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Coilspring Trap Setters

These setters are custom made for the TS-85 Beaver Trap.

Heavy duty and made in the USA. 

Painted orange for easy visibility.

New Product
TS-85 Trap Setter (Pair)

Here's an item recommended for younger or older trappers and even those who work with the beefed up 4-coils. Makes setting these stronger springed traps of today a snap!

Coilspring Trap Setter

These lightweight tools make setting the MB-650 Coyote and Bobcat traps easy.

MB-650 Trap Setter

These lightweight tools make setting the MB-750 Beaver and Wolf traps easy.

MB-750 Trap Setter

This tool will allow you to set the Sterling MJ-500 Trap fast and with ease.

Sterling MJ500 Setter