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Join professional trapper and biologist Mark June (TX) as he teams up with full time ADC agent Rusty Johnson (GA) as they work "paying jobs" in three states during different months of the year. They hold nothing back, showing you in great detail how to catch large numbers of coyotes right out of the gate... in those critical first nights your traps are set out. Fast-paced, in-the-field action, filmed in high quality SONY(R) digital technology. Shows you how to get the coyote numbers reduced in your area!

Filmed in Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas.

120 minutes.   Copyright 2016.

New Product

Seasoned trapper Bryan Flowers takes you deep into the mountains of PA, as well as the rolling hills of Southeastern PA, in search of the illusive fox. This 100 minute DVD covers all aspects of fox trapping, with techniques that also cover coyotes. Filmed on an actual working trapline, this DVD is the next generation of instruction that steps outside the box with the newest and best techniques for trapping fox. The truck is loaded and ready to roll... hop in and prepare to learn the art of trapping foxes.

All elements of fox and canine trapping are covered including:

  • Locations
  • Multiple Sets Covered
  • Freeze and Weather Proofing
  • Baits and Lures
  • Proper Trap and Anchoring
  • Numerous Catches of Fox and Coyotes Shown

100 minutes.  Copyright 2015

New Product

In 1983 I moved to South Dakota because of high canine densities. I’ve never looked back. Since starting Dakotaline Snares I have worked with many people learning to snare coyotes. I understand the pitfalls and misconceptions that are out there. I have worked on this video for 3 years. I wanted it done right. My desire is to set a standard for snaring coyotes and for you to be the best snareman you can be. Most of this video is filmed on a “working” snareline encompassing several hundred snares. I have trapped and snared coyotes for almost 40 years. I’ve eaten dirt, dust, and skunk essence. I’ve worn out tires, guns and trucks. I’ve been stuck in places I shouldn’t have been.  My passion and desire for trapping and snaring canines has never waned. I will chase them until my body says “no more”. - Mark Steck

  • Coyote behavior.
  • Coyote travel ways.
  • Keying in on the best locations.
  • Coyote behavior when approaching snares.
  • Snaring on bare ground vs. snow. The huge difference.
  • Pushing the envelope on exposed snares.
  • Snaring in farmland and rangeland.
  • Lethal sets.
  • Locks, cable and making them work to your conditions.
  • Why you should lose some snaring myths right now.

Copyright 2015

3-1/2 hours

New Product

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Professional Coyote Methods" DVD takes you along on his professional trap line. This is an addition to the "Coyote Methods" DVD with all new footage.  The new DVD focuses on a wide variety of different sets and where they are used. The new variations compliment the standard dirt hole. These variations will help give you an advantage in high pressure trapping situations. You will be following a true professional fur trapper on his line and seeing the additional methods he uses on his trap line.  Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. The techniques, baits and lures are proven through his consistent catches. Enjoy the information and scenery you will see in this fantastic DVD.

1 hour & 35 minutes.  Copyright 2015

New Product
Reuwsaat - Advanced Professional Coyote Methods - by Lesel Reuwsaat

Basic Two Sets for High Numbers Trapping ...

This TWO DVD set is about piling up high numbers of animals in a short period of time using two basic, simple sets in all weather conditions. The animals covered are:  Mink, Coon, Coyote, Beaver and Bobcat. Includes information about what equipment to use and how to use it.

Marty Smith is a life-long trapper from Southwest Iowa, living near Council Bluffs. He has taken instructions from Craig O'Gorman, Ron Hansen, Bud Hall, and others. Marty shows you how to make quick effective sets for both land and water animals. He is the real deal, no filler or fluff, just sound trapline methods for maximizing your catch. This video will make you a better trapper!

2 hours & 43 minutes.

TWO DVD SET ... Copyright 2015

New Product
Smith - Keg Creek Production Trapping - by Marty Smith

Practice makes perfect; perfect is perfection; perfection is what brings pelts to the fur shed. Problem Solved is a detailed DVD on techniques for enticing the ultimate predator. This is a follow-up to Coyote Trapping 101. This instructional DVD contains great detail on baits, lures, backers and blockers. The importance of the walk-through set and variations of the walk-through set are presented.

117 minutes.

New Product
Fischer - Coyote Trapping Problem Solved - by Brian Fischer
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