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Gilman - Bear Tales & Trapline Trails - by Bob Gilman

Bob Gilman’s life story includes rascals, ruffians, damsels in distress, hunting, trapping, Oregon history and much more. The book spans a sixty-year period and includes a short family history, a boy growing up in rural Oregon, trapping furs for a livelihood, and nearly thirty years contracting bear damage and other wildlife control for some of the largest corporate land managers in Oregon. Hunting adventures and survival events are a significant part of this book that will educate and entertain the reader. Close calls and life-fearful encounters, strange people, wildlife studies, politics and news media encounters. These true life stories, written by Bob Gilman are a compilation sixty years of outdoors events in the life of a full time trapper, hunter and woodsman.

Hard Cover ... 244 pages.

Copyright 2014.

Gilman - Bear Tales & Trapline Trails