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A complete instructional trapping guide. Written in a concise, easy to understand manner that will get the beginning and intermediate trapper off on the fast road of success, and will also benefit the longliner with its many “little secrets” that have never been in print before. 64 pages.

Milligan - On The Prowl For Bobcats - Book by Ray Milligan

These methods are not the same old stuff rewritten. Many new methods and ideas never made public before. Contains better ways to use body gripper traps and snares, plus lots more time and money saving ideas for your trapping operation. 50 photos. 48 pages.

Milligan - The Complete Cooner - by Ray Milligan

Bobcat techniques and locations in detail. 67 pages.

Miranda - Competition Line Bobcat Trapping - by Tom Miranda

Tells in detail how to set up and operate a coyote line and make it pay. Learn coyote knowledge A-Z. Remake set tricks will pay for this book on the first check. 94 pages.

Miranda - Competition Line Coyote Trapping - by Tom Miranda

The book that launched Tom’s career as a professional trapper. Covers equipment, location, sets, etc. Includes actual competition line trapping and competition line tricks and tips. 78 pages.

Miranda - Competition Line Fox Trapping - by Tom Miranda

Water trapping techniques for mink, raccoon, muskrat, and beaver. 78 pages.

Miranda - Competition Line Water Trapping - by Tom Miranda

Contains excellent chapters on scouting, blind and bait sets, catching trap-shy beaver and trapping many different kinds of waterways. Comprehensively covers the use of body gripper type traps for taking beaver in open water. Murphey clearly describes and illustrates the techniques that he uses to consistently trap over 100 beaver a season. Over 100 photos and drawings. 108 pages.

Murphey - Conibear Beaver Trapping In Open Water - by Wesley Murphey

An in-depth coverage of all aspects of fisher trapping, based on the author’s experience trapping hundreds of fisher, his interviews of experts with thousands of catches between them, and modern scientific studies including radio-telemetry. The lengthy chapter The Fisher Itself contains fisher biology and behavior, including territory size, travel patterns, hunting behavior, habitat preference, diet, track identification, and much more. Other chapters: Footholds, Conibears, Bait and Lure, Set Basics, Foothold Sets, Conibear Ground Sets, Conibear Pole Sets, Conibear Cage Sets, Location, Fur Handling, Miscellaneous. The 11-page Location chapter includes 8 detailed illustrations.  95 pages. Photos & illustrations.

Noonan - Fisher Trapper's Guide - by Bob Noonan

An excellent guide for beginners, no matter what their age. Every aspect of trapping is thoroughly covered. Many photos and drawings. 240 pages.

Written by Tom Krause.

NTA Trapping Handbook

A 1996 updated version of the classic coon book. Includes changes in equipment and some new techniques that have evolved since the last update 11 years ago. 78 pages.

O'Gorman - High Rolling Coon Trapping

Common sense approach to taking fox. Loaded with style, systems and methodology. Covers all facets of a high volume and high mileage operation for maximum returns. Many photos. 150 pages.

O'Gorman - High Rolling Fox Trapping

A state of the art raccoon book by one of the best “coon men” in the country. Mike “Red” O’Hearn describes and shows the methods that he has used to trap over 1000 coon a season, for seven years running, with over 12,000 raccoons trapped in the last 11 years. His best season was 1650 raccoons. Learn fast, effective techniques to maximize your raccoon catch. Covers foot traps, body grippers in trails and buckets, and snares. Extensive coverage of raccoon habits. This book will change the way you think about raccoons. “Red” hails from Iowa, which has a lot of top-notch raccoon trappers, but “Red” is in a class of his own. Illustrated by Bob Noonan, Caanan, Maine. 92 pages.

by Mike "Red" O'Hearn

O'Hearn - Coon Trapping - The Untold Story - Book

Introducing Rick Olson and his bobcat methods, trapping and snaring along the Minnesota/Canadian border. Old time trapping sets, with modern day twists. Rick uses his 30-plus years of experience to show you how to catch bobcats that ignore your sets, along with bonus fur caught using the “Olson Mine Field” method. Using satellite photos to find bobcats is explained in detail. The snaring section along with the use of the “Olson Mine Field” will easily pay for the price of this book. These methods can be adapted for any region. 74 pages, 100-plus color photos, plus a bonus chapter on fisher, marten, and ermine trapping.

Olson - Extreme Northern Bobcat Trapping And Snaring Methods

An in-depth look at the history, tradition, and current state of trapping and predator hunting in northern Europe. The author, John S. Opdahl served for 29 years as editor of Norwegian Trapper, a professional journal of the trade. Co-written by authors from five different countries, including the United States. The thoroughly researched 486-page book includes hundreds of illustrations and photos.

This manual has everything you need to know to harvest common furbearers and predators with traps and hunting skills. Expert co-authors from Russia, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and the U.S. give valuable information found in no other collected work. This unique book is a tremendous shortcut to learning the finest skills of the most accomplished hunters and trappers from many lands, and will guide you on the path to efficient, conservative, and proper harvesting to add to your enjoyment of the outdoor life.

Featured in F-F-G's March 2015 issue.

486 pages.  Copyright 2014

Opdahl - Scandinavian Fur Trapper & Hunter's Manual - by John S. Opdahl

This book covers the eastern coyote in complete detail. Learn how to understand, predict, locate and trap them with success. Cuts through the myths and the hype surrounding our most misunderstood furbearer today. 80 pages.

Passamonte - Eastern Coyote Trapping - by Austin Passamonte

Deals with how to successfully trap beaver amidst high competition. Sets that allow you to catch beaver that your competitors can’t, also working used locations with educated beaver. 86 pages.

Passamonte - High Competition Beaver Trapping - by Austin Passamonte

Finally, a book that’s totally different from the rest. Written for beginners to understand, but targeted towards the trapper looking for advanced tactics and tips. Will teach you to fully understand raccoon behavior and travel. Setting and managing lines to take the bulk of your catch fast. How to consistently set on location, while out-trapping competition and avoiding theft. 120 pages.

Passamonte - High Volume Coon Trapping - by Austin Passamonte

Great fox book covering fox biology, equipment and sets. Deals with tough weather situations, maintaining a fox line, and gives you an attitude that will lead to success. Helpful photos. 100 pages.

Passamonte - High Volume Fox Trapping - by Austin Passamonte

Two great books all in one. Deals with the life cycles, behavior, and sets for both of these animals. One of the most thorough mink and muskrat books ever. Includes many great pictures. 116 pages.

Passamonte - High Volume Mink And Muskrat Trapping -by Austin Passamonte

An autobiography by Larry “Slim” Pedersen.

This is the amazing story of a trapping icon.  137 pages.

 “Living in close contact with nature, experiencing the best and some of the worst has been a wonderful life.” – Slim

 “In his 65 years, Slim Pedersen has experienced more of the outdoors than most will ever dream of. This book is a culmination of those years, shared in a very unselfish, modest way, typical of Slim. The generation of the western coyote men that Slim is a part of will one day be gone forever. An Old Trapper’s Lifetime in the Outdoors tells the story of that generation.” – Kyle Kaatz

Pedersen - An Old Trapper's Lifetime In The Outdoors

Correct use of electronic sound attractors. Time and effort saving tricks. Correct set constructions, where, when, and why of bobcat habits you must understand.

136 pictures. 8-1/2 x 11 size. 62 pages.

Pedersen - Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods - by Slim Pedersen

Aimed to give the reader a broader view of wildlife in general, but is ultimately about the life of the Coyote and his survival in the wild. Written by a life long observer of wildlife, especially the Coyote, and he hopes to pass his own knowledge on in this interesting story about Coyote families, in the interest that it will help other people understand Coyote habits. Reality is often much more interesting than fairy tales. 

8-1/2 x 11 size. 57 pages.

Pedersen - Life Of Coyotes & Its Survival In The Wild

Larry "Slim" Pedersen began trapping at the tender age of eight, cleaning up on the skunks and weasels that were cleaning up the chickens in his Grandmother's chicken coop. He was running his first longline at the age of eighteen. At the age of thirty-four, Slim was living the dream of most trappers and trapping fulltime doing predator control work and fur trapping, as well as live market trapping up to the present day.

Slim has carried out fur trapping or predator control trapping in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, California, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, and Georgia. Slim has trapped coyotes, bobcats, red fox, gray fox, kit fox, badgers, skunks, weasels, fisher, raccoons, muskrats, mink, beaver, otter, and mountain lion.

165 pages.   Copyright 2019

Pedersen - Looking Back - Memories from Trapping Years Gone By - Slim Pedersen

Covers what snares really are, how, when and where to use snares.  62 pages.

Pedersen - New Snare Methods - by Slim Pedersen

The Very Last Edition ... by Slim Pedersen

Slim takes another look at some of the problems a predator trapper encounters. There's no question Slim is one of the most qualified trappers in the country in providing solutions to those problems. Plenty of the helpful information regardless of your experience level. From beginner to veteran, you'll benefit from having this book in your collection! There's very few trappers that can say they have 40-plus years of experience from a daily basis of trapping predators. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from one of the very best predator trappers in the country, Slim Pedersen!

8-1/2 x 11 size.  46 pages.  Copyright 2009

Pedersen - Predator Trapping Problems & Solutions - Vol IV

Another full year in the life of coyotes and their survivals. Not an instructional book … or is it? If you’ve read the first one, this book covers even more. If you haven’t, you definitely need this one! 

8-1/2 x 11 size. 115 pages.

Pedersen - The Next Generation Of Life Of Coyotes & Its Survival In The Wild

Land and Water Raccoon Trapping Methods.

102 pages.

Porter - Wisconsin Raccoon Trapper - by Bruce Porter

A Deep and Complete Long Lining System

This book contains over 170 pages of planning and trapping techniques starting from pre-season all the way through post season to help you multiply your catch.  Powell explains the right way to make mink trapping fun and competitive.  174 pages.

The Fastest Way to Triple your Catch this Season!

Powell - Mink Trapping - by Don Powell

A book written by a man with 38 years of trapping experience that has taken him through nine states. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate trapper wanting to break into long-lining, this book is for you. Almost 75 photos and set illustrations. 62 pages.

Presjak - Mink Mania - by Phil Presjak

An extensive, detailed instruction manual outlining the "new age" system of coon trapping with dog proof traps. Some of the topics covered are: set locations, baits and attractors, anchoring, dog proof covers, and dealing with frozen ground. The last chapters deal with skinning, fleshing, and stretching coon pelts.

Renno - New Age DP Coon Trapping Methods - by Leroy Renno