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A HUMOROUS look at possum trapping by Joe (Big Possum) House. Become a MILLIONAIRE TRAPPER. Just one million possums at one dollar each and you too can join the ranks of the new millionaires. Gain the necessary background on possums in the history section, including Joe’s biblical theory of possum origin. Learn why possums are attracted to asphalt and how this can improve your catch. Understand the proper traps, baits, lures, clothing and other equipment needed to handle one million possums. 96 pages of entertainment that every trapper should own.

House - Possum Trapping By The Millions - by Joe House

This book is full of information that coon trappers seek to increase the number of raccoons caught.  From prospecting trap locations, using dog proof traps, making bucket sets and everything in between, including trap care and grading the hides. You will come away with the knowledge needed to be a better coon trapper. 

69 pages and many photos.

by Jason Houser

Houser - A New Approach to Coon Trapping - by Jason Houser

This book is full of information that coyote trappers seek to increase the number of coyotes caught. From prospecting yote locations, using traps and set techniques, creating lures and baits plus everything in between, including trap care and grading the hides. You will come away with the knowledge needed to be a better coyote trapper. Photos and descriptions included.

70 pages and many photos.

Houser - A New Approach to Coyote Trapping - by Jason Houser

Lessons learned about predators, horses, and life as told by one of the most successful trappers operating today. Professional rancher, farmer, lure maker, and trapper Gary Jepson recounts his trapline experiences of over half a century. Ride along for 50 years of trapping.

369 pages.   Copyright 2016


Written by one of America’s Top Coyote Trappers. 86 pages.


June - Coyote Trapping Book

Nowhere is the competition more fierce and the trapping itself more difficult than in suburban areas. Today’s trapper must know how to deal with the increased human population that exists in their area. Methods and ideas in this book will help you have fun and be much more successful. Many of these methods are unique and have not been shared with anyone. 90 photos and illustrations. 91 pages.

June - Fox Trapping In And Around Suburbia - by Mark June

An in-depth look into lure and bait formulation. This book provides the insight to further your understanding of the ingredients, preservatives, and processes involved with making your own highly effective attractants. This is NOT a book of obscure “horse brain” formulas. The formulas detailed in this book serve as guidelines for you, the aspiring lure maker, to incorporate your own ideas. After reading this book, you’ll have a better understanding of the oils, essences, musks, tinctures, glands and urines available in the trapping industry today.  51 pages.

Kaatz - Encyclopedia Of Lure & Bait Making - by Kellen Kaatz

Now in its 2nd Printing. Since Kyle first wrote this book in 1995, there has yet to be a more complete beginner’s guide to dryland trapping released. The methods found in this guide were the foundation on which the Kaatz Bros. have continued to build and progress to where they are today! The techniques described are simple to follow, yet deadly effective! Kyle Kaatz gives the trapper seeking fox, coyote, raccoon, and the other land species the information needed to capture them with ease. 111 pages.

Kaatz - Land Trapping Made Simple - by Kyle Kaatz

A complete guide to trapping beaver in open water. Discusses the use of snares, footholds, and body-grippers. An in-depth look at beaver trapping; educated beaver, how beaver respond to different lures and situations, and much more. Loaded with pictures. 56 pages.

Kaatz - Open Water Beaver Trapping Made Simple - by Kyle Kaatz

Complete guide to modern raccoon trapping. Covers footholds, snares and body grippers. Shows how to set up various locations and explains the importance of gang setting. 64 pages.

Kaatz - Raccoon Trapping Made Simple - by Kyle Kaatz

The Modern Systematic Approach

Learn the systematic approach to increase your coyote trapping success. You'll be motivated to get out and gain new permissions, adjust and treat your gear precisely, and put more coyotes on the stretchers. With a thorough understanding of coyote location, and deep knowledge of all things coyote, Kellen Kaatz leaves nothing to chance in his style of coyote taking. Air up the tires, load up the pickup, it's time to hit the coyote trapline!

122 pages

Copyright 2017

Kaatz - The Black Book of Coyote Trapping - by Kellen Kaatz

You’ll wish you read this book years ago!

