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Dakota Prairie - Coon & Mink Bait "Fish Delight" - Pint

A versatile all season bait made from fresh ground fish preserved and ground to a sticky paste. This bait is put up in a weatherproof gel base and will stick to anything you apply it to. It will not freeze or wash away. Superior quality shellfish oil and a touch of smoke blended in make this a top notch bait for the serious coon and mink trapper. It’s everything that a mink or coon wants. It has also proved to be an effective change up in dirt hole sets for fox and coyotes. “Fish Delight” is an excellent bait for all types of land or water trapping, such as Dog Proof traps, cage traps, bucket cubbies, pipe sets, smear sets, punch in sets, dirt hole sets, flat sets, and pocket sets.

Made by John Almquist (Watertown, SD)

Dakota Prairie - Coon & Mink Bait "Fish Delight" (pint)