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Ever wish you could sit around a campfire with today's top trappers and listen to their stories and knowledge gained from decades of running the 'line? Imagine what could be learned from a single conversation! In essence, that's what this book is all about. Here you'll find plenty of stories from the trapline, but also several lifetimes worth of wisdom to help you become a more proficient trapper. Reading this book is like taking personal instruction from 12 of today's best trappers!

Featuring ...

  • Red O'Hearn
  • Joe Fennell
  • Ron Leggett
  • Don Powell
  • Austin Passamonte
  • Ed Schneider
  • Lesel Reuwsaat
  • Rusty Johnson
  • Jeff Dunnier
  • Scott Welch
  • Mark Zagger
  • Bob Noonan

"If you buy just one trapping book this year, this should be the one!"

96 Full Color Pages.  Copyright 2019

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Book - The Master Trapper Course - by Ralph Scherder
The Complete Pro System ...

The comment I heard the most about my first book, Mega Mink Methods, is that trappers were excited to learn exactly what they needed to know to trap mink in numbers. They were appreciative that twenty different sets were not explained, when a couple of sets is all you need.

What was most gratifying to me was hearing from trappers that, after they used methods shown in my first book, they went out on THEIR TRAPLINE and increased THEIR CATCH. This is what led me to write the book you are looking at now, Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping. I want you to be able to take information in this book, and apply it to your own trapline to become a better trapper. This book shows you the best sets to use for mink and raccoon. But that is only the beginning! It explains in detail how to plan, set up, and operate a trapline for mink and raccoon that maximizes YOUR productivity. Exactly what you need to do, and equally important, what not to do. No matter what size trapline you run, if you use the information presented in this book, you will catch more animals.

The author, Gerald Schmitt, is a well-known longline mink and raccoon trapper from Minnesota. He has the trapping seasons, miles, and catch numbers behind him. In this book, he shares the methods and techniques he has used to become a successful trapper.

88 pages. Including Full Color Photos and Instructional Diagrams. 
Copyright 2016

Book - Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping - by Gerald Schmitt
Now in Color...

A state of the art book by one of the best mink trappers in the business. Fast, effective methods of taking the most mink in the shortest period of time. This book not only shows you what to do, it tells you what not to do. It covers both blind and baited sets with extensive coverage of the pocket set, and explodes many of the myths of mink trapping. This book picks up where most of the others leave off. Written in clear, easy to understand language by an author who has thousands of mink to his credit, with over two thousand mink trapped within a five year period. If you think you should be catching more mink, you’re probably right and this book will show you how. Some of the information in this book goes directly against what you may have heard or read before. The author has the mink and the miles behind him to back up what he says. He lets the chips fall where they may as he explains what real world trapline experience has taught him about mink. The information contained in this book will help anyone interested in improving their mink trapping ability; whether being a novice, professional, or anything in between. Mega Mink Methods is a complete guide to effective mink trapping. 

71 pages.

Copyright 2018 ... Now in Color!
Book - Schmitt - Mega Mink Methods

Written in response to the many reader requests from Ed's previous book, "One Square Mile". Due to the overwhelming requests for additional information, Ed takes the time to break down his Kansas trapline in detail and discusses methods used to harvest hundreds of coyotes each year. Topics are elementary as well as advanced. Chapters cover all details about trapping predators and the methods and strategies Ed uses to bring in a large number of predators.

6" x 9" size.  208 pages.


This book is aimed for the predator trapper to be able to select natural migratory and dispersal areas to place more predators on the stretcher. One Square Mile takes a unique approach to understanding land selection for the trapper to increase fur harvest throughout the entire trapping season.

8-1/2 x 11 size. 84 pages.

By Ed Schneider

Schneider - One Square Mile - by Ed Schneider

West Texas Trapping takes you through more than just a day on the trail. You learn: How to deal with changing trapping season conditions for various fur bearing animals. How to handle traps, baits, and catches with ease - as well as which ones work best and where. How keeping notes and logging your experiences can lead to a better return on your season. Orrin and gang provide an unique insight into an area thought of mainly as "oilfield".

72 pages.  Size 8-1/2 x 11.

Copyright 2014 by Orrin Schoolcraft


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Schoolcraft - West Texas Trapping

This book is 100% dedicated to snaring beaver…only beaver. Both open water and under ice sets are extensively covered. 22 pages.

Simmerman - Beaver Snaring - by Trapper Art

Based on 17 years of experience in Michigan, Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona. 149 photos and diagrams. 121 pages.

Smith - Coyote Trapping With Smitty - by R.C. Smith

Not just the experience of one man, but the combined knowledge of eight top fox men with over 160 years on the line. The Cadillac of fox books! 170 photos. 165 pages.

Smith - Smitty's Fox Trapping Encyclopedia - by R.C. Smith

JOHNNY THORPE is NO DOUBT, one of the biggest TRAPPING GREATS in the country. This Book was written by Michigan Trapper RC Smith (Smitty) after his personal one on one interview with Johhny Thorpe in the early 1990's. Johnny Thorpe talks in great detail about his trapping background then he goes into his favorite sets, traps, lures and general trapping and furbearer knowledge for each animal that he has great experience with, to include Muskrat, Mink, Coon, Otter, Beaver Open Water, and Beaver Trapping Under Ice, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Fisher, Marten, and Badger. Most people probably have never heard of a lot of sets that Johnny describes in this book.

Almost 200 pages of great trapping knowledge!

Book - Smith - Smitty's Johnny Thorpe: Interview with a Legend - by R.C. Smith

A break-through in mink trapping methods. This underwater mink trapping method works in all weather conditions. If you are serious about catching mink, you want this book. Illustrated. 50 pages.

Smythe - Bottom Edge Mink Set - Book by Ken Smythe

by Ken Smythe as told to Bob Noonan.  (Includes George Wacha chapter) 

After Ken Smythe’s first book, Bottom Edge Mink Set, revolutionized mink trapping, Ken and other trappers tried the same basic set on otter and beaver, with immediate results. After 10 years of experimentation and refinement by a number of trappers, and thousands of beaver and otter caught, the bottom edge set for these furbearers has been perfected. With this book, Ken Smythe has made another valuable contribution to the trapping community. Although similar to the bottom edge mink set, the otter and beaver version differs in important ways. Bottom Edge Otter and Beaver explains these differences, and includes chapters on trap selection and positioning, general location, specific otter and beaver location, weather, and a chapter by well-known otter expert George Wacha. The 63-page book includes 15 clear line drawings by Bob Noonan, and 34 photos, most of locations.
Smythe - Bottom Edge Otter And Beaver - Book by Ken Smythe

Covers common U.S. furbearers, excepting fisher, marten, weasel and lynx. Trap choice, adjustment and treatment, pre- and post-season chores, scouting, trap fastening and swiveling, fur handling and marketing. 224 pages.

Spencer - Guide To Trapping - by Jim Spencer

Numerous photos and detailed drawings describe best sets, tips and tactics. Information on caring for fur and making more money from your trapline. Written in easy-to-understand language by a trapper who’s been there for over 30 years. 128 pages.


A potent system for knocking down huge numbers on water and land.

74 pages.

Steck - Longline Road Trapping - Book by Mark Steck

by Newt Sterling as told to Bob Noonan.

Canine and Coon Techniques Effective in All Terrain. Loaded with illustrations.  58 pages.
Sterling - Master Land Snaring - by Newt Sterling

Catching and Holding Otter Effectively on Dry Land.

Expert snareman, Newt Sterling shows you the methods to quickly and effectively snare otter under any trapline conditions. 19 pages.
Sterling - Master Otter Snaring - by Newt Sterling

Methods and skills that will make you a successful beaver trapper, in open water. Use and application of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps, and snares. Detailed information on the sets most commonly used and familiarizes you with sets that are not so well known. 157 photos. 108 pages.

Sullivan - Beaver 2000 - Book by Hal Sullivan

Most current information on trapping canines, both fox and coyotes. Methods and techniques described are designed to give you an insight into canine trapping and help you avoid some of the pitfalls normally encountered. 180 photos and illustrations. 112 pages.

Sullivan - Canines 2000 - Book

Up-to-date complete guide for pelt handling from the harvest of the animal to the final sale of the pelt. Helps you produce pelts that meet or exceed standards, therefore obtain maximum value from your pelts. Chapters on the individual species detail specific techniques. 300 photos and illustrations. 152 pages.

Sullivan - Fur Handling 2000 - Book by Hal Sullivan

A guide to trapping and handling otter, presenting methods and techniques for trapping otter in open water, exclusively using blind sets. Otter 2000 covers otter trapping from getting your traps to work more effectively and efficiently, to taking the pelt off the stretcher. You can learn how to predict where otter will travel and learn to identify the best locations for otter sets. You can also learn to identify other locations and other situations in which extra traps will produce extra otter. As otter become increasingly more common across North America, more trappers are gaining the opportunity to pursue them. Otter 2000 can help you be successful in that pursuit. 171 photos and illustrations. 100 pages.

Sullivan - Otter 2000 - Book

Focuses on the use and application of the modern steel cable snare. Shows how to use snares effectively to create both lethal and non-lethal sets, in different situations. You’ll learn how to make snares, how to set them, how they work, and many other features of snaring. 140 photos and illustrations. 100 pages.

Sullivan - Snaring 2000 - Book

Most current information on trapping, concentrating on the skills, theories, and techniques of trapping - as they pertain to any trapline or any animal. Beginning and experienced trappers alike can benefit from this book because it covers trapping from the inside out and focuses attention on applying universal trapping techniques. 165 photos. 170 pages.

Sullivan - Trapline 2000 - by Hal Sullivan

The story of a well known trapper who is a member of a most unique group which could well be called the last of the mountain men. The great outdoors is not just a hobby or weekend venture with these individuals, it is a way of life.  Johnny Thorpe has spent his entire life as a professional trapper, treasure hunter, and chainsaw carver. He has dug bottles, ginseng and gold. He has packed saddle horses and worked rodeos. Johnny spent his years making a living at the type of life that most people in this day and age can only read about or dream of.

Johnny covers a number of trapline experiences and introduces the reader to many old timers and hard core professional trappers that he has known over the years. He takes you from the farm land of the Catskills up through the Adirondack wilderness and into the deep snows of Canada, and across the Colorado Rockies and into the deserts of Arizona and California in quest of fur.

113 pages   

Book - Thorpe - 50 Years a Trapper and Treasure Hunter - by Johnny Thorpe

Equipment, drowning systems, sets and set construction, pelt preparation, trapline management, damage control, and more.

64 pages.


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Welch - High Performance Beaver Trapping - by Brad Welch

146 pages packed full of the most modern, straightforward methods and philosophies on predator trapping today. Scott catches piles of fur each season in his native Ohio, and his theories will put more paws on your pans this season! This book is really well put-together, with clear, crisp photos and valuable content.

Welch - Predator Trapping Theories & Techniques - by Scott Welch

Offers a lifetime of experience living, trapping, and surviving in the deep snow country of the far north. Following the long trapline trails, as did his father before him, the author has accumulated a wealth of experience as a professional trapper, and his learned and earned skills are presented in this book in a relaxed and informal writing style. Severe winter weather conditions demand creative and innovative trapping skills, and anyone who traps or snares in snow country can adopt the author’s methods for better catches of prime winter furs! With the knowledge in this book, you can be prepared and know how to operate profitable traplines under deep snow conditions. 96 pages.

Wilson - The Alaskan Trapper's Handbook - by Dean Wilson

3rd Edition.  Covers the proper ways of skinning furs to get extra length, in order to get maximum value. Has width and length chart for stretching. For a larger fur check, this is the book to buy. 76 pages.

Winkler - Raw Fur Handling At Its Best - by Keith Winkler

A Trapper's Guide to the Modern Fur Market.

The modern fur market is more complex than it's ever been, and trappers need the knowledge to make good marketing decisions and maximize profits on sold fur. From the basics of supply and demand, markets for individual species, types of fur to sell, sales outlets, and alternatives to selling raw fur, this book covers every aspect of the fur market and provides trappers with the tools needed to get that fur sold at the best price.

57 pages.

Copyright 2018

Wood - Fur Profit - by Jeremiah Wood (book)

Guidebook to everything you need to know about making animal lures and baits, based on knowledge and shared secrets, 21 years in the making. This book tells it like it is. 40 pages.

Wyshinski - Formulating & Compounding Animal Lures & Baits