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Attaches quickly to a 3/8 rod and easily adjusts up or down with a twist of the wing nut. Once the trap fires, it falls off the hangman for a quick humane dispatch.

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The Hangman

The Modern Systematic Approach

Learn the systematic approach to increase your coyote trapping success. You'll be motivated to get out and gain new permissions, adjust and treat your gear precisely, and put more coyotes on the stretchers. With a thorough understanding of coyote location, and deep knowledge of all things coyote, Kellen Kaatz leaves nothing to chance in his style of coyote taking. Air up the tires, load up the pickup, it's time to hit the coyote trapline!

122 pages

Copyright 2017

New Product
Kaatz - The Black Book of Coyote Trapping - by Kellen Kaatz

Kellen Kaatz examines the critical elements of the art and science of Flat Setting. Get an inside look at multiple locations on Kaatz's working predator trapline as the fur season progresses. You'll gain valuable insights on weatherproofing sets, remakes, an understanding of lure and bait choices from opening day all the way into breeding season, and set variations to add to your catch next season.

"In the Gear: From the Ground Up" bonus chapter, you'll get an in-depth breakdown from disposable staking options, chain setup, trap choices, and adjustment. By implementing these equipment upgrades, snapped traps, pattern misses, and pull-outs become a thing of the past.

1 hour.

Copyright 2018

New Product
DVD - The Flat Set Fix - by Kellen Kaatz


Join the Coyote Whisperer himself, Larry Karels, as he reveals his methods for taking hundreds of coyotes each season. This book covers the advanced methods for the canine trapper that wants to reach that last level as a trapper. Larry punches holes in some of the myths behind backing size, set construction, and lure usage. A must have for any canine trapper.

40 pages.   Copyright 2017

New Product

Whether you use cable restraints or killing snares, you too can take suspicious predators quickly and humanely with the experience of many years snaring in the woods, farmlands, deserts, prairies, and wherever you live. The difference in trappers' abilities is mostly in details, and you will find many details scattered in this DVD from beginning to end. Viewing this is like a ride-a-long with the old pro pointing out time and again the how's and why's of taking predators others miss with snares, and you will get it all the easy way. Full of uncommon knowledge and tricks for amazing catches of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats!

1 hour & 28 minutes.
Copyright 2020
New Product
DVD - Krause - Snare Guy - by Tom Krause

"Commercial Standards for the Marketing of Wild Fur" Book details proper pelt handling in accordance with the accepted commercial standards. This 95 page book is a collaborative effort of Antoine Martineau-Rousseau, Pierre-Yves Collin, Gaetan Fournier, Andre Blais and Roch Lessard. It contains detailed information and many pictures teaching and showing proper fur handling techniques.

95 pages.

Copyright 2017

New Product
Book - Commercial Standards for the Marketing of Wild Fur

This is our "Signature" Dog-Proof blend of colorful raccoon fare that is soaked in pure CRAWFISH OIL which saturates all of our ingredients into one of the best DP Baits on the market. The cylinder of a DP imitates a crawfish hole in nature and we produce the bait that will give every animal that notion. Exceptional for Raccoon, Skunk and Opossum.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - Coon Buster - Pint

Our recipe includes Ground Angus, Fresh Ground Prairie Dog, Rendered Prairie Dog and Ground Poultry in FOUR equal parts making up the majority of this creation. Other attractive and savory ingredients in this proven recipe include beaver castor, tinctured beaver juice, liquid smoke and other essentials. This top-grade canine incentive works great for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - Mountainman - Pint

Our "Signature" Water Bait is a blend of Ground Poultry, Ground Fish, Textured Fish Pellets, Salmon Oil and other essential aromas that makes this an overall enticement to all animals. Great for Raccoon, Mink and Otter but this bait can also be used for Predators as a change-up at various set locations.

New Product
North American Trapper Bait - The Reaper - Pint

Many flavorsome ingredients in this proven Water Lure that blends Fish Oil, Beaver Castor, Tonquin Musk, Muscaro Musk and other essential oils making this a Top-Shelf product. Great for Raccoon, Beaver, Otter, Mink, Muskrat and more.

New Product
North American Trapper Lure - The Hunter - 2 oz