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RTS Body Grip Setter

An effective tool for setting the springs on body grip traps. Anyone can set body grip traps with this tool.

  • Small size and light weight, fits in pack or clip on belt.
  • 15 inches long. 1 pound.
  • One-Hand Operated. Works like a caulk gun.
  • Works on ALL size body grip traps.
  • Operates on Spring Arms.
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Easily removes stiff or frozen catches.

Unlike the imitators, RTS setter jaws hook on the spring arms, not spring holes. This eliminates extra stokes, spring damage and also allows easy removal of stiff awkward catches wedged tight in trap frame.

RTS Body Grip Setter
RTS Body Grip Setter - Spring Compress
RTS Body Grip Setter - Jaws