandy.

110 minutes

Crawford - Trapping Coon With DPs

Packed with information on beaver and otter trapping. Jeff covers blind setting with footholds for beaver and otter, block down sets, otter toilets, beaver scent mound sets, setting large culverts, along with tips to make your trapping faster and more productive. Learn how to catch beaver and otter that go around your competition's sets. This video will take your trapping, catch, and understanding of the animal to the next level.

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - Beaver and Otter Trapping - by Jeff Dunlap

Tag along with Pro Trapper Jeff Dunlap as he explains and shows set after set to help you put together your own system to catch large numbers of coon. After watching this video you will understand coon and setting for coon a lot better. Jeff also shows how to fine tune dog proof traps and make dog proof caps.

2 hours.  Copyright 2013

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - Coon Trapping Pro Style - by Jeff Dunlap

In this hard-hitting coyote catching and technique-heavy DVD, Jeff will show you how to become a better coyote trapper. This video was shot right on the trap line with coyotes caught in the sets shown. If you are trying to be a better, more effective coyote trapper this DVD will help to get you to your goal.

2 hours.   Copyright 2015

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - Coyote Trapping - by Jeff Dunlap

Follow professional fur trapper, Jeff Dunlap on his working grey fox line as he shows you his techniques to put up large numbers of grey fox. Jeff shows many varieties of sets he uses. Also covered are locations, habitat, and equipment. If you want to put up big grey fox numbers or just want to be more effective on your line, this is the DVD for you.

2 hours.    Copyright 2015

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - Eastern Grey Fox Trapping - by Jeff Dunlap

Follow along with Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap as he takes you on a two state trapping season. In this two hour DVD you will learn valuable techniques on how to set traps for coon, beaver, and otter. Jeff offers many detailed instructions on where the best place to set your trap is in the wild, as well as the best tips on how to lure the animal into your trap.

2 Hours.   Copyright 2012

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - Fur Trapping - Tips, Tricks & Techniques - by Jeff Dunlap

Follow along with Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap as he shows you how to catch predators right along the road. He will show you location after location to increase your predator catch in spots you are driving right by. Jeff covers: location, baits and lures, dirt hole sets, flat sets, cubby sets, baiting predators in, and extra tips along the way.

Copyright 2013

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap

Dunlap - High Speed Predator Trapping - by Jeff Dunlap

This video shows how to make and use leech traps that the pros use and where and how to catch leeches for your fishing trip or for commercial harvesting. Jeff shows many lessons he has learned from years of trial and error on storing leeches and more. At the end of this video, you will have the information to go out and be a leechwrangler.

Dunlap - Leech Trapping - by Jeff Dunlap

Jeff Dunlap's "Muskrat Massacre" DVD is a right on the line DVD where Jeff shows you how to make many different sets using colony traps, footholds and bodygrippers in creeks, rivers, and marshes. Jeff has trapped large numbers of muskrats for decades and shows how you can have a muskrat massacre on your trap line. When you watch this DVD, sharpen your knife for your increased catch.

2 hours.   Copyright 2016


Jeff Dunlap's "Popping Weasels" DVD covers locations and many different types of sets that are quick, easy, and highly productive to pop a bunch of weasels. Jeff also covers baits, lures, and putting up your catch. After watching this video, you will need to buy more weasel stretchers because you will need them for your increased catch.

60 minutes.   Copyright 2016


Covers all facets of where to stay, best times to go, maps, where to trap and much more. This video is designed to save you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache from the experience of a trapper raised on state hopping. This video will cut your learning curve and make your trip more enjoyable.

1 hour.   Copyright 2015

by Professional Trapper Jeff Dunlap


Learn proper coyote trapping technique from true professionals. The action unfolds on Tom Miranda’s trapline in Central South Dakota and covers equipment, set locations, sets, lure use, innovative anchoring techniques and special sets. Actual coyote catch footage along with proper fur handling technique.

80 minutes.
FFG - Professional Coyote Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

Techniques of high production mink trapping in creeks,rivers, and marshes. Covers equipment, set locations, lure use, and anchoring techniques. Blind, baited and dry sets. Features Tom Miranda, Bob Gilsvik, Jerry Herbst, Jeff Smith, and Dave Hieb.

70 minutes.

FFG - Professional Mink Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

Learn advanced predator trapping technique from true professionals. Features Tom Miranda, Bob Gilsvik, and Jerry Herbst. Filmed from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast, this video includes snow trapping methods as well as some innovative set techniques for fall trapping. Catches of red and grey fox, coyote, and bobcat are shown in snow and open conditions. 

96 minutes.

FFG - Professional Predator Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

In-depth video coverage of raccoon trapping in rivers, creeks and marshes. Covers equipment, set locations, sets, lure use, anchoring techniques, and proper fur handling. Features Tom Miranda, Bob Gilsvik, Jerry Herbst, Jeff Smith, and Dave Hieb. 

65 minutes.

FFG - Professional Raccoon Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

Professional trapper, Brian Fischer (from South Central Minnesota) passing on 30-plus years of trapping techniques and methods. A DVD showing sure fire sets that will put numbers in the fur shed. Explaining detailed fundamentals to trap setting on locations. Spacing, lure location, backer and blocker staging. Pointers and tips that will keep an animal working the set for better results. An important section on trap preparation from how to setting up a trap, cleaning, trap preserving and trap storage to protect your investment.

85 minutes

Fischer - Coyote Trapping 101 "Pass It On" - by Brian Fischer

Explains in detail the techniques you can use to achieve success in controlling an ultimate predator, the coyote. Included are specific step by step procedures on preparing your own traps and their connections, dying and waxing your investment, drying and waxing dirt for winter trapping, close up detail on making fresh sets in the field, and how to follow up a canine catch by remaking your set.

142 minutes.

Copyright 2018

Fischer - Coyote Trapping Challenge Mastered - by Brian Fischer (dvd)

Practice makes perfect; perfect is perfection; perfection is what brings pelts to the fur shed. Problem Solved is a detailed DVD on techniques for enticing the ultimate predator. This is a follow-up to Coyote Trapping 101. This instructional DVD contains great detail on baits, lures, backers and blockers. The importance of the walk-through set and variations of the walk-through set are presented.

117 minutes.

Fischer - Coyote Trapping Problem Solved - by Brian Fischer

Over the years, more than 1000 processed pelts have been credited to Brian's fur shed. Snaring has been a huge part of that success. This DVD goes through all aspects of snaring and explains techniques used in the field to bring your fur numbers up at the end of a trapping season. Topics Include: Locations, Snare parts, Snare making, Snare set-up, Hints & Tips.

126 minutes.

Fischer - Deep Snow Coyote Snaring - by Brian Fischer