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"South Dakota Dream’n" is a story about an Old Veteran Trapper and some young trappers chasing spring muskrats. Not so much an instructional video, rather a video with a storyline. A story about friendship, hardship, and some extreme muskrat trapping. Join the fun with Mark Steck, Mayday, T-Bone, Cley, and Tanner, as they pile up 1000’s of muskrats on a dreamlike trapline. In a bonus section, Mayday Wiebe shares the art of catching muskrats with his (unscarred) bare hands.

2 hours & 18 minutes.

Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.95
Steck - South Dakota Dream'n - A Muskrat Trapping Adventure - by Mark Steck (Dakota Line)

Wild Hogs become very wary of pen-type traps after a few initial catches, and quickly avoid bait sites after being shot at. Snares are an effective, fast, mobile, inexpensive method of controlling hog populations, and are deadly on wary hogs. After considerable experimentation, master snaresman Newt Sterling has developed and designed equipment and methods in a system guaranteed to catch and hold hogs ranging in size from piglets to the largest boar.

  • Neck Snare
  • Snare Treatment
  • Shocksprings and Swivels
  • Belisle Foot Snare
  • Aldridge Foot Snare
  • Ucker Foot Snare
  • Freemont Foot Snare
  • RAM Snare
2 hours & 49 minutes on 3 DVDs.

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DVD $39.95 Sale $32.95
Sterling - Master Wild Hog Snaring - with Newt Sterling

Beaver populations have expanded dramatically, creating a demand for trappers who can control populations of problem beaver. Presents advanced methods with a focus on removing beaver quickly and efficiently.  

92 minutes.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $22.95
Sullivan - Beaver Control Trapping - DVD by Hal Sullivan

All aspects of canine (fox and coyote) trapping are covered. Shows the fundamentals of trap adjustment and modification, and set construction including trap placement, trap bedding and covering, along with techniques for blending sets. In-depth look at the hole set and the flat set. 

117 minutes.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $22.95
Sullivan - Canines 2000 - DVD by Hal Sullivan

Basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Designed primarily for the beginning snareman. Covers all aspects of using snares including: parts and components of the snare, making snares, fastening snares, stabilizing snares, nonlethal capture techniques, placement of snares, and more. 

68 minutes.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $22.95
Sullivan - Sixty Minute Snaring - DVD by Hal Sullivan

Watch actual video footage of fox working sets – see why you have been missing fox! Stop guessing which lures and baits work best – see the results for yourself! Learn set location and construction that will eliminate misses – and watch the results! All brand new material, brand new thinking. See the best methods for skinning and fur put up. Two hours of the most intense grey fox trapping you’ll ever see!!


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DVD $19.95 Sale $14.95
Truman - Modern Gray Fox Trapping - DVD by Tracy Truman

Equipment, drowning systems, sets and set construction, pelt preparation, trapline management, damage control, and more.

64 pages.


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Book $12.00 Sale $6.95
Welch - High Performance Beaver Trapping - by Brad Welch