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Leon Windschitl is well known for his fur handling skills and attention to detail. He has received over 40 Top Lot awards on his fur put up. He has also been awarded the Master Fur Handler multiple times in Minnesota and has received fur grading awards. He does several demos throughout the year for state and national trapping organizations. He is the fur handling instructor at LKL Trapping Experience school and the owner of Top Lot Stretcher Company.

This DVD shows the process of putting up a coyote from beginning to end - from the opening cut to final comb up, including ear cartilage removal. Leon talks about the different ways to complete the task and what tools are needed. He takes you through the process of pinning and boarding and offers tips and tricks to give your coyote pelts the best look and achieve their fullest potential. This DVD will help you double your money by putting up your coyote verses selling on the carcass.

1 hour & 39 minutes.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Windschitl - Top Lot Coyote Handling - by Leon Windschitl (dvd)

A Trapper's Guide to the Modern Fur Market.

The modern fur market is more complex than it's ever been, and trappers need the knowledge to make good marketing decisions and maximize profits on sold fur. From the basics of supply and demand, markets for individual species, types of fur to sell, sales outlets, and alternatives to selling raw fur, this book covers every aspect of the fur market and provides trappers with the tools needed to get that fur sold at the best price.

57 pages.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Wood - Fur Profit - by Jeremiah Wood (book)