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Scott will share with you how he has been nailing big raccoon in trails. If you thought you had to have a large bodygrip trap, you were wrong. You will see the method for yourself. Plus Scott will explain his road trapping in public areas. You will also see the value of the 5x5 for ADC work. Not only will Scott’s methods catch raccoon but fox as well. The DVD will also go into detail on how to get great results from baited traps. The 5x5 is a perfect size to take raccoons and not worry about dogs.

Copyright 2011

Adams - Tactical 5 X 5 Coon Trapping - by Scott Adams

Finally, after years of filming and months of production work, the Alaska Trappers Association presents the definitive visual guide to trapping and snaring the largest, and most powerful, and smartest of the North American furbearers. Our experts bring you information that it would otherwise take literally a lifetime to learn. Shows you how to construct, select and modify the gear, prepare and clean traps and snares, and make the sets that consistently take wolves in open areas and in deep snow conditions.

Wolves are now common in several states. Be ready when your state regains management authority and sets a trapping season. 
34 minutes.
DVD - Alaskan Guide to Successful Wolf Trapping

“Bobcat” Mike Bailey has been trapping up to 80 bobcats per year for over three decades. Mike, a soft spoken, hard driving, Broken Bow Oklahoma native has spent his life in the woods. Bobcats have been his obsession for almost 40 years. Well known locally for his large bobcat catches, Mike shares the skills and knowledge that have made him one of the best. Filmed on a working and productive trapline in the wooded hills of Oklahoma.

2 hours & 53 minutes.  Copyright 2012

Bailey - Cat Trapping

Bernie Barringer and Rick Hines each have more than 40 years of experience snaring furbearers and now they share their techniques and strategies in the educational and entertaining video Snaring in the Snow. This video covers in-depth strategies on red and grey fox, bobcats, and coyotes. They go into details on types of snares, building snares, set locations, finding good habitat, setting techniques, avoiding refusals, troubleshooting, bait stations, even using Google Earth to find good trapping locations. Shows catches of nearly two dozen bobcats, fox and coyotes and explains each set. Don't let deep snow send you home, you can learn to use it to your advantage and catch more furbearers when other trappers have hung up their steel for the year.

100 minutes

Copyright 2015

Bobcat - Fox - Coyote

Barringer - Snaring - DVD

Trapper John Chagnon takes you through the wilds of upstate Michigan trapping illusive wild canines. Covering red fox, grey fox, and coyotes, this video explains every facet of trapping these wild canines in a down to earth manner, while taking you along on an actual working trapline. This will be a fun and educational ride!

Covers: Trapping Reds, Greys, and Coyotes. Trap Preparation. Sets. Locations. Lures and Baits. Trap Selection. Freeze Proofing Sets and Much More.

John Chagnon grew up in the wilds of the UP of Michigan and has been trapping for over 40 years. In this 100 minute video, he invites you to tag along on his canine trapline and experience a real working trapline for wild canines.

100 minutes.


An extensive 2 hour DVD on the topic of Skinning and Fur Handling. John Chagnon is your host as we take you from the trapline to the sale of fur, covering all aspects of fur handling. Filmed in crystal clear digital video. Explains the proper techniques and methods for handling fur. This DVD will increase your knowledge on the subject and also your fur check!

Covers: Fox, Coyote, Otter, Beaver, Mink, Badger, Muskrat, Raccoon.

2 hours.



Deep in the heart of Michigan, John Chagnon takes you on a water trapping adventure. While trapping inland waters and the mighty Au Sable river, John explores the proper techniques and methods for harvesting aquatic furbearers.

Covers All Aspects of Water Trapping: Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Mink, Coon. Traps, Equipment, and Staking. Various Sets for Bodygrip and Foothold Traps. Locations. Baits and Lures. Boat Trapping.

John Chagnon has been trapping for over 40 years. He is a native of the UP of Michigan and an avid hunter, trapper, and fisherman. In this video, he invites you along on his water line for a variety of aquatic furbearers.

