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New Products

Some of the Newest Trapping Supplies in our Inventory ...

Duke Pro Series 850-OS steps up the game for large predators. Built on the design success of the Pro Series 550-OS & 650-OS, the 850-OS lets you take on the biggest Wolves and Mountain Lions with confidence. Featuring 8.5” outside jaw spread, smooth 3/8” offset cast steel jaws, night-latched stainless steel dog with step-down PIT Pan System, double bolted base, four-coiled and machine link wolf chain with welded Wolf swivels.

Also available in Closed Jaw for Beaver.


New Product
Duke Trap # 850 Offset - Pro Series

Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote

  • Jawspread 6-3/4” Outside, 6-1/8” Inside
  • Smooth Offset Cast Steel Jaws
  • Four-Coiled
  • Stainless Steel Rod Dog with Step Down PIT Pan System
  • Double Laminate Base
  • Center Swiveled D-Ring with Machine Link Chain & Heavy Duty In-line Swivel
New Product
Duke Trap #650 Offset - Pro Series
Bedding, Blending & Weatherproofing
Decades in the making, here’s the answer to the most asked questions by trappers year after year... how to solidly bed in different soils, how to conceal your trap from the furbearer, and how to weatherproof under a wide range of conditions with many methods. Perfect Sets covers these critical components in depth. Many full-color photos. Perfect Sets is the answer to upping your trapping success.
128 Full Color Pages!  Copyright 2019
Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from weasel to coyote. He is editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of Trapper and Predator Caller.
New Product
Book - Perfect Sets - by Rich Faler

Ride along with professional trapper and lure maker Stan Forsyth, as he shares over 40 years of canine trapping experience on the farmlands of Alberta, Canada. This is the real deal, nothing staged, and jam-packed with his actual field knowledge. Stan cuts through all the mysteries and teaches simple and effective sets that will help you understand the elusive coyote.

135 minutes.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Forsyth DVD - From the Trapline - Coyote Trapping

The name says it all. Pure skunk quill blended with natural oils to form a heavy gel. Extremely powerful and will reach out and call predators from great distances. Unlike most, this is not a Vaseline base that hardens in cold temperatures and clogs in the odor’s. Developed to be used at initiating bait station, predator sets, or as cover scent while hunting.

New Product

Non-sticky, smooth finish, rapid dry, odor free and water-base solution. Speeds up trap efficiency and prevents rust.

Treating Traps: Mix 1 can Pro Dip to 1-1/2 cans of water in container at room temperature. Mix well, and dip equipment. For best results, traps should be well seasoned with old rust.

Treating Snares: Mix 1 can Pro Dip to 3 cans of water in a container at room temperature. Mix well. Will take away new shine on snares.

1 Liter (approximately 33 oz)

New Product
Forsyth Pro Dip - Black

Non-sticky, smooth finish, rapid dry, odor free and water-base solution. Speeds up trap efficiency and prevents rust.

Great for snow trapping and snaring.

Treating Traps and Snares: Mix 1 can Pro Dip to 1-1/2 cans of water in container at room temperature. Mix well, and dip equipment. For best results, traps should be well seasoned with old rust.

1 Liter (approximately 33 oz)

New Product
Forsyth Pro Dip - White

Stan Forsyth, Professional trapper and lure maker, has designed and now manufactures this snare bag. It is 11 inches high by 12 wide and 7 inches deep. It has 3 large compartments inside for separating snares, wire, extensions etc., and 3 pouches for pliers, and tools. It has a HD adjustable shoulder strap, with large concealment flap, to protect equipment from rain and snow. Made from durable Poly PVC, 1200 denier material. Sure to be your best companion.

Made in Canada.

New Product
Forsyth Snare Bag

Designed and manufactured by Stan Forsyth, Professional Trapper & Lure Maker. Providing stability in all terrain with its convenient size of 11.5 inches high by 13 inches diameter. Durability with double stitched/double layered bottom, with a drain preventing accumulation of water/sand/dirt, etc. Small pockets on the inside and plenty of room for other tools such as your sifters, gloves, etc in the bag! Easy access of 13 various size pockets on the outside provides plenty of room for all your favorite lures, baits and urines in bottles/jars sizes of 2, 4 or 8 ounces and more, as well as small tools and pliers. Made of heavy duty Poly PVC which remains pliable/flexible in cold or warmer weather, heavy-duty handles standing up allowing easy grab & go!

(Bag contents as shown in photo are sold separate.)

New Product
Forsyth Trapper's Companion Bag (Contents Sold Separate)

The HAGz Bracket is a Multi-Use device originally designed for the water trapper. It can stabilize virtually any foothold trap, anywhere you mount it, plus it's a stake swivel and slide lock all in one!

The HAGz Bracket unleashes new setting opportunities, improves efficiency and reduces overall costs. When combined with the HAGz Spring Clip (sold separately), trappers can stabilize Body Grip Traps, providing all the same benefits of the HAGz Bracket and Footholds, with Body Grip Traps as well.

  • Uses your Trap's Frame End inserted into one of the appropriate slots to stabilize your trap.
  • Always Attached to your Trap! Never lose or forget it.
  • Can be used as an adjustable height set on 3/8" rods.
  • Can be attached horizontal or vertical to virtually any object (Stick, Bamboo, Stake, Log, Rock, Float, etc.)
  • Can be welded to a Stake or Lag Bolt.
  • Multiple holes and slots for securing with Wire, Screws, Nails, etc.
  • Small and non-intrusive, weighs roughly 3 oz.

Trap Lighter, Faster, More Efficient and Open yourself up to more sets by putting a HAGz Bracket on your trap.


Fits most #1.5 and smaller coil and long spring traps. Larger traps can still work but some minor filing may be required.

New Product
HAGz Bracket