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Jaw Spread 4"

Single Longspring Trap made in USA.

Target Animal: Mink, Muskrat, Opossum, Skunk, Weasel


Current Specials:
Dozen $92.00 Sale $81.95

TRUE stories and footage from “The Leading ADC Beaver Trapper in America”. See beautiful footage shot within a four-day period of trapping in South Georgia. Witness an average week when Kirk catches 89 beaver (six with white bellies) and 16 otter. Hear Kirk tell true stories about snakes, alligators, and critters of the wild. Learn how to catch large numbers of beaver and otter … from one of the best! Observe animal behavior that is not found in other videos.

2 hours.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.95
Dekalb - Trappin' Tales - by Kirk Dekalb

Jaw Spread 4.75"

Target Animal:  Fox, Mink, Nutria, Raccoon


Current Specials:
Dozen $67.00 Sale $52.95
Duke 1.5 Coilspring Trap

Jaw Spread 4"

Target Animal:  Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon


Current Specials:
Dozen $80.00 Sale $72.95
Duke #11 Longspring Trap

Jaw Spread 4-1/2" x 4-1/2"

Single Spring

Target Animal:  Mink, Muskrat, Weasel


Current Specials:
Dozen $40.00 Sale $34.95
Duke BT 110 Regular

Jaw Spread 6" x 6"

Double Spring

Target Animal:  Fisher, Groundhog, Raccoon


Current Specials:
Dozen $86.00 Sale $75.95
Duke BT 160

Jaw Spread 7" x 7"

Double Spring

Target Animal:  Fisher, Groundhog, Raccoon


Current Specials:
Dozen $110.00 Sale $101.95
Duke BT 220

Jaw Spread 10" x 9"

Double Spring

Target Animal:  Beaver, Bobcat, Otter


Current Specials:
Dozen $189.00 Sale $173.95
Duke BT 330

Manufactured by Duke Trap Co.


Features heavy duty machine chain with swivels attached. This trap comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. Set it, stake it, and forget it. It's that simple. Features heavy duty coilsprings and trigger system.


Current Specials:
Dozen $120.00 Sale $109.95
Duke DP Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

Sharing over 30 years of experience! Join “The Animal” Darin Freeborough on his professional coyote trapline. This is another season with “The Animal” showing you down to earth methods that will make you a successful coyote trapper. Darin also shows his favorite bobcat set.

2 hours.


Current Specials:
DVD $34.95 Sale $22.00
Freeborough - Animalistics - Rattlin' Chains - by Darin Freeborough