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Detailed instructions, and pictures, showing how to adjust your traps so they are more productive. Covers longspring traps, coilspring traps, jump traps and guard-type traps. Will bring your traps from “maybe it will work” to a piece of equipment in which you will have confidence. 86 pages.

Dobbins - Adjustment Of Leg Hold Traps - by Charles Dobbins

Perfected open water trapping methods for both beaver and otter described in detail. Proper size traps and how to make them produce are explained and illustrated for foothold traps as well as for body gripper traps and snares. Drowning methods, bait, food lure, castor-based lure, location, dry sets, under water sets, wet sets, blind sets, fur handling – It’s all here! 114 pages.

Dobbins - Beaver And Otter Trapping - by Charles Dobbins

Excellent book by trapping legend Charles Dobbins. This is not a method book, rather it describes in great detail how to determine both the limits and capabilities of lures, baits, and urines. It doesn’t explain how to make lures or baits, but deals with testing lures, baits, and urines for effectiveness. Tells you how often to re-lure, and will help you determine which lures work best on your own trapline. You will know how far a certain lure will bring the target animal under different weather conditions. 110 pages.

Dobbins - Evaluation Of Lures, Baits And Urines - by Charles Dobbins

Not only deals with fox and coyotes, but also with making land sets for bobcat, raccoon, mink, and otter. How to stabilize a trap, when using lightweight materials for antifreeze. Use of call lures. Use of trails. Use of electronic squeakers. Explains the use of psychology on the target animal to take its mind off danger. Explains WHY each different set works to take the wild canines. 184 pages.

Dobbins - Land Sets And Trapping Techniques - by Charles Dobbins

Sets are described and illustrated for high water, under ice, on top of the ice, floating sets, land sets, wet and dry tunnel sets, pocket sets in the water, pocket sets on land, pocket sets with multiple traps, dirt hole for mink, the use of foothold traps, the use of bodygrip traps, and many more things the trapper can use to increase his mink catch. 92 pages.

Dobbins - Mink Trapping Techniques - by Charles Dobbins

Stories of Charles Dobbins’ various traplines and experiences. Contains chapters on Charlie’s first coon, coming up the hard way, evolution of a trapper, killer coyote, and many more. 120 pages.

Dobbins - On The Line - by Charles Dobbins

Bait and lure usage at the dirt hole, also traps and equipment. Different positioning of the trap in relation to what animal is being trapped. Blending is explained and how it is accomplished under different circumstances. Over 80 detailed photos to help you catch more fox, coyote, bobcat, and raccoon. 72 pages.

Dobbins - The Dirt Hole And Its Variations - by Charles Dobbins

Explains and illustrates making various flat sets under all conditions. These sets have no holes to fill with water, blowing dirt, sand or leaves. 88 detailed photos, 78 pages.

Dobbins - The Flat Set - by Charles Dobbins

This book relives Charles Dobbins’ beginning days of trapping in the 1930s and beyond. The mistakes, the triumphs, they’re all in this educational and fun to read book. 129 pages.

Dobbins - The Great Teachers - by Charles Dobbins

This book eliminates loss of fur due to poor anchoring and theft. If there’s a way a trap can be fastened, it’s in this book. Covers slides, stakes, grapples, wire, chains, etc. Coverage from rats to coyotes. Includes photos and drawings. 107 pages.

Dobbins - Trap Fastening - by Charles Dobbins

This is the last book written by Charles Dobbins. Starts where “The Great Teachers” leaves off and covers his life through the mid-1960s. Interesting, informative reading about his trapline adventures. 84 pages.

Dobbins - Trapping Through The Years - by Charles Dobbins (book)

Covers the art of fur handling from a fur buyer’s perspective. With over 30 years of professional fur handling experience there is much to be learned by both the beginner and the seasoned trapper. This book will help you learn the secrets and short cuts to producing a top quality pelt, thereby maximizing the dollars returned to you when you sell your fur. Crammed full of vital information. This book will not cost you money; it will make you money. The most accurate and up to date fur handling book available today. 104 pages.

Epler - All About Professional Fur Handling

Rich Faler's "Cable Restraints: The Art of Live-Catch Snares" book was published in 2018. This modern, 128 page, full color book focuses on building and using cable restraints (live-catch snares) for coyote and fox.

Whether you are a beginner who is just getting started, have used cable restraints with poor results, or a seasoned pro, you will find this book highly helpful and informational in your quest to better yourself using cable restraints.

Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from coyote to weasel. He is the editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of the Trapper and Predator Caller.

Copyright 2018

128 pages.

Book - Cable Restraints: The Art of Live-Catch Snares - by Rich Faler

Ralph Scherder and Rich Faler, two nationally recognized trappers, team up to trap fisher in the relatively new seasons in Pennsylvania. Then they team up to share their experiences and findings in this how-to-do book. The fisher is a special prize. These pages will guide you to this prize! If you love the wilds of the mountains, the hiss of snow against hemlock needles, and the stiff December breezes that snake around the high ridges, then you'll love the pursuit for fisher.

