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Faler - Fisher Trapping - Pennsylvania Foothold Methods - by Rich Faler & Ralph Scherder

Ralph Scherder and Rich Faler, two nationally recognized trappers, team up to trap fisher in the relatively new seasons in Pennsylvania. Then they team up to share their experiences and findings in this how-to-do book. The fisher is a special prize. These pages will guide you to this prize! If you love the wilds of the mountains, the hiss of snow against hemlock needles, and the stiff December breezes that snake around the high ridges, then you'll love the pursuit for fisher.

96 pages.   Copyright 2016.

Rich Faler - Fisher caught with bodygripper in coni-box.
Ralph Scherder - Silky Pennsylvania fisher.
Ralph Scherder - Fisher
Ralph Scherder - Beautiful Christmas Eve fisher.