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Whenever discussions occur about the tools used by the pioneers to tame and settle the new America,  the steel trap is rarely acknowledged. In some respects, it is the forgotten hero. The trap enabled the individual to gather wild animals twenty-four hours a day. It provided food for the table, clothing to wear, renewable resources to barter with and a protective mechanism to not only safeguard the settlers, but their livestock as well.

In today's environment, the steel trap remains a very important tool. It is still the most effective tool to manage wildlife and most likely will be for years to come.

Trap collecting is one important way to protect and preserve an integral part to the history of America.

224 pages. Loaded with photos.

Copyright 2022

New Product
Andreski & Parr - The Trap Collectors Guide - Third Edition
BATTLE BORN removes a wide variety of Films, Paints, Soils, Wax, Rust, and Dyes. Does not pit or cause your traps to become brittle or otherwise adversely affect metals. Protects and conditions metal for long service life. Non-acid, no specially lined tubs or containers required for solutions. Do not use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Use in well ventilated area.

One pound of BATTLE BORN will treat approximately 5 gallons of water, and can clean up to 5 dozen traps depending on size and condition of traps.

Directions: Put traps and powder in water prior to heating. Bring to a low boil or simmer. Wash traps in solution for 15-20 minutes. Skim wax and oil off the surface. After pulling traps from solution, rinse with water after traps have cooled. Wear gloves and protective eye wear.

Made in USA.

One Pound Jar

New Product
Battle Born Trap Cleaner

The closed jaw makes a great beaver and otter trap. Baseplate and J-hooks professionally welded. Bubbled jaw tips and 4-coiled. Adjustable night latched dogless pan system.

Bridger #5 Dogless Closed Jaw for beaver and otter.

  • Dogless
  • Closed Jaw
  • 4-Coiled
  • 7-3/4” Outside Jaw Spread
  • 7-1/8” Inside Jaw Spread
New Product
Bridger Trap # 5 Dogless - Closed Jaw

The Laminated Offset is perfect for wolf, wolverine and cougar. Baseplate and J-hooks professionally welded. Bubbled jaw tips and 4-coiled. Adjustable night latched dogless pan system.

Bridger #5 Dogless Laminated Offset for wolf, wolverine, and cougar.

  • Dogless
  • Laminated Offset Jaws
  • 4-Coiled
  • 8-1/16” Outside Jaw Spread
  • 7-1/8” Inside Jaw Spread
New Product
Bridger Trap # 5 Dogless - Laminated Offset Jaw

Clete's famous predator bait using tainted and aged Horse Meat as a base.

Made with the famous Bill Nelson bait solution.

This an excellent main or change up bait. Use in all dirt holes, T-bone, or flat sets.

New Product

Volkers' Cookie Cutter is designed to make the perfect trap bed quickly and easily. You can push the cookie cutter into very soft ground or hammer it into harder ground. When hammering in, pound on the ends of the frame, not on the rebar handles. When the cutter has been seated, remove it by pulling up on the rebar handles and you will have the perfect print of just what dirt to remove for your trap bed. Removing just the right amount of dirt assists in firm bedding and reduces the amount of freeze proof dirt you need at your set which saves both time and money.

New Product
Cookie Cutter Trap Bedder (MB-550) - Volkers

This all season multi-purpose improved freeze proof bait is now more effective than ever. It is extracted from slightly tainted bobcat meat through a filtering process. Two proven calling ingredients are added to make this a liquid bait supreme. It really makes them dig to get at the bait. It is best as a stand alone bait, but it is also an excellent attractant when used for remake sets, or just to quickly fresh up a set. Use about 1/4 ounce per set and place onto a piece of sheep's wool and shove down the dirt hole. One application lasts for days. A super dirt hole bait that will change your mind about liquid baits.

Made by John Almquist (Watertown, SD)

New Product
Dakota Prairie - Liquid Fox & Coyote Bait (pint)

A Canine Curiosity/Call Lure that has a thick consistency and blend of highly attractive musks, beaver castor and secretions combined in a pure muskrat gland base. Not overpowering! Not mild either. The mink musk smell is evident when you first open the cap. The other underlying musk smells are very appealing and hold the animal's attention. Use all season at dirt hole, flat and walk through sets. Give this lure a try as a change up on some of your best sets.

Made by John Almquist (Watertown, SD)

New Product
Dakota Prairie - Prairie Ranger Coyote Lure
Jaw Spread: 5.5”
Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote, Fox
  • Heavy Duty Offset Cast Jaw
  • Quality #2 Heavy Duty Machine Link Chain
  • D-Ring and Center Swivel
  • The Duke Pro Series was Built to Last
  • Strong Coilsprings are Built to Hold
  • Stainless Dog and Night Latched for a Long Service Life
New Product
Duke Trap # 550 Offset - Pro Series

Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote

  • Jawspread 6-3/4” Outside, 6-1/8” Inside
  • Smooth Offset Cast Steel Jaws
  • Four-Coiled
  • Stainless Steel Rod Dog with Step Down PIT Pan System
  • Double Laminate Base
  • Center Swiveled D-Ring with Machine Link Chain & Heavy Duty In-line Swivel
New Product
Duke Trap #650 Offset - Pro Series