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Trapping Supplies on Closeout. Limited Supply.


Sharing over 30 years of experience! Join “The Animal” Darin Freeborough on his professional coyote trapline. This is another season with “The Animal” showing you down to earth methods that will make you a successful coyote trapper. Darin also shows his favorite bobcat set.

2 hours.


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DVD $34.95 Sale $22.00
Freeborough - Animalistics - Rattlin' Chains - by Darin Freeborough

This is the perfect DVD for the new trapper! Come along with Darin as he shows you everything you need to know to prepare and catch your first fox and 100’s after that. You will learn: equipment and how to prepare your equipment for use, locations, sets to get you started, remaking your set after catching a fox, lure and bait usage, and what to do with a fox after you catch it.

by Darin Freeborough


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DVD $29.95 Sale $15.95
Freeborough - Beginner's Guide to Fox Trapping - by Darin Freeborough

This trowel gives you the ultimate in grip for easy digging in the hardest of soil. The D-Handle part is made of metal and wood to give you years of service. Wood Handle.

1-3/4" Narrow Blade


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Each $12.90 Sale $9.95