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Some of the Newest Trapping Supplies in our Inventory ...

Adjusts in the same fashion as the “Rat Clips.” Will hold bait above trap. Can also be used under the traps as a stop to keep the trap from sliding off the rod. (Pole Not Included)  

Manufactured by Sudden Valley Supply

New Product
Bait Clip (Sudden Valley)

A quick and easy way to stabilize 110s, 120s, 155s, and 160 sized bodygrip traps for efficient, professional trapline management. Under ice sets, bottom edge sets, den entrance sets, deep water channel sets, culvert sets, and many more applications. Don’t waste valuable time hunting for stick supports, or working with wood lathe, etc. The Bodygrip Clips can double your efficiency. A 3/8” fiberglass rod (Not Included) serves both to place the traps and as a stake/marker.

Lightweight and Adjustable!

Simply squeeze the springs and slide the clip up or down the pole to get that perfect location. (Pole Not Included.)

Manufactured by Sudden Valley Supply

New Product
Bodygrip Clip (Sudden Valley)

The Caribou Double-Edge Fleshing Knife is a curved, double-edge flesher with two handles. The blade length is 10-1/2" by 1-1/8" wide. The scraping edge is 8-1/2" long on the concave side and 9-1/4" long on the convex side. Made in Canada.

New Product
Caribou Fleshing Knife Double-Edge

John Cipala started trapping at the age of 10, and has covered a lot of miles over the past 50 years in Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, and Alberta, Canada. He has crossed paths with great friends like Mike Marsyada, Johnny Thorpe and Stan Forsyth who have influenced him over the years. Within this video he demonstrates his formula for success.

64 minutes.  Copyright 2017

New Product

This DVD companion to the book "The Canine Trapper's Encyclopedia" contains much of the info in the book in video form. This two disk set features the author John W. Crawford trapping in his home state for red fox and coyote, as well as many other terrains and states.

Topics Include:

  • Sets for Red Fox, Grey Fox, and Coyote
  • Traps, Tuning, Prep and Equipment for Trapping Canines
  • Freeze and Weather Proofing Sets
  • Detailed Instruction for both Fox and Coyote
  • Proper Baits and Lure Selection
  • Interviews with Glenn Witchey, Bryan Flowers,  Bruce Slater, and R.L. Adkins

3-plus hours of pure canine trapping instruction on two DVDs.

Copyright 2018

New Product

Jeff Dunlap's "Muskrat Massacre" DVD is a right on the line DVD where Jeff shows you how to make many different sets using colony traps, footholds and bodygrippers in creeks, rivers, and marshes. Jeff has trapped large numbers of muskrats for decades and shows how you can have a muskrat massacre on your trap line. When you watch this DVD, sharpen your knife for your increased catch.

2 hours.   Copyright 2016

New Product

Jeff Dunlap's "Popping Weasels" DVD covers locations and many different types of sets that are quick, easy, and highly productive to pop a bunch of weasels. Jeff also covers baits, lures, and putting up your catch. After watching this video, you will need to buy more weasel stretchers because you will need them for your increased catch.

60 minutes.   Copyright 2016

New Product

Join Ralph and Rich as they take you on a lake adventure. Sure to entertain and educate anyone interested in big water trapping. Prepare to get fully immersed in the trapline experience, away from the beaten path and crowds, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature and the excitement of trapping!

You'll learn how to create a simple, yet effective, system for taking raccoons, how to scout and find locations before even launching your boat, and how to choose the best boat and motor for any situation.

Approximately 1 hour.  Copyright 2016

New Product

Join Ralph and Rich as they take you on their annual mountain trapline for bobcat, fisher, fox, coyote and raccoon. Sure to entertain and educate anyone interested in trapping the mountains in the worst of conditions - freezing rain, ice, and snow. Prepare to get fully immersed in the trapline experience, away from the beaten path and crowds, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of brooks cascading through hemlock forests and the excitement of trapping predators.

Approximately 70 minutes. Copyright 2017

New Product

Ralph Scherder and Rich Faler, two nationally recognized trappers, team up to trap fisher in the relatively new seasons in Pennsylvania. Then they team up to share their experiences and findings in this how-to-do book. The fisher is a special prize. These pages will guide you to this prize! If you love the wilds of the mountains, the hiss of snow against hemlock needles, and the stiff December breezes that snake around the high ridges, then you'll love the pursuit for fisher.

96 pages.   Copyright 2016.

New Product