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New Products

Some of the Newest Trapping Supplies in our Inventory ...

Adjusts in the same fashion as the “Rat Clips.” Will hold bait above trap. Can also be used under the traps as a stop to keep the trap from sliding off the rod. (Pole Not Included)  

Manufactured by Sudden Valley Supply

New Product
Bait Clip - Sudden Valley
BATTLE BORN removes a wide variety of Films, Paints, Soils, Wax, Rust, and Dyes. Does not pit or cause your traps to become brittle or otherwise adversely affect metals. Protects and conditions metal for long service life. Non-acid, no specially lined tubs or containers required for solutions. Do not use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Use in well ventilated area.

One pound of BATTLE BORN will treat approximately 5 gallons of water, and can clean up to 5 dozen traps depending on size and condition of traps.

Directions: Put traps and powder in water prior to heating. Bring to a low boil or simmer. Wash traps in solution for 15-20 minutes. Skim wax and oil off the surface. After pulling traps from solution, rinse with water after traps have cooled. Wear gloves and protective eye wear.

Made in USA.

One Pound Jar

New Product
Battle Born Trap Cleaner

A quick and easy way to stabilize 110s, 120s, 155s, and 160 sized bodygrip traps for efficient, professional trapline management. Under ice sets, bottom edge sets, den entrance sets, deep water channel sets, culvert sets, and many more applications. Don’t waste valuable time hunting for stick supports, or working with wood lathe, etc. The Bodygrip Clips can double your efficiency. A 3/8” fiberglass rod (Not Included) serves both to place the traps and as a stake/marker.

Lightweight and Adjustable!

Simply squeeze the springs and slide the clip up or down the pole to get that perfect location. (Pole Not Included.)

Manufactured by Sudden Valley Supply

New Product
Bodygrip Clip - Sudden Valley

Clete's famous predator bait using tainted and aged Horse Meat as a base.

Made with the famous Bill Nelson bait solution.

This an excellent main or change up bait. Use in all dirt holes, T-bone, or flat sets.

New Product

Volkers' Cookie Cutter is designed to make the perfect trap bed quickly and easily. You can push the cookie cutter into very soft ground or hammer it into harder ground. When hammering in, pound on the ends of the frame, not on the rebar handles. When the cutter has been seated, remove it by pulling up on the rebar handles and you will have the perfect print of just what dirt to remove for your trap bed. Removing just the right amount of dirt assists in firm bedding and reduces the amount of freeze proof dirt you need at your set which saves both time and money.

New Product
Cookie Cutter Trap Bedder (MB-550) - Volkers
Jaw Spread: 5.5”
Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote, Fox
  • Heavy Duty Offset Cast Jaw
  • Quality #2 Heavy Duty Machine Link Chain
  • D-Ring and Center Swivel
  • The Duke Pro Series was Built to Last
  • Strong Coilsprings are Built to Hold
  • Stainless Dog and Night Latched for a Long Service Life
New Product
Duke Trap # 550 Offset - Pro Series

Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote

  • Jawspread 6-3/4” Outside, 6-1/8” Inside
  • Smooth Offset Cast Steel Jaws
  • Four-Coiled
  • Stainless Steel Rod Dog with Step Down PIT Pan System
  • Double Laminate Base
  • Center Swiveled D-Ring with Machine Link Chain & Heavy Duty In-line Swivel
New Product
Duke Trap #650 Offset - Pro Series

Rich Faler's "Cable Restraints: The Art of Live-Catch Snares" book was published in 2018. This modern, 128 page, full color book focuses on building and using cable restraints (live-catch snares) for coyote and fox.

Whether you are a beginner who is just getting started, have used cable restraints with poor results, or a seasoned pro, you will find this book highly helpful and informational in your quest to better yourself using cable restraints.

Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from coyote to weasel. He is the editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of the Trapper and Predator Caller.

Copyright 2018

128 pages.

New Product
Book - Cable Restraints: The Art of Live-Catch Snares - by Rich Faler
Bedding, Blending & Weatherproofing
Decades in the making, here’s the answer to the most asked questions by trappers year after year... how to solidly bed in different soils, how to conceal your trap from the furbearer, and how to weatherproof under a wide range of conditions with many methods. Perfect Sets covers these critical components in depth. Many full-color photos. Perfect Sets is the answer to upping your trapping success.
128 Full Color Pages!  Copyright 2019
Rich Faler has trapped Maine black bear, Florida bobcat and otter, Hawaii mongoose, and most other furbearers from weasel to coyote. He is editor of the American Trapper, The Wisconsin Trapper, and PA Outdoor Journal, and past editor of Trapper and Predator Caller.
New Product
Book - Perfect Sets - by Rich Faler

Explains in detail the techniques you can use to achieve success in controlling an ultimate predator, the coyote. Included are specific step by step procedures on preparing your own traps and their connections, dying and waxing your investment, drying and waxing dirt for winter trapping, close up detail on making fresh sets in the field, and how to follow up a canine catch by remaking your set.

142 minutes.

Copyright 2018

New Product
Fischer - Coyote Trapping Challenge Mastered - by Brian Fischer (dvd)