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Augers and Punches

Quickly punch a dirt hole in any type of soil. Pound in ground, twist out, self-cleaning

Dirt Hole Punch

A 3” auger with machined cutting tip on a 7/16” hex shaft, allows for a non slip grip with any ½” drive cordless drill. An 18 volt drill will yield 24 to 40 holes per charge. With a spare battery in the truck you can drill all day. 18” total length. Drill your dirt holes fast and easy in almost any soil.

Auger - Dirt Hole (Drill Attachment)

30" length and ideal for use while kneeling. This hand auger helps make set construction easier and faster. An excellent tool for quickly making dirt holes and trap beds.

3" Flighting.

Fast & Easy!

Dirt Hole Hand Auger - Freedom Brand