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Some of the Newest Trapping Supplies in our Inventory ...

Attaches quickly to a 3/8 rod and easily adjusts up or down with a twist of the wing nut. Once the trap fires, it falls off the hangman for a quick humane dispatch.

New Product
The Hangman

Flat 365 – The name says it all.  Use it on Flat sets, 365 days a year!

Food based lure developed specifically for “Flat” type sets; Q-tip, M-44, Grub Stakes, Scent eggs – Anywhere you want the predator to eat, bite, lick or chew. Effective for all meat eating predators. Smear it where you want ’em!

New Product
June - Flat 365 Lure

Whether you use cable restraints or killing snares, you too can take suspicious predators quickly and humanely with the experience of many years snaring in the woods, farmlands, deserts, prairies, and wherever you live. The difference in trappers' abilities is mostly in details, and you will find many details scattered in this DVD from beginning to end. Viewing this is like a ride-a-long with the old pro pointing out time and again the how's and why's of taking predators others miss with snares, and you will get it all the easy way. Full of uncommon knowledge and tricks for amazing catches of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats!

1 hour & 28 minutes.
Copyright 2020
New Product
DVD - Krause - Snare Guy - by Tom Krause

Dive into the history and reflections of some of the most influential trappers of all time. Join well known outdoorsman Tom Miranda as he tells the stories of the Master Trappers. The book begins in the infancy of North America's exploration and chronicles the men who build the trapping industry from the native trappers to French Traders and weaving a history thru the mountain men, pioneer trappers, cottage industry trappers and so much more. Learn the evolution of trapping technique and theory along with detailed biographies of many of the most productive and innovative trappers in history. The knowledge and history included in this book is mind boggling.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of materials in this book, here's a short list of the biographies, methods and trappers included: Hudson's Bay Company, Hugh Glass, Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, John Johnson, Sewell Newhouse, The Fur Companies, A.R. Harding, E.J. Dailey, Raymond Thompson, Walter Arnold, Dick Wood, O.L.Butcher, Bill Nelson, Curtis Grigg, Bud Hall, Herb Lenon, Stanley Hawbaker, Pete Rickard, Garold Weiland, Pete & Ron Leggett, Johnny Thorpe, Craig O'Gorman, Ray Milligan, Slim Pedersen, Major Boddicker, Charles Dobbins, Ken Smythe, Tom Krause, Pete Askins, Odon Corr, Russ Carman, Tim Caven, Paul Grimshaw, Keith Winkler, Oscar Cronk, Neil Olson, Mark June, Wayne Negus, Brandon Johnson, Jim Spencer, Kyle Kaatz, Bernie Barringer, Don Powell, James Lord, Paul Trepus, Scott Welch, Tom Parr,Tracy Truman, Mark Zagger and many, many others.

Artfully woven through the text is a detailed biography of Tom Miranda from his schoolboy trapline days to flying his South Dakota long-line and subsequent rise to ESPN Outdoor TV fame and bowhunting career. Also included is the business of trapping, trapping locations, sets, catches, end of the line photos, much never before in print. Master Trappers may be the most comprehensive trapping book written in the last fifty years.

400 pages
650 color photos and illustrations
Biographies of the top historical trappers of all time.

Includes many illustrations and cover art by Trapper and Fur-Fish-Game artist Joe Goodman.

Chapter 1- Fur Traders
Chapter 2- Scouts /Mtn.Men
Chapter 3- Pioneer Trappers
Chapter 4- Cottage Industry
Chapter 5- Long-line Trappers
Chapter 6- Expert Trappers
Chapter 7- Lure Business
Chapter 8- Coonmen
Chapter 9- Minkmen
Chapter 10- Foxmen
Chapter 11- Beavermen
Chapter 12- Wolfers
Chapter 13- Wilderness Trappers
Chapter 14- Catmen
Chapter 15- Lessons Learned

New Product
Book - Master Trappers - Tom Miranda Honors The Master Trappers

This is our "Signature" Dog-Proof blend of colorful raccoon fare that is soaked in pure CRAWFISH OIL which saturates all of our ingredients into one of the best DP Baits on the market. The cylinder of a DP imitates a crawfish hole in nature and we produce the bait that will give every animal that notion. Exceptional for Raccoon, Skunk and Opossum.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - Coon Buster - Pint

Our recipe includes Ground Angus, Fresh Ground Prairie Dog, Rendered Prairie Dog and Ground Poultry in FOUR equal parts making up the majority of this creation. Other attractive and savory ingredients in this proven recipe include beaver castor, tinctured beaver juice, liquid smoke and other essentials. This top-grade canine incentive works great for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - Mountainman - Pint

Our "Signature" Water Bait is a blend of Ground Poultry, Ground Fish, Textured Fish Pellets, Salmon Oil and other essential aromas that makes this an overall enticement to all animals. Great for Raccoon, Mink and Otter but this bait can also be used for Predators as a change-up at various set locations.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - The Reaper - Pint

Many flavorsome ingredients in this proven Water Lure that blends Fish Oil, Beaver Castor, Tonquin Musk, Muscaro Musk and other essential oils making this a Top-Shelf product. Great for Raccoon, Beaver, Otter, Mink, Muskrat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Lure - The Hunter - 2 oz

Time tested Canine curiosity blend that is a mixture of Pure Skunk Quill, Coyote Glands, Beaver Juice, Asafetida, Civet Oil and other essential ingredients making it a must have for your Predator sets. Great for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Lure - The Madness - 2 oz

Our Trailing Scent is a top-notch animal attractant that is a mixture of Salmon Oil, Blueberry Oil, Loganberry Oil, Sweet Corn Oil and other essential ingredients making this solution a great addition for use at any Dog-Proof, Cubby, Trail, Bridge or Pocket Set. Works great for Raccoon, Otter, Mink, Muskrat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Trailing Scent - The Magnet - Pint