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Trapper John Chagnon takes you through the wilds of upstate Michigan trapping illusive wild canines. Covering red fox, grey fox, and coyotes, this video explains every facet of trapping these wild canines in a down to earth manner, while taking you along on an actual working trapline. This will be a fun and educational ride!

Covers: Trapping Reds, Greys, and Coyotes. Trap Preparation. Sets. Locations. Lures and Baits. Trap Selection. Freeze Proofing Sets and Much More.

John Chagnon grew up in the wilds of the UP of Michigan and has been trapping for over 40 years. In this 100 minute video, he invites you to tag along on his canine trapline and experience a real working trapline for wild canines.

100 minutes.


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DVD $29.95 Sale $14.00
Chagnon - Canine Trapping (dvd)

An extensive 2 hour DVD on the topic of Skinning and Fur Handling. John Chagnon is your host as we take you from the trapline to the sale of fur, covering all aspects of fur handling. Filmed in crystal clear digital video. Explains the proper techniques and methods for handling fur. This DVD will increase your knowledge on the subject and also your fur check!

Covers: Fox, Coyote, Otter, Beaver, Mink, Badger, Muskrat, Raccoon.

2 hours.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $14.00
Chagnon - Skinning and Fur Handling (dvd)

Ride along with J.W. Crawford on his PA fox line in this video instructional diary. As a trapper for over 25 years and a student of some of the finest canine trappers today, he gives the viewer a personal look into an actual working fox longline leaving no stone unturned. Will benefit the beginner or expert canine trapper. Locations, sets and techniques for all aspects of canine trapping. Baits and Lures, Freeze-Proofing Sets, Staking Devices, Tools and Equipment, and much more. 

2 hours.


Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $14.00
Crawford - Fox Trapping - Part Timing Or Longlining

Learn advanced predator trapping technique from true professionals. Features Tom Miranda, Bob Gilsvik, and Jerry Herbst. Filmed from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast, this video includes snow trapping methods as well as some innovative set techniques for fall trapping. Catches of red and grey fox, coyote, and bobcat are shown in snow and open conditions. 

96 minutes.


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DVD $29.95 Sale $15.00
FFG - Professional Predator Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

In-depth video coverage of raccoon trapping in rivers, creeks and marshes. Covers equipment, set locations, sets, lure use, anchoring techniques, and proper fur handling. Features Tom Miranda, Bob Gilsvik, Jerry Herbst, Jeff Smith, and Dave Hieb. 

65 minutes.


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DVD $29.95 Sale $15.00
FFG - Professional Raccoon Trapping - by Fur Fish Game

Join Ron Hauser, veteran trapper of over 30 years, on his Minnesota trapline as he shows you the many tricks that have proven successful and have helped him catch more than 70 raccoons in a day and 30-plus mink on other days, plus additional muskrats and beavers in good numbers. Pocket sets, blind sets, effectively capturing and holding raccoon, mink, and muskrat without time-consuming slide wires, cables, or extra gear.

TWO DVD SET ... 3 hours & 45 minutes.

Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $18.00
Hauser - Fulltime Trapping - by Ron Hauser

In-Depth Lure and Bait Formulation with Kellen Kaatz.

This DVD gets into the nuts-and-bolts of choosing Lure and Bait Ingredients by answering the question: "What else should I add?" Get the final word on preservatives, gland preparation, and much more. Kellen provides an insider's perspective on developing your own attractants by understanding the ingredients, preservatives, and handling glands and castor properly. An in-depth, comprehensive look into troubleshooting and the tricks-of-the-trade from an insider's perspective.

This DVD will Crack the Code for the struggling Lure and Bait maker.

117 minutes.


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DVD $29.95 Sale $14.95
DVD - Kaatz - Cracking the Code

Join Kyle Kaatz on his Illinois muskrat line. Kyle is known for his quick and simple trapping methods. This DVD focuses on the basics of using #110s at sets that are productive wherever muskrats are found. Sets that will function under freezing conditions and water fluctuations are key to keeping your muskrat catch consistent. Master the basics Kyle uses, adapt them to your trapline, and you'll see muskrats like money in the bank.

50 minutes


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DVD $14.95 Sale $9.95
DVD - Kaatz - Muskrats: Like Money in the Bank - with Kyle Kaatz

Join Kyle Kaatz for two seasons of New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping. This is not your regular instructional DVD. Filmed on a working trapline, under regular conditions.

The first in the "Trapline Anecdotes" series.

Inventory Reduction Sale - Special Price

Current Specials:
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.95
Kaatz - New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping - by Kyle Kaatz

Learn trapping today from a famous master of the past! This video has been transferred from original 8-mm movie film produced from 1937 to 1940 by Herb Lenon. The film was made for training trappers during Herb's employment as a Michigan State Trapper Instructor and used to help other trappers for many years thereafter. The most intense instructions ever filmed, now available to you! See Herb personally demonstrate secret sets and locations that made him the outstanding trapper of his time! Each excellent clarity black and white instruction scene of this rare vintage silent film has been carefully edited and captured by Herb to ensure it is thoroughly understandable. Many of the best trappers of the past century learned from this film... now you can too!

55 minutes. Black & White. Silent Film.

Herbert Lenon (1902 - 1979)


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DVD $39.95 Sale $16.00
Lenon - Classic (dvd)