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Dakota Prairie - Prairie Ranger Coyote Lure

New Product

A Canine Curiosity/Call Lure that has a thick consistency and blend of highly attractive musks, beaver castor and secretions combined in a pure muskrat gland base. Not overpowering! Not mild either. The mink musk smell is evident when you first open the cap. The other underlying musk smells are very appealing and hold the animal's attention. Use all season at dirt hole, flat and walk through sets. Give this lure a try as a change up on some of your best sets.

Made by John Almquist (Watertown, SD)

Dakota Prairie - Prairie Ranger Coyote Lure
John Almquist - 2019 Coyote Trapline = 41 Coyote, 1 Red Fox, 1 Badger