96 pages.   Copyright 2016.

Bedding, Blending & Weatherproofing
Decades in the making, here’s the answer to the most asked questions by trappers year after year... how to solidly bed in different soils, how to conceal your trap from the furbearer, and how to weatherproof under a wide range of conditions with many methods. Perfect Sets covers these critical components in depth. Many full-color photos. Perfect Sets is the answer to upping your trapping success.
128 Full Color Pages!  Copyright 2019
Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from weasel to coyote. He is editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of Trapper and Predator Caller.
Book - Perfect Sets - by Rich Faler

Covers habitat and every aspect and method of mink trapping. Over 100 photos and 40 sketches help make this the largest and most complete mink trapping book ever written. 240 pages.

Faler - The Mink Trappers Guide - 2nd Edition

Morris Fenner shares a lifetime of trapline experiences in this 135 page collection of articles. Join Mo on traplines across the country over the course of the last 55 years. From the East to the West, and from weasels to bobcats, Mo has been there and done that.

135 Pages.  Copyright 2012

Book - Fenner - 55 Years Of Trapline Adventures - by Morris Fenner

Tells it like it is, 100-percent otter trapping. Deadly sets. Lots of clear pictures that show you how it’s done. 20 pages.

Fenner - A Few More Otter - by Morris Fenner

Bryan Flowers is a trapper and hunter from Bradford, PA that has hunted and trapped all across the United States.

132 pages.

Copyright 2018

Flowers - The Art of Trapping Fox - Book by Bryan Flowers

Volume III. Describes in detail the favorite sets of some of the country’s best trappers. Chapters by Jepson, Thorpe, Plueger, Phillips and many others. You’re sure to learn something new from this book. 131 pages.

FTA - Favorite Sets Of Top Trappers - Vol 3

The trap collector’s book! The history of the steel trap in North America from the 1600’s to the present. How traps were used for furbearers and to control predators. Also stories of the inventors. 

8-1/2 x 11 size. 352 pages (Hardcover).

Gerstell - The Steel Trap In North America - by Richard Gerstell

Bob Gilman’s life story includes rascals, ruffians, damsels in distress, hunting, trapping, Oregon history and much more. The book spans a sixty-year period and includes a short family history, a boy growing up in rural Oregon, trapping furs for a livelihood, and nearly thirty years contracting bear damage and other wildlife control for some of the largest corporate land managers in Oregon. Hunting adventures and survival events are a significant part of this book that will educate and entertain the reader. Close calls and life-fearful encounters, strange people, wildlife studies, politics and news media encounters. These true life stories, written by Bob Gilman are a compilation sixty years of outdoors events in the life of a full time trapper, hunter and woodsman.

Hard Cover ... 244 pages.

Copyright 2014.

Gilman - Bear Tales & Trapline Trails

Excellent book with good solid information to improve your mink catch. Contains information on snaring mink and dryland sets. 55 pages.

Grawe - Mink Trapping & Snaring Methods - by A.M. Grawe

So complete and understandable that anyone using these methods should take fur with ease. Fill your stretchers, while other trappers are hauling dirt and chopping out frozen traps. These methods work 365 days a year, rain, snow and below freezing weather. Fast and simple methods take the mystery out of snaring. Learn how to handle and deal with any snare problems. Shows how to snare in deer trails without catching deer. Tells how to set snares without catching rabbits, house cats, and other trash animals. Explains land and water sets for over six different kinds of fur animals. How to prepare locations and how to make your trails and where. 48 pages.

Grawe - Snaring Methods - by A.M. Grawe

Fox and Coyote Trapping. The last word in trapping the canine family. 40 pages.

Hawbaker - Hawbaker's Supreme - by Stanley Hawbaker

Sets and general information about trapping both mink and muskrats. 49 pages.

Hawbaker - Mink And Muskrat Trapping - by Stanley Hawbaker

Tips by one of the leading trappers of all time. Illustrated. 91 pages.

Hawbaker - Professional Mink Trapping Methods - by Stanley Hawbaker

Sets and general information about raccoon trapping. 46 pages.

Hawbaker - Raccoon Trapping - by Stanley Hawbaker

Red and Grey Foxes - How to Trap Them. Contains many interesting and helpful tips. 44 pages.

Hawbaker - Red And Grey Foxes - by Stanley Hawbaker

Bigger and Better than Ever! 18th edition. Complete course on trapping every animal. Real encyclopedia of trapping. Full of good trapline information. Exclusive information not found in any other publication. Complete, authoritative, new sets, favorite sets – fully illustrated with nearly 160 illustrations. (Soft back) 381 pages.

Hawbaker - Trapping North American Furbearers - by Stanley Hawbaker