100 minutes of pure water trapping!


John Cipala started trapping at the age of 10, and has covered a lot of miles over the past 50 years in Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, and Alberta, Canada. He has crossed paths with great friends like Mike Marsyada, Johnny Thorpe and Stan Forsyth who have influenced him over the years. Within this video he demonstrates his formula for success.

64 minutes.  Copyright 2017


Lots of trappers feel the Set is the most important thing in Cat Trapping - but Location is the key. Shows locations and variations of sets made. Dirt holes, walk through rubs, scratch up sets, etc. It takes extra hard work to be a "Cat Man" and to take cats in numbers. 

2 hours.

Conner - Bobcat Trapping - by J.C. Conner

This instructional coyote video concentrates on making variations of Flat Sets, East and West of the Mississippi. These sets can be used anywhere, but really come in to their own at game trails, dry washes and all types of Access Roads. Use any type of backing (bone, wood, rocks, etc.) for different ways to blend them in. People walk right by. By using a variety of Flat Sets, you will be more successful at trapping coyotes, especially the wise guy. Fast and easy to set up, but a lot of trappers over look their effective use. 

2 hours.

Conner - Coyote Trapping  - Flat Sets - by J.C. Conner

The Dirt Hole has caught more animals than all the other sets combined. The main reasons are: #1) because it's used the most, and #2) its eye appeal. Once you learn the basics of making the dirt hole (from the size of a mouse to a badger hole, from a well-blended set to four feet of scratched out rough digging) you will see they can be used in any part of the country and are deadly. Shows fast, simple and effective sets made using good equipment and good lure, in the right location. Location is the Key in all Trapping! 

2 hours & 30 minutes.

Conner - Coyote Trapping - Dirt Hole Sets - by J.C. Conner

Blind Set Locations are often over looked. This video explains how and where to make blind sets. It doesn’t matter where you are trapping – dry washes is the southwest – trails in the mountains or back East in farm country. Just pay attention while working your regular line and those set locations will just come up and slap you in the face. You can visualize that animal walking through there and hitting that trap. The Blind Set adds one more notch to your skill and ability to catch animals. Join J.C. Conner on his Eastern line and then head out West for some more trapping. 

2 hours & 30 minutes.

Conner - Predator Trapping - Blind Sets - by J.C. Conner

J.C. takes you through Trap Modifying, step by step, showing how to 4-coil, weld and bolt on jaw additions using different types and how to make your own, making offset jaws, using different types of base plates, lengthening and reinforcing the dog, making a night latch, how to power-up Double Longspring Traps, how to make pan tension on DLS traps, and also how to salvage "Junk Traps". 

1 hour & 45 minutes.

Conner - Trap Modification - with J.C. Conner

Detailed, advanced predator trapping video. Shows good set locations, proper tools, and has a segment on trapping in snow and ice conditions. Includes a section devoted entirely to the eastern coyote. 

90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Fox & Coyote Trapping - Vol 2

Locating Fox and Coyote - Predators East to West

Filmed on location in Idaho, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania. Dozens of locations for Canines East/West. Detailed construction of sets for Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat. Special segment on change-up scents/lures. Important information on Fox studies disclosed. Dozens of actual trapline catches. Segments on set presentation, double setting and trapping with a low population. Pure predator trapping methodology explained in a simple and down to earth fashion. Exclusive night vision segment on Fox.

Approximately 90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Fox & Coyote Trapping - Vol 3

Shows dozens of set locations on land and in the water. Actual trapline footage of raccoons, and shows detailed construction of sets. Includes a raccoon biology segment. 

90 minutes.

