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A Trapper's Guide to the Modern Fur Market.

The modern fur market is more complex than it's ever been, and trappers need the knowledge to make good marketing decisions and maximize profits on sold fur. From the basics of supply and demand, markets for individual species, types of fur to sell, sales outlets, and alternatives to selling raw fur, this book covers every aspect of the fur market and provides trappers with the tools needed to get that fur sold at the best price.

57 pages.

Copyright 2018

Wood - Fur Profit - by Jeremiah Wood (book)

A how-to book for homeowners who want to solve their own mole problems. Book covers mole biology and behavior, what they eat, daily activity schedules, and most importantly, how to remove them. The authors show a variety of traps for moles and how and where to set them.

20 pages with many helpful illustrations.

8-1/2 x 11 size.

WSTA - Mole Control

Guidebook to everything you need to know about making animal lures and baits, based on knowledge and shared secrets, 21 years in the making. This book tells it like it is. 40 pages.

Wyshinski - Formulating & Compounding Animal Lures & Baits

A guidebook for Fur Trappers, A.D.C. Trappers, Predator Control Trappers, Deer Hunters, Bear Hunters, Raccoon Hunters, and Entrepreneurs. Designed to be of use for trappers and hunters and to inspire new lure and bait makers. 63 pages.  49 Years in the Making Secrets Revealed.

Wyshinski - Making And Using Lures And Baits