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Join Kyle Kaatz on his Illinois muskrat line. Kyle is known for his quick and simple trapping methods. This DVD focuses on the basics of using #110s at sets that are productive wherever muskrats are found. Sets that will function under freezing conditions and water fluctuations are key to keeping your muskrat catch consistent. Master the basics Kyle uses, adapt them to your trapline, and you'll see muskrats like money in the bank.

50 minutes

Copyright 2015

New Product
DVD - Kaatz - Muskrats: Like Money in the Bank - with Kyle Kaatz

Bernie Barringer and Rick Hines each have more than 40 years of experience snaring furbearers and now they share their techniques and strategies in the educational and entertaining video Snaring in the Snow. This video covers in-depth strategies on red and grey fox, bobcats, and coyotes. They go into details on types of snares, building snares, set locations, finding good habitat, setting techniques, avoiding refusals, troubleshooting, bait stations, even using Google Earth to find good trapping locations. Shows catches of nearly two dozen bobcats, fox and coyotes and explains each set. Don't let deep snow send you home, you can learn to use it to your advantage and catch more furbearers when other trappers have hung up their steel for the year.

100 minutes

Copyright 2015

Bobcat - Fox - Coyote

New Product
Barringer - Snaring - DVD

From the cable to the table, Wildman Royce Teague takes you to Deep East Texas hog snaring. Expert snareman Teague shows you in detail the craft of snaring and "holding" wild hogs, an untapped food source. Using inexpensive snares, Teague takes the viewer through the process of catching, butchering, and eating the wild pork. Lots of catches and lots of fun.

Wild Hog Snaring - from the Cable to the Table

2 hours & 12 minutes.

Copyright 2015

New Product
Teague - Wild Hog Snaring - DVD

John W. Crawford will expand your knowledge by covering all aspects of water trapping. This book is written in an easy to read, down to earth fashion with lots of pictures and content covering numerous animals.

  • Raccoon, Beaver, Mink, Muskrat, Otter and Canines in Water
  • DP Coon Trapping
  • Numerous Sets for Each Species
  • Trap Preparation and Safety
  • Proper Trap and Set Selection
  • Trick Sets

285 pages. 180 pictures.

This is destined to be one of the most extensive water trapping books ever produced by the author of The Canine Trapper's Encyclopedia.

New Product
Crawford - Water Trappers Encyclopedia

Copyright 2014 by Dakotaline Snares Inc.

The Anglin family has a long tradition of Spring Beaver Hunting. A little known craft passed down through the years, Paul and Tyler Anglin take you on an action packed beaver hunt. Plenty of kills along with plenty of misses.

82 minutes

New Product
Anglin - Beaver Hunting DVD

Practice makes perfect; perfect is perfection; perfection is what brings pelts to the fur shed. Problem Solved is a detailed DVD on techniques for enticing the ultimate predator. This is a follow-up to Coyote Trapping 101. This instructional DVD contains great detail on baits, lures, backers and blockers. The importance of the walk-through set and variations of the walk-through set are presented.

117 minutes.

New Product
Fischer - Coyote Trapping Problem Solved
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