Crawford - Extreme Raccoon Trapping

Ride along with J.W. Crawford on his PA fox line in this video instructional diary. As a trapper for over 25 years and a student of some of the finest canine trappers today, he gives the viewer a personal look into an actual working fox longline leaving no stone unturned. Will benefit the beginner or expert canine trapper. Locations, sets and techniques for all aspects of canine trapping. Baits and Lures, Freeze-Proofing Sets, Staking Devices, Tools and Equipment, and much more. 

2 hours.

Crawford - Fox Trapping - Part Timing Or Longlining

It’s been said that location-finding methods is the key to success with canine trapping. This video covers the art of location finding in all parts of the country. Filmed in three states, dozens of locations are showcased. From coyotes in the west to coyotes in the east and red fox trapping in the last great fox stronghold, all aspects of location finding for canines is explained. Filmed on actual working traplines. As a trapper for over 25 years and a student of some of the finest canine trappers of today, he gives the viewer one on one instructions on proper and deadly canine location finding techniques. This is a must have for any canine trapper.

2 hours.

Crawford - Locations For Canines - DVD

From Coyote to Marten to Weasel

Deep in Maine’s North Woods timber region, JW Crawford takes you on a wilderness trapping adventure trapping multiple species of North American furbearer. Filmed on an actual working wilderness trapline over the course of ten days, this DVD covers trapping techniques, locations, traps and sets for marten, fisher, weasel, coyote, beaver and lynx. A special bonus feature shows trapping the elusive western coyote on the plains of Kansas. Filmed in crystal clear digital video, this 90 minute video takes you on a wilderness journey for the elusive ones that is both educational and entertaining.

JW Crawford has been trapping for 30 years and has trapped in six states. He has trapped for nearly every North American furbearer and is an experienced writer and videographer. This is wilderness trapping to the Extreme!
90 minutes.     Copyright 2010
Crawford - Maine Wilderness Trapping

Trap preparation, selection and tuning are important aspects that each trapper should be schooled in. John W. Crawford takes you through key steps in preparing your traps for the field.

John W. Crawford has been trapping for over 30 years, having trapped in six states for a wide variety of furbearers. He is the author of numerous videos, books and articles on trapping and with his extensive training, will show you the proper way to prepare your traps for the field. 

90 minutes.   Copyright 2011

  • Out of the Box Trap Preparation
  • Tuning Traps for Canines and Water Trapping
  • Dying and Waxing Traps for Canines and Water Trapping
  • Trap Modification
  • Trap Selection for Canines and Water Trapping
  • 330 Safety
  • Cable Stakes and Their Proper Usage
Crawford - Trap Preparation, Tuning and Modification

Who traps on the water during the storm of the century? Trapper, writer and producer, J.W. Crawford does!

John W. Crawford is a trapper and videographer from Pennsylvania. He has been trapping for over 30 years and has trapped in seven states for a variety of furbearers. Watch as Crawford shows you techniques and methods for trapping raccoon with the dog-proof trap. This DVD covers lures and baits, mechanics of the DP trap, locations for raccoon on land and water, longlining, using maps, weather, skinning and fur handling of the raccoon. Filmed in Southeast Pennsylvania during the historic and epic Hurricane Sandy.

110 minutes

Crawford - Trapping Coon With DPs

Water trapping takes us back to our roots in trapping. This country was founded and opened on the beaver fur industry and North American fur still thrives today. In this video, John W. Crawford takes you on a five state journey trapping on some of the finest waterways in the US. For the beginner or expert, this 2-disc DVD extensively covers all aquatic furbearers in a simple, down to earth fashion.

Featuring: Alan Claycomb, Bruce Slater, Dave Rodgers, John Chagnon


  • Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon, Beaver and Otter
  • Dozens of sets and locations shown
  • Biology segment and studies disclosed
  • Proper tools and equipment covered
  • Take a child trapping segment
  • Skinning and fur handling
  • and Much, Much More...

3-1/2 hours - 2 disc set

Crawford - Water Trapping: Understanding Aquatic Furbearers

North American weasels are one of the most elusive and secretive mammals on the planet. Trapper John W. Crawford braves the wilds of Maine, Kansas and Pennsylvania in search of these elusive predators in this 100 minute video. Filmed over the course of several trapping seasons and excursions, this video covers weasel trapping A to Z.

  • Locations and sets for weasel
  • Proper trap selection for weasel
  • Proper bait and lure selection for weasel
  • Weasel biology and facts

Special Guests: Dick Atkins and Bryan Flowers

Bonus Features: New Mexico coyote trapping and Maine beaver trapping.

100 minutes.   Copyright 2015

John W. Crawford is a writer and trapper from Eastern PA, USA. He has trapped in 8 states and has captured nearly every North American furbearer that North America has to offer. His next adventure is only a plane ticket or car drive away.

Crawford - Weasel Trapping - by John W Crawford

They say late season canine trapping separates the men from the boys. In this 2-disc DVD set, trapper and author John W. Crawford explores every conceivable aspect of winter canine trapping, taking you along on several full scale working traplines, filmed in four states.

Topics Covered:
  • Red Fox, Grey Fox, and Coyote Trapping
  • Ten Different Sets Showcased
  • Freeze-Proofing Sets
  • Skinning and Fur Prep of a Canine
  • Proper Late Season Baits, Urines and Lures
  • Early and Late Season Locations
  • Trap Selection and Tuning
  • Proper use of Stakes and Cable Stakes
  • Snow Trapping
  • Tracking Canines in Snow
  • and much, much more.
Plus – A special aerial footage segment explaining pinch points and travelways used by canines during the fall and winter shuffle.
Special Guests: Bruce Slater, Dick Atkins, Jim Mindler
With over 30 years experience, John W. Crawford pours out all he knows in this 2-disc 3-1/2 hour DVD set. You will need several viewings to absorb this information that is not only educational but also entertaining. This is Canine Trapping to the Extreme!!!

Copyright 2013

Crawford - Winter Canine Trapping - Snow, Ice and Beyond

Shows beaver sets according to the sites encountered. Since this is a site-based video, each site will be evaluated to determine the best sets for the site. Shows in detail the construction of sets using footholds, body grips, and snares. Appropriate use of lures and visual attractors is discussed.

1 hour & 49 minutes.

Dobbins - Beaver Sites And Sets - by Paul Dobbins

There are over 50 years of experience using the dirt hole in this video. Bait and lure usage is fully explained with the different variations. The different positions of the trap in relation to the hole is explained for targeting red fox, gray fox, coyote, or raccoon. How to avoid most non-target animals is explained and shown.

1 hour & 46 minutes.

Dobbins - Dirt Hole And Its Variations - by Charles Dobbins

Blind sets, lured sets, baited sets, cubbies, tunnels, the use of lure and bait, how to use body grippers and stabilizers, foothold traps, trap fastening, and good location.

1 hour & 20 minutes.

Dobbins - Mink, Muskrat & Coon Trapping On Streams - by Charles Dobbins

Covers streams, beaver ponds, lakes and sloughs. Explains methods using body grip traps, foothold traps and snares. "Trap shy" beaver, slide wires, anchoring, stabilization, lure, bait, and much, much more. Beginners produce beaver the first night using these methods. 

1 hour & 50 minutes.

By Charles Dobbins & Wayne Freebersyser

Dobbins - Open Water Beaver

ADC beaver trapping during the summer months is different than during the cooler months. Shows different sets that are productive during the heat of the summer. The use of lures and baits is explained in detail. Sets that will take beaver in any season of the year on open water.

1 hour & 37 minutes.

Dobbins - Summertime Beaver Control - by Charles Dobbins & Paul Dobbins

Trap adjustment and modifications from pans and dogs to base plates to four-coil kits to jaw lamination to chains and swivels to stakes and drags. It's all here. 

1 hour & 55 minutes.

Dobbins - Traps, Equipment And Modification