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Andreski & Parr - The Trap Collectors Guide - Third Edition - by Blaise Andreski & Tom Parr

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Whenever discussions occur about the tools used by the pioneers to tame and settle the new America,  the steel trap is rarely acknowledged. In some respects, it is the forgotten hero. The trap enabled the individual to gather wild animals twenty-four hours a day. It provided food for the table, clothing to wear, renewable resources to barter with and a protective mechanism to not only safeguard the settlers, but their livestock as well.

In today's environment, the steel trap remains a very important tool. It is still the most effective tool to manage wildlife and most likely will be for years to come.

Trap collecting is one important way to protect and preserve an integral part to the history of America.

224 pages. Loaded with photos.

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Andreski & Parr - The Trap Collectors Guide - Third Edition