Following the principles inside this unique book will lead you down the path of success. You’ll effectively minimize and avoid the common problems encountered on the trapline by focusing on these fundamentals:
  • Adjusting your traps for proper pan tension is one of the most important keys to your success.
  • Always set on location and on sign.
  • Always gang set for multiple catches.
  • Be sure to bed traps solid.
80 pagesCopyright 2013
Kaatz - Trapline Principles 8 Keys To Success - by Kellen Kaatz


Join the Coyote Whisperer himself, Larry Karels, as he reveals his methods for taking hundreds of coyotes each season. This book covers the advanced methods for the canine trapper that wants to reach that last level as a trapper. Larry punches holes in some of the myths behind backing size, set construction, and lure usage. A must have for any canine trapper.

40 pages.   Copyright 2017

Karels - True Confessions of the Coyote Whisperer - by Larry Karels (book)

If you trap cats or want to trap cats, this book can help you catch more! Tom Krause has been stretching bobcats for many years. What he can give you is the benefit of a lot of miles, experience, observations, and creative and innovative technology using traps, snares, and even cage traps. You will find lots of great photos, details, and hard-earned skills found in no other book or video. If your competition has this info and you don’t, sorry; you lose. For the price of a half tank of gas, some trappers will make thousands more this fall; it might as well be you! 72 pages.

Krause - Dynamite Bobcat Trapping - by Tom Krause

This book takes the mystery out of large catches of mink and raccoon. Tom Krause’s unique writing style and approach to trapping is innovative and creative. These methods will change the way you trap, sooner or later. Order now and get a real advantage over your competition. You will be amazed at how many mink and raccoon you used to miss. Fully illustrated, 60 pictures. 64 pages.

Krause - Dynamite Mink & Coon Trapping - by Tom Krause

Destined to dramatically change your predator trapping methods. Jam-packed with information and trapline proven ideas that are unknown to the experts and certainly not in print. Will change the way you trap predators and will change the way you think! 72 pages.

Krause - Dynamite Predator Trapping - by Tom Krause

Another superb method book by a widely respected author. Designed as an advanced course in making and using snares. Written with clarity for both the novice and accomplished snareman. Crammed with originality and an abundance of easily understood illustrations. Gives dynamite instructions on fox, coyote, beaver and raccoon harvesting. 80 pages.

Krause - Dynamite Snares And Snaring - by Tom Krause

Nothing but straightforward information by two men with many coyote to their credit. 56 pages.

Leggett - Coyote Trapping Methods - by Pete And Ron Leggett

Leggett’s are a highly respected father and son team that are noted for their capabilities of trapping canines. Their methods are self-taught, which have been widely sought after by trappers from all parts of the U.S. and Canada. Explains, in detail, the step down dirt hole sets that Leggett’s have become famous for developing. Contains many never-before-told secrets and methods. 52 pages.

Leggett - Fox Trapping Methods - by Pete And Ron Leggett

Based on years of experience. If you want to learn how to rack up numbers and do it fast, this is your hard-core manual.

80 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 size.

Locklear - Beaver Blitzkrieg - by Clint Locklear

The first coyote book that caters to eastern and mid-western coyote trapping. Why do eastern trappers learn to trap like western trappers? The eastern coyote man has to learn to trap for the terrain and he climate that he lives in. Long lining works in the west, almost impossible to do in the east. EASTERN WOLFER goes into the world of catching coyotes on their terms, habits and reactions. EASTERN WOLFER teaches you how to make a high per square mile kill. This is vastly different from the "take the cream and run" mentality that has crippled eastern trappers in the past. This is not a standard coyote book by any stretch. It is very detailed for the trapper that wants or needs to become a wolfer in the east, not the west.

8-1/2 x 11 size. 92 pages.
Locklear - Eastern Wolfer - by Clint Locklear

Take a look into the mind of a modern money trapper.

8-1/2 x 11 size.  82 pages.

Locklear - The Mindset Of A Professional - by Clint Locklear

This book includes some of the easiest, fastest, and most efficient methods of beaver removal. Methods that work all year. Also, all you need to know to take otter in large numbers as fast as possible. Easy to understand and well illustrated. 98 photos and illustrations. 65 pages.

Marsyada - No Nonsense Beaver & Otter Trapping - by Mike Marsyada

Designed to utilize existing structure and the mink’s natural habits to help you put him in your fur shed. 40 pages.

Marsyada - No Nonsense Mink Trapping - by Mike Marsyada

A complete guide to trapping fox, coyote, and bobcat. Thirty-five years of hands-on experience has gone into this book. Contains knowledge and instruction that has come from thousands of trapline hours and thousands of trapline miles over a dozen states. The author gives you the know how to trap these elusive critters in rain, snow, sleet, or shine. 69 photos. 84 pages.

Marsyada - Trapping The Elusive Ones - Fox, Coyote, Bobcat

Written by a plain talking trapper for those interested in tested, down-to-earth information that works. Chapters on muskrat, mink, raccoon, beaver, otter, and fox. Over 40 sets in all, as well as animal habits and ways to help you understand why, when and where to use the set described. Photos and illustrations. 110 pages.


Marsyada - Water Trapping And Related Sets - by Mike Marsyada

Dive into the history and reflections of some of the most influential trappers of all time. Join well known outdoorsman Tom Miranda as he tells the stories of the Master Trappers. The book begins in the infancy of North America's exploration and chronicles the men who build the trapping industry from the native trappers to French Traders and weaving a history thru the mountain men, pioneer trappers, cottage industry trappers and so much more. Learn the evolution of trapping technique and theory along with detailed biographies of many of the most productive and innovative trappers in history. The knowledge and history included in this book is mind boggling.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of materials in this book, here's a short list of the biographies, methods and trappers included: Hudson's Bay Company, Hugh Glass, Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, John Johnson, Sewell Newhouse, The Fur Companies, A.R. Harding, E.J. Dailey, Raymond Thompson, Walter Arnold, Dick Wood, O.L.Butcher, Bill Nelson, Curtis Grigg, Bud Hall, Herb Lenon, Stanley Hawbaker, Pete Rickard, Garold Weiland, Pete & Ron Leggett, Johnny Thorpe, Craig O'Gorman, Ray Milligan, Slim Pedersen, Major Boddicker, Charles Dobbins, Ken Smythe, Tom Krause, Pete Askins, Odon Corr, Russ Carman, Tim Caven, Paul Grimshaw, Keith Winkler, Oscar Cronk, Neil Olson, Mark June, Wayne Negus, Brandon Johnson, Jim Spencer, Kyle Kaatz, Bernie Barringer, Don Powell, James Lord, Paul Trepus, Scott Welch, Tom Parr,Tracy Truman, Mark Zagger and many, many others.

Artfully woven through the text is a detailed biography of Tom Miranda from his schoolboy trapline days to flying his South Dakota long-line and subsequent rise to ESPN Outdoor TV fame and bowhunting career. Also included is the business of trapping, trapping locations, sets, catches, end of the line photos, much never before in print. Master Trappers may be the most comprehensive trapping book written in the last fifty years.

400 pages
650 color photos and illustrations
Biographies of the top historical trappers of all time.

Includes many illustrations and cover art by Trapper and Fur-Fish-Game artist Joe Goodman.

Chapter 1- Fur Traders
Chapter 2- Scouts /Mtn.Men
Chapter 3- Pioneer Trappers
Chapter 4- Cottage Industry
Chapter 5- Long-line Trappers
Chapter 6- Expert Trappers
Chapter 7- Lure Business
Chapter 8- Coonmen
Chapter 9- Minkmen
Chapter 10- Foxmen
Chapter 11- Beavermen
Chapter 12- Wolfers
Chapter 13- Wilderness Trappers
Chapter 14- Catmen
Chapter 15- Lessons Learned

New Product
Book - Master Trappers - Tom Miranda Honors The Master Trappers

Instructions for the beginner and the young at heart. History, Habitat, Scouting, Sign, Tools, Trapping, Skinning, Pelt Preparation. Garry McLaughlin, a man with a passion for learning, has been trapping and learning about muskrats for over 60 years. His desire to teach the young and uninformed how to pursue, find, and trap muskrats and how to properly handle the fur after they are caught has inspired the writing of this book. 127 pages.

McLaughlin - Muskrats - by Garry McLaughlin

The #1 selling coyote book ever written. Based on a decade of experience and 3,000 trapped coyotes in 12 states. Step-by-step information from pre-season to fur handling. 80 pages.

Milligan - Coyote Fever - Book by Ray Milligan

A complete course in red and gray fox trapping. Contains a detailed description on trap tuning. The most productive sets and why they work. Where to find the hot spots. When to use a particular set or luring procedure. Maintaining a trapline. Trapping in snow, rain, and cold. Full of information on asking permission, diggers, remaking sets, reluring, taking advantage of secondary animals on your line. Plus professional fur handling, state hopping, marketing, and more. 112 photos. 101 pages.

Milligan - Fox Trapping Across America - by Ray